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Needed sometime to decide what’s happening in 2014

I needed a break from blogging.  So I have not posted since November.

I have missed it though, so I am back.

I still do not have time to blog as much as I used to so I’ve decided that once a week at some-point between Friday-Sundy I will post.

I needed a break from Nov-till now because I wasn’t in the right state of mind to be working out consistently and paying close attention to what I was eating.  Not that I was going hard on Christmas cookies, cause I didn’t and I didn’t put on any weight over Christmas!  Life just got busy.

I have still been visiting with my nutritionist to discuss what I’m eating, when I’m eating, how to stay motivated etc.  And I have a goal to be down to 148 (on her scale) by Feb 15.  I had jumped back up to 153 before I went on my trip in November so I figured 5lbs is a reasonable goal for just over a month and if I can do lose more than I will.  I say on her scale because there’s a 3lb difference when I weigh in at home compared to her scale.  I could also be that I’m not naked in her office weighing in but that’s ok.

My current health/fitness goals for 2014:

1) Get down to 135 by December 2014- taking this nice and slow because I think the slower I do it the easier it will be to maintain when I get to my goal weight.

2) Run 3 half marathons- I’m signed up for one in feb, signing up for the Lulu-lemon Sea Wheeze in Vancouver and have plans to do one in chicago with a girlfriend but I’m not sure I can make it anymore so I will look at possibly doing another one in Edmonton or make another trip out of one.

3) Get good at meal planning, cooking and pre-packaging- I want to make sure that I have healthy snacks to grab at all times, but also breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  So whether I plan out my meals for a week and cook them all over the weekend or just at least have breakfasts and lunches ready to go I haven’t decided what will work.  I think it will take some trail and error.

Here’s how I plan on reaching some of these goals:

My friends are amazingly supportive. THANK GOD for them! If you’ve follow my blog you know I play on a women’s ball hockey team. My gf Steph (who’s on my ball hockey team) has been making me come to drop-in ball hockey on Saturdays & Wednesdays and any other night that I’m free and drop-in people need a sub.  Steph has also made me join another women’s ball hockey team that is in a lower division than our ball hockey team so that I can work on my stick handling and fitness.

I’m in the white helmet (not the goalie)

Jen and Emma (who you should remember from previous blogs) are also into the ball hockey scene with us.  They also got a dog around the same time that I did so we spend a lot of time at the dog park with our furbabies who are also BFF’s so going for walks and runs with our dogs is one of our fav ways to hang out now.  except that it’s been -40 WAY TOO OFTEN this stupid winter.

Koda attacking Penny. Swear on my life they are just playing!


SOOOO I play at least a minimum of 4 hours of ball hockey a week right now. I will continue to do this throughout 2014.

I will be weighing in on Friday mornings, so I will post my weight with my weekly blog.

I weighed in yesterday at 149 (my scale)

I will also post what exercise/activities I’ve done for the week.

I’m sure I will come up with monthly goals as well but I really just wanted to get a post out there.  I am off to an outdoor ball hockey tournament, have 4 games today and who knows how many tomorrow before my 2 league games! Wish me luck!



10km Personal Best?

Well I ran what I think would be my best run on Sunday. There’s just a few issues. (started writing this last monday just ended up going camping all week and then had visitors all weekend so didn’t’ finish!)

I used Endomondo to track my runs, I usually don’t have it on during races I just go with what the chip says at the end. This time I had my tracking on as I wanted to try to keep a decent pace. Well by KM 6 on my headphones I realized that I had only just passed the 5km marker in the race.  I kept running and listening to my pace, which I’m not gonna lie I’m not very good at continuing to be consistent with, And I’m usually really bad for running WAY faster at the beginning of the race and then slowing down cause I’m tired, but I’d have to say I did ok this race (for me).  My average pace was 5:17min/km.   This pace is also quite fast for me, since usually I run at about a 6:10min/km when I’m just running for fun/exercise.

ANYHOW the race.

I finished.

Endomondo said I did 11:21km in 59:12mins! said I ran 10km in 52:44min, which is the fastest time I’ve ever ran.  As you can see below.


But the Chip/Race results say I ran the race in 58:14mins with an average pace of 5:50

Though I placed 66/327 in my age group and 236/1104 women who ran (so that’s impressive)

BUT I’m unsure on what to believe for my time. Which makes it frustrating as I keep all my running bibs, write my times, and strive to do a bit better the next time!

OH well.  It was a fun run.  A little to busy for my liking, WAY to many people at the beginning to run past since they started the 10k,  5k run and walk all at the same time.  WTF?

So I don’t think I’d run this 10k run again but I’d walk it with my mom and the team I signed up under- Cole’s Crew

Cole’s Crew

Me and my mom on Mothers Day.


Zombie challenge final results

The zombie challenge I took part in ended on March 31, but as I was alway in Mexico then Canmore and then jumped back into my busy work schedule I haven’t had time to post the final results for my team and myself. So here goes

Week 8 Results:

The winner of the FINAL challenge is……(drum roll please!)….

Team Emma!

Now this does not mean that Emma is still alive…


You only stare at the girl for a second. The tears on her face mean nothing to you. You allow your primal instincts to take over as you turn your gaze back down to the woman beneath you. You snap your teeth at her and start to lower your mouth to her juicy shoulder.

Suddenly something hits the side of your head and you find yourself flipping sideways off the woman. You roll onto your back, confused and dazed. There is a man standing above you with a baseball bat. He swings it at you, hitting you repeatedly while your dinner squirms away and runs toward the fences with the little girl.

The man finally drops the bat by your side and dashes to the gates. You turn your head, and through a film of red, see that most of the humans have made it safely inside of the gates. The fence slides closed with a loud and secure clank.

YOU’VE LOST. But hopefully you’ve lost enough weight to make you feel better about it. 😉

 So this was a bit confusing at first, at least to me.  Team Emma came in 1st, 4 out of 8 weeks, 2nd 2 weeks, and 3rd 2 weeks.  That right there says just how hard my team worked.  But it wasn’t our weight loss/exercising that made us lose, it was the choices we made with the story line and what we chose for our zombie to do.   Regardless it was motivating and fun.  I also lost 6 pounds while on this challenge, though during my 2 weeks of holidays I gained 3 back due to slacking in the exercise department! oh well back to reality now.. .and a new challenge on Monday.  Will let you in on those details then!

Body Update

March 23 update
March 23-Dirty looking as I take the pictures firs thing in the morning… then hit the gym! I never know how to look in the photos smiling seems weird lol
before oct 2012
Back in October 2012
These 3 photos (and the ones below) are my Start, mid and end when I worked with a personal trainer to get my butt into gear back in 2011.


It’s been almost 2 years and I’m down 36lbs.  Weighing in at 146 this morning. I am determined, after I get back from my wedding in Mexico, to drop those last 6lbs to get to my goal of 140lbs and to surpass losing 40lbs. It’s still hard to believe that I’ve always been an athlete and I let myself put on so much weight.  I now feel like crap on days when I don’t work out now and  I am healthier now then I have ever been.  I have really enjoyed this zombie challenge I’ve been involved with the last 7 weeks as it has helped me stay on track and kick it up a bit.  I still have some chubs I’d love to get rid of all over my body, but damn I can’t wait to wear my little bikinis in mexico.

Thanks for all the encouraging words, advice and support. Having this blog (and jillandnikkidowork) has kept me accountable and motivated!!

Zombie Challenge week 6 and change to March running goal

Sooooo guess which team came in 1st for week 5…

you guessed it, mine! Team EMMA!! seriously my team is really killing it.



Challenge # 6You pounce on the man without a thought, jumping with your legs wide and slapping your hands together, catching his body in between your palms like a squashed bug. The guy screams and punches at you with his fists. But his blows barely even faze you — your hunger is too insatiable. You are about to sink your teeth into his arm when you feel a heavy boot collide with your side. The force of the kick knocks you off of the man and you find yourself staring up at his friends. You snarl at them and start to grab for them as well. But one of the men holds up a shiny object. The word gun flitters through your head just as he cocks it and blows a bullet straight through your gut. You stare at the hole in your midsection in awe. The man shoots again, this time the bullets catch you in the head.

Then everything starts to turn grey as you fall back onto the pavement. Although you are unconscious for the most part you hear the men talking excitedly. One of the guys pokes you with the tip of the gun but you are too weak to even open your eyes. They eventually leave, thinking you are dead.

You fight for consciousness for a few moments. Then you manage to sit up, crunching to the side. But you suddenly can’t remember why you are in the middle of the street — or why there is a giant bloody hole in your abdomen and head. Then you spot movement on the street up ahead. And your desire for fresh meat once again overtakes you. You manage to get back onto your feet and stumble after them.

After what feels like an eternity of walking, you hear grunts, growls and shouts. There is a large complex up ahead surrounded by tall gates. A mass of people are pressing up against the first fence, trying to push it down — and they are all zombies like you.

Choice 1: Join the group of zombies. You can smell an abundance of fresh meat inside – you’ve got to get that fence down!
Choice 2: Look around to see if there is a closer food source hiding somewhere nearby.

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!
Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 200 minutes/ week
Strength: 270 Oblique Crunches on EACH side
Agility: 270 Seal Jumping Jacks (jump in, jump out = 1 rep)


I know I had set a running goal for 115km in March, but I’m going to have to give up/call it quits for this month.  I am still working out 5 days a week but my ball hockey and basketball team are both in play offs (which means up to 3 games a week, from the normal 1) I’m getting married in 3 weeks so let me tell you I am STRESSED the F out and trying to make sure everything is organized and of course nothing can ever go smoothly (if anyone ever tells you planning a wedding is fun, they’re a liar.  take my advice and ELOPE) and I was signed up last-minute for training at work on days off.  Ok I have a lot of other stuff going on as well but I think my list could be like 100 excuses/reasons why I can’t fit running in and I’ve listed off enough as is.

I figure, it’s ok because I need a bit of a break.  I’m still out running, but I do like to also use the elliptical or bike from time to time at the gym so as long as I’m still kicking my own ass at the gym in March I’ll get back to a running goal in April after my wedding and everything settles down a little bit.  My over all goal is my health and weight so I’m still doing what I need to be doing.



Zombie challenge week 5

For challenge week 4, Team Emma (my team) came in 2nd.  That is 2 weeks of 1st and 2 weeks at 2nd…. we’re pretty damn great!
Challenge # 5

You unsteadily climb to your feet and shuffle toward the sounds. When you get to the end of the block you are excited to see several cars and motorcycles heading out of town. But that’s not really what gets you excited — it’s the pack of people you see following the procession of vehicles that’s got your stomach grumbling. They are like a juicy herd of cattle just waiting for you. You have no idea where they are all going but it doesn’t matter. You are so starving your stomach feels like it’s going to eat itself.

You stumble out onto the road, limping after the group. A discarded tire in the middle of the road almost trips you but you manage to jump over it, kicking your butt with both heels. The hop was a little too much for your decaying muscles and you find yourself sinking, lunging to one knee. But you push yourself back up to a standing position and continue limping toward the group.

Several people at the rear of the pack suddenly fall behind as they get involved in an intense conversation. You are only a few feet away — the group is so engrossed in their argument that they don’t even notice you approaching. One of the guys in the group suddenly stops and bends down to fiddle with something on his shoe. The people are still arguing — so much so that they don’t realize that their friend is no longer with them.

Choice 1: Immediately jump on the guy to satisfy your hunger.
Choice 2: Wait until the others are farther away before you attack.

