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She said I’d be hooked

It’s official, I am doing another Half Marathon.  I mentioned that I was going to run in September with my friend Kelsey and I signed up last night.  I’m also hoping our mutual BFF and blogger Jen follows through on her text word and fixes her knees up to run with us.  I’m also hoping her wife and my other BFF, Emma will join us.  I talked both Jen and Em into joining my hockey team so how hard could it be to talk them into running a Half Marathon in just over 4 months??? wish me luck.  I’m other BFF, Megan, said she’s going to start running with her hubby so that she can run the 10km mothers day run next year, so I’ll do that with her as well!  so many BFF’s to talk about!

My girlfriend Sam told me that I would be hooked once I ran the first half marathon, although I am not hooked on how my knees felt during the last 5km I am hooked on how amazing I felt on saturday.  I have signed up for a second half, I don’t know if I’ll do more after that, I’ll see how the training goes this summer, how that race is and how my body (mostly knees and hips) feel after.  I do however think I am hooked on running 10 and 5k races and seeing just how fast I can get.  I’ve already started collecting my race bibs and putting them on display in order to help motivate me… and just cause it’s pretty cool, and will be even more so once it’s filled.

I am going to take a few days off from just running, I will be active in the mean time.  Sunday the day after the half marathon I had a ball hockey game, yesterday I did a Bob Harper video, which, is WAY harder than I expected and I’m happy about cause it’s an hour-long decent workout I can do in my living room, and today I’m hitting up the gym before work to do some strength training.

This weeks goals:

1) fit in just 15km of running.  I might do a 10km and a 5km or 3, 5km’s I dunno yet! see how the week goes.

2) Hit the gym-I’m doing weight training 2-3x a week from now on.

3)Visit the driving range-I love me some golf, even though I’m not so good at it.  Practice makes perfect right?