Weigh in day 5:I’m sick 

Sooooo I did close to no exercise this week, but I’ve been pretty under the weather. My nose is looking similar to Rudolph’s and I’ve felt crappier as the day has progressed. I wanted to post this blog before I fall asleep while it’s still Friday. 

I did weigh in this morning not expecting much,

This week: 158

Last week 158.8

so i’m down .8 lbs this week. Better than the scale going up and for laying on the couch shivering.  So I will pay Steph $25 to put on her credit card and then kick this illness in the butt so that I can lose a pound next week to make her pay more towards that debt. Anyhow

Even though I wasn’t feeling super we decided to attend my work Christmas party for a bit. I took one selfie before my Tylenol cold faded away and we decide to head home.

We have plans to workout with Laura tomorrow, but at the point I’m going to have to wake up and see how I feel. I’m currently in fleece PJs, under a down blanket with a cat curled up on me and I’m still freezing. So here’s hoping I warm up and sleep this away.  

Wondering what other at home remedies anyone else uses when they’re sick? 


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