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!
Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 175 min/week (I recommend 35 min/day, 5 days a week)
Strength: 225 Cross Lunges (right lunge, left lunge = 1 rep)
Agility: 225 Double Leg Butt Kicks (Do one leg at a time if too hard)

Sorry I’ve been so slack about updating the challenge on Monday’s when I start them. I’ve been seriously busy! hardly have time to fit m y workouts in, and I’ll choose a workout over blogging most days, even though I really miss blogging when I do!
I have been loving this zombie challenge.  I’ve found it so motivating.  I will finally be updating my before and after photos the last week of March.  I feel soooo much better with all the running, strength/agility and paying closer attention to my calorie intake.
I finished “The Walking Dead” that was on netflicks so now I’m hoping they put the next season up soon! I do usually watch so  much TV alone and get into a series like that so I need to find a new series to watch while on the treadmill as I wont be running outside much for a while.  It is DEADLY icy.  I attempted a run a few days ago on paths that should be cleared by the city… no such luck, it was so icy I could hardly walk.  Home I went to the treadmill.
Any suggestions for netflicks TV series I should get into??  Right now we have the Canadian version.  Hoping to switch that soon.


Zombie Challenge week 4

Sorry I’m a bit behind this week as I went on a Ski trip with work.  So sun-Tues I was away in the beautiful Mountains!!

Here are the results of last weeks Zombie challenge, if you  missed it last week my team, Team Emma, came in 2nd place but we were still turned into Zombies…

Week 3 Results:

The winner of this week’s challenge is……(drum roll please!)….

Team Emma!

Once again Team Emma ruled almost every category:

Combined they lost a total of 49.7 pounds!
99% kept their food in the green for 6/6 days
98.4% drank 8 glasses of water every day!
They did 206.4% of cardio
They completed 193.3% of their strength training exercises
They did 208.3% of their Agility/Combat exercises

I myself personally did

401/150 cardio
235/135 crunches
135/135 knee tucks
8/8 water
green for food… 5/6 days
weight 147

Down 4 lbs since starting this challenge!


Challenge #4

You back away from the figure in the doorway. Unfortunately, this proves to be a bad move. Something whizzes toward you in the darkness and you suddenly feel pain in your shoulder. You look down to see an arrow sticking out of you. The pain reignites your anger. You growl and launch yourself at the figure in the doorway. An arrow hurdles through the air by your head but you don’t even look back as it lodges into a huge box behind you. You are too focused on dessert. You fall forward onto your knees, grabbing the man and knocking him backward. He hits the wall behind him and you quickly sink your teeth into his shoulder.

After eating your fill, you stumble back out the door and onto the street. Your stomach is so full you can’t move much further. You collapse onto the black top and find yourself slipping into a sedated state. You close your eyes and allow yourself to fall back onto the street. Visions of glistening organs and blood dance through your head.

You aren’t sure how long you lay there in a comatose-like state. But scattered screams and voices suddenly bring you back to reality.

“Is it dead?” a young voice whispers.

“How would I know?” another girl hisses.

“Go touch it and find out, Andrea.”


“Go ahead, I dare you.”

You snap your eyes open and sit up.

There are about four young teenage girls standing in a semi-circle around you. They scream and scatter when they realize you are alive.

You spring to your feet and start to give chase, your stomach rumbling in anticipation. It seems your appetite is never ending – you’ve got to have fresh meat now.

Two of the girls suddenly stop and turn to face you. You find yourself drooling – who knew these kids would be such an easy target? You continue running at full speed not even hesitating when you see the girl closest to you lift a large shiny machete. She swings the object at you, slicing off your arm in one swing. The impact knocks you to one knee, but only for a moment. You jump back up to your feet and start reaching toward the girls with your remaining arm. But it’s no use. They are already running again at full speed. You trip over an overturned trashcan as the girls turn and disappear down the block.

Your mind suddenly becomes so cloudy now that they are out of sight. What were you doing? Why are you here? You touch the bloody stump where your arm used to be. What happened to you?

You hear the grumble of a motor somewhere down the street followed by several excited shouts.

Choice 1: Go investigate the noises.
Choice 2: Stay where you are and wait for the noises to come to you.

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!
Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 150 min/week (I recommend 30 min/day, 5 days a week)
Strength: 180 Chest Pushes (Use a bouncy ball, pillow or similar object)

Agility: 180 Split Jumps (Right lunge, left lunge = 1 rep Take out the jump and just do alternating lunges if needed)