I Weigh in day 6: The Blahs

I’m late in writing this blog post again, as I was still sick all weekend.  while begin sick, we were also dog sitting 2 dogs. So the weekend was busy of feeling like crap and trying to tire out the 2 high energy dogs that were visiting.  I did have movements of feeling alright-usually while out in the cold at the dog park.

on the way to the dog park 

I weighed in Friday


Zero change.  Better than up.

I just feel a little, no a lot, BLAH.  Aside from feeling crappy from being sick for so long, I just am tired and feel even worse after I exercise.  I’ve still been going to my basketball games and working out with Laura, but haven’t been doing anything extra since I feel so crappy right after working out.

Feeling Blah has also made my blogging close to nonexistent. I have 9 blogs in my drafts that I started mid week and never got back to finishing.  I’ve had some funny stories, some life experiences and just some ranting to share, but I can’t seem to do it.  I even started some Christmas cards, but guess what didn’t finish them to send them out in time.

The Blahs have taken over me this December.


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