It’s hard to say you failed.

It’s been 16 days since I posted. I’ve been thinking about posting nearly every day, I still have this mental block  when it comes to writing and to posting.  I know I’ll go write about this, nah that’s actually a terrible story. OH i’ll update on my gym/fitness routine… nope haven’t been doing well- which doesn’t mean i couldn’t post.  I’ll tell them about all i’ve accomplished, oh wait, that’s close to nothing.

It’s hard to admit I’ve failed at something. It’s hard to say it in my own head, it’s hard to say it aloud to myself and it’s harder to say it to anyone else.   But I’m doing it.

I failed in December.

I started and stayed motivated in November with my menu planning, bi-weekly grocery shopping, meal prep, working out.  I even worked an extra 60 hours in November on top of my normal 43 hour work week.   I was at work for 12-16 hours some days in November, I may not have had time to workout some of those days, but I sure as hell had time to meal plan and prep my meals so I ate healthy and didn’t over eat.

But then December came, I really didn’t do so bad with sweets and food.  yeah Christmas eve and day were a bit much on the food (my brother is a chef, so the food was, AMAZING, as you can see below)


but i just couldn’t exercise or plan out my meals the same. I was sick for 2 weeks which didn’t help the situation, but it just completely ruined my motivation for the month.

I’m still weighing in under 160lbs (swings between 157-159), but I’m also trying to not base how I feel on what the scale says.

I failed in December, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve given up.




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