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They always tell you

I have this on my “Random Awesomeness” pinterest page cause that’s where I put all the things I think are funny.  This pic I think is funny because it’s so true.  I seriously try to tell everyone that I ran a half marathon, and am about to now.

It’s not that I’m bragging, it’s the fact that I seriously NEVER thought I would ever run for more than 30 minutes, and now before I turn 28, in one year I have run 2 halfs!  So I apologize if I sound like I’m bragging, but it’s more of a feeling of total accomplishment and I hope it to be more inspiring than bragging.

I want to spring back to May when I ran my first half marathon (blast from the past-it’s my past blog post)  i was beyond thrilled when I finished the race, we had trained, we had run a good race and finished before our set goal. It’s probably the proudest moment of my life, I felt more accomplished than getting my Bachelors degree in child and youth care which I’m super proud of also.

But I said in that blog post “I know I couldn’t have got through the day without Jill” which meant I couldn’t have run by myself.  I  never thought after running the first half marathon that I would ever run one alone, and that’s just what I did this time around.

I signed up so I could be the supporter for my friend Kelsey who is also working hard at losing weight.  Sadly a few weeks ago she injured her knee and her physiotherapist told her there would be no way she can even walk the race.  She told me I didn’t have to still run it, since she knew I didn’t want to run alone.  But there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to run it, even alone.

Kelsey and my parents made it out to the race to be own personal paparazzi for this race.

The sunrise right before the race was amazing. How could I not be pumped to run, when my running outfit matched the sky?!

So this will mostly be a photo blog, because My paparazzi did an amazing job!

Me(the purple blur) taking off at the Start line.
Me chatting to Kelsey as I run by. She informed me that my parents were 2 minutes away and were going to be so sad they missed me! made me laugh
running off into the distance. Fish Creek park was an awesome place to run.

Now this is when my troubles started.  I passed Kelsey, this was around km 12 I believe.  I had been running at a great pace for me.  first hour I did 9km and was on track by an hour and a half at 14km.  At km 12, I realized my left foot was very sore, more so 2 of my toes were.  It felt like I was getting a blister, but it hurt more than a usual blister that I can run though, so I kept running.  then my calf cramped, just slight which made me almost lose my footing so I had to stop and walk.  I had been walking off an on already, this wasn’t the first time but this is when it actually bothered  me to walk because I had just taken my walking break.  I realised my toes weren’t blistering they were cramping and it if I flexed them it made my calf cramp.  I tried to just keep running, but then my right calf started cramping as well! I kept running until one of my legs would cramp and then I’d walk, but my pace drastically changed and at km 16 I knew I wouldn’t make it to the finish by my goal time of 2 hours 25 minutes, which would have been about 3 minutes faster than my last run (if not better than that!) and just decided I would finish as fast as my silly legs would let me this day!

km 19, my parents and Kelsey were waiting and screaming words of encouragement as I was trying to tell them “MY CALF IS FING ME OVER” but in a nicer way than fing. They kept yelling “RUN you’re almost done” so I ran past them as best I could.

My dad met me at km 21 to take some photos, though when we looked through the camera he hadn’t captured any. It was nice though because I had to walk because of my legs and told him what was going on. He encourage me to try and run it in since it was the last km and he was jogging beside me when my right leg completed cramped, not just the flickering cramps I had been having all race.  I was standing holding my right calf, like I do in the middle of the night when my leg cramps hoping the muscle wasn’t ripping right out of me.  A racer who had already finished and was cheering people on came over and tried to help me stretch. He kept saying put your foot on the ground, I literally could not bend my heel back to put it on the ground and stretch, he forced my leg to, thank god, because there was finally some relief, but my leg was still throbbing. This nice (or creepy ,as we joked about after) man offered to rub my leg, ONLY on the calf , my dad was there watching otherwise it might have been weird.  I was able to walk, and then RUN it into the finish line!

the .1 of the 21.1 km. Running it in to the finish line.

I was handed my finishing medal and a bottle of water.  I wondered over to a curb and immediately just did calf stretches and let everyone come to me

I love sharing ridiculous photos of myself, seriously who just wants to see me smiling all the time?

and then my dad  me out!

All in all, I had a good race.  I got an email my final time was 2:41:44 which was only 13 minutes and 1 second slower than my last run.  I had said before the run I would be disappointed to not beat my time but how could I be? I just ran half marathon with leg cramps and still managed a pretty decