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Zombies, always help me reach my goals.

I’m a huge zombie nerd right now.

I think I’ve said it before, but when I run at home I watch the Walking Dead.  I actually just started season 1 at the beginning of Jan and am almost done season 2 since I’m only allowed to watch it while I’m on the treadmill.  I have put a ton of KM in on the treadmill this January since Edmonton is SO COLD! today is -41 with the wind chill… HELLS no to running out side in that! the weird thing is it’s supposed to be -2 by Friday… wtf?  I know I’ve also mentioned that I use “Zombies! Run” which is an app that tracks your running and uses interval training by having zombies chase you throughout your run.  It also has a bit of a game at the end of your run but I don’t want to go into full detail of that I’m just proving how in with the zombs I am.

Anyways I use MyFitnessPal to help track calories and exercise as I am still aiming to lose at least 10lbs and MFP has tons of groups and challenges to help with that and guess what I found one that is Zombie themed! so pumped!

Here’s what it’s about.

Welcome to Zombie Outbreak!

an 8-week weight loss challenge where YOU get to choose the outcome of your story. The world is coming to an end. A viral outbreak is wreaking havoc on the world.There are rumours of a safe zone — but will you make it there in time? Or will you get bitten and have to join the living dead? The choice is yours.

Basic Rules:

1. The Goal! The goal of the game is to be the last group alive at the end of the challenge.

2. Group Cooperation.  There will be 4 teams: Team Emma, Team Stephen, Team Madison and Team Zombie. YES, one group gets to play the ZOMBIES! Each team will be assigned a character and will follow that character’s individual story line week to week.

3. Report Your Totals by Saturday 12 AM Pacific Standard Time! Sunday is a rest day

Here’s an example:

Weight Total: 140 Lbs
Food 6/6 Days
Water 6/6 Days
Cardio 80/100 Minutes
Strength Training 15/15 Pushups
Agility/Combat: 15/15 Hook Punches

4. Choose Your Own Adventure. Each character (team) will also be given a choose-your-own adventure option at the end of each week’s story. The choice with the highest number of votes dictates what story and challenge will be posted next.

5. Calling All Survivors! all results and the next storyline for each character’s will be posted sunday nights.

6. Choose Wisely. All story choices have consequences. You may even have to join the zombie team.

7. Check Your Team’s Message Board Daily. There may be surprise Apocalyptic Bonus Challenges thrown in once in awhile. If you complete the bonus challenge, you get an extra choose-your-own adventure vote!

8. Join the Zombie Team! If your team is instructed to join the zombie team, you must still complete your team’s current exercise challenge. However, you won’t have a choose-your-own adventure choice that week.

9. You’ve Been Eaten! If you fail to report totals two weeks in a row, we will assume that you have been eaten by a zombie and will sadly remove you from the challenge.

So that’s just the basics I’m VERY excited to start as I needed a new goal for February and this will challenge me to stay on top of all areas of my health and fitness! 

Well I’m off to go put in some KM on the treadmill while watching the Walking dead.  Not feeling 100% today but I’ll see what I can manage, 29.48km to go…


Santa’s Anonymous

This month of December has been busy, stressful and not really a lot of fun. I had one week were I ate really well and worked out a ton which helped me feel a bit better, but I really needed a bit of a pick me up.

I decided to invite some friends over a for a Secret Santa, you know where you draw names and buy a gift for that person, but I decided to put a spin on it since really, as much as everyone loves to get gifts, what do we do we all need? truly nothing. My friends and I are all doing ok. We all have jobs, we have a place to live, food on the table, we’re all just doing fine.

so what was the spin?

Buy the gift for your person as if they were a kid and then the gifts would all be donated to Santa’s Anonymous. It’s this great organization in Edmonton, AB that collects new/un-used toys and delivers them to children who otherwise wouldn’t get gifts for Christmas.

We went around and opened our gifts (just to show a few)

Ryan with a mini hockey stick-he loves hockey

Ryan wanted to immediately play some knee hockey

Jen with a kitchen play-dough set (she loves to cook and is crazy good at building sculptures when we play cranium)

Jen started talking about the play-dough hair salon set she had as a kid which is wild, since I ALSO had that hair salon.  It also brought up the “who ate play-dough as a child?”question.

Luc with his wrestling belt- he relived his childhood for 10 minutes and told us all a story about a WWF (in the old days it was called WWF) backyard brawl he and his friends had.

Luc relieved a few minutes of his childhood and we all were entertained by a quick story of his past.

Emma the artist with her box of art supplies

Emma was jealous that as a child she was never gifted with a beautifully crafted crate of art supplies.  (it was mostly the crate that held the supplies she was jealous of since she did have art supplies)

Everyone had a few moments of their youth brought back to them and go to share some memories.  I know my heart was warmed by the stories, thoughtfulness of the gifts and generosity of my friends and was just what I needed to get in the Christmas spirit.

In total we collected 14 new toys for kids who deserve to have a gift to open on Christmas morning and now my mind is already spinning out ideas of how we can collect more toys next year.