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A bit lazy

How many times can one announce  that they are back! I dunno yet, but I know I take a few little breaks here and there and then come back with a vengeance

woah, how did a month slip in between me posting? a few things happened.

I got a bit lazy.

I got un lazy because my husband and I adopted a 6 year old dog from the Humane Society, Koda=LOVE   (will share more of this story soon)

90lbs of sweetness

We sold our second property

I got a position as a supervisor and started working Mon-Thurs day shift (I usually blog during the morning when I’m off so need to figure out a new time) Also finding it hard to fit in strength training in between work, hockey, dodgeball seeing friends, eating, having a bit of relaxing time, housework, paying bills.. just life in general.  I’ll figure it out soon.

Our dog got lost a week after we got him, so searching, calling around and then picking him up took a while

I found a lost dog 4 days later and doing the same thing for that little guy took up some time.

Look at how scared he was 😦

haha Ok so it’s still all excuses but I’ve been busy.

Koda and I have gone on 4 runs, but we walk 2x a day for 30 minutes.  He can run an 8km, with a few little breaks to pee, smell things and walk but we’re building up to running the whole time.   He’s whining at me now since I’m at the computer instead of walking him… what a jerk.

Well this is it for today. Just wanted to say I’m still here, just had to take a break.

I’m off walk my dog and then to the gym.


Why I suck at blogging, lately

First off I’d like to say sorry I’ve been so shit at blogging as of lately.   I have started blogging for Jillandnikkidowork again, not that I’ve been putting out great number of blogs on that site weekly but it’s been my main, blog,  focus for the last few weeks.  Ryan and I have also jumped into home renovations on a property we were renting out that was completely trashed.  Thank god for his Mom and Stepdad who have put in more hours repairing that hell hole (as I call it) than even I have.   So I haven’t really been home and when I have been (after working at my full-time job, part-time job and full work days doing renos) I hardly have the energy to take my contacts out and high jump into my bed… I have a bed that is higher than my waist, I’m 5’4 so it takes some effort getting in there.

I guess I’ve also been finding it hard to write. I’m not sure what I want to write about.  I’m focusing on my health on the other blog, so i don’t want to double up cause I do have a few readers that follow both blogs. 

Who the F lives like this? no, I’m not really looking for an answer, because I know who would.. my old renter.. plus many other people.  Sadly I work with youth, who grew up in this messy, dirty, unhealthy environment. 



I work with youth and I know their rooms get this messy, BUT when there’s dog/cat feces and rotting food mixed in with all of that, there’s a problem!
NOTHING was in the cupboards… it was all on the counter with old food, rotting.

These pictures don’t even begin to show you how bad it was in there.  The smell was overwhelming.  I felt bad for the renter when I saw her place like this.  Ryan was horrified. He thought the home should be condemned, not just because of the mess but because of the smell of the animal fecal mater in EVERY room of the house.

She did move her belongings out but left us with a lot of work to do.  We’ve ripped up the carpets, cleaned the stains, ripped the walls apart and drywalled, CLEANED everything, painted and so much more.  We’ve spent at least 80 hours between the 4 of us that I mentioned before, and were lucky enough to have a few friends stop over to help assist with whatever we were doing that day.  It’s been a really interesting learning curve.  Ryan never wants to own a place and rent it again so we are hoping to sell this place asap, but I have learnt many things about what not to do with a renter, which could turn into another post.  I have also learnt a lot about home renos and found that I actually really enjoy doing these things, just not all at once.

Anyhow I’ll update you with the finished photos once we’re done and try a bit harder to get some really great recipes I’ve made in the last few weeks out!