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Happy Thanksgiving

This is my 100th post!

I really thought it might be more inspirational or exciting but that’s just not going to happen today.

I’m still sick, this is day 5.  I am slowly starting to feel better.  I don’t feel like I’m actually going to cough up a lung today but I’m still sore, sniffling, and tired.

I don’t think a run would be in my best interest today, but I will take my dog out for a 30 minute walk at some point today.   Any exercise is better than none, right?

Plus here in Canada it’s thanksgiving weekend, and I am cooking 3 Turkeys!  so I need to rest up today to feel better for the 3 day turkey marathon I’m headed into.  How did I get roped into cooking 3 turkeys you ask?

1. Tomorrow is my friends 30th bday and his wife is throwing him a surprise 30th thanksgiving dinner party.  She is vegan and asked if i could cook the turkey as it really grossed her out buying it.  Couldn’t say no to that, could I?  (If I’m feeling up to it, we (the wife) and I are going for a run while before we start the turkey as she is my running partner and we are in training for the half in feb)

2. Sunday, My husband’s family is coming to our house for dinner.  I do love hosting family events and I love cooking for people so it was easy to say come on over to our house!  My great mother-in-law will help me with cooking and cleaning to.

3. I work the holiday monday. As I’ve said before I work in a group home (highly functioning kids, just some hellions, love ’em though) anyhow there are 7 group homes in my agency.  So I invited all the houses to come over for dinner.  It’s a potluck as well so all I have to cook is the turkey and stuffing, and I’ll obviously make gravy!  I like showing the kids how to celebrate holidays and that you can have a family away from family.

And then after cooking 3 Turkey’s I will be making a copious amount of Turkey soup! Can’t wait for that.  If I’m still sick that will be the best meal.

Happy Thanksgiving!!