10km Personal Best?

Well I ran what I think would be my best run on Sunday. There’s just a few issues. (started writing this last monday just ended up going camping all week and then had visitors all weekend so didn’t’ finish!)

I used Endomondo to track my runs, I usually don’t have it on during races I just go with what the chip says at the end. This time I had my tracking on as I wanted to try to keep a decent pace. Well by KM 6 on my headphones I realized that I had only just passed the 5km marker in the race.  I kept running and listening to my pace, which I’m not gonna lie I’m not very good at continuing to be consistent with, And I’m usually really bad for running WAY faster at the beginning of the race and then slowing down cause I’m tired, but I’d have to say I did ok this race (for me).  My average pace was 5:17min/km.   This pace is also quite fast for me, since usually I run at about a 6:10min/km when I’m just running for fun/exercise.

ANYHOW the race.

I finished.

Endomondo said I did 11:21km in 59:12mins! said I ran 10km in 52:44min, which is the fastest time I’ve ever ran.  As you can see below.


But the Chip/Race results say I ran the race in 58:14mins with an average pace of 5:50

Though I placed 66/327 in my age group and 236/1104 women who ran (so that’s impressive)

BUT I’m unsure on what to believe for my time. Which makes it frustrating as I keep all my running bibs, write my times, and strive to do a bit better the next time!

OH well.  It was a fun run.  A little to busy for my liking, WAY to many people at the beginning to run past since they started the 10k,  5k run and walk all at the same time.  WTF?

So I don’t think I’d run this 10k run again but I’d walk it with my mom and the team I signed up under- Cole’s Crew

Cole’s Crew

Me and my mom on Mothers Day.



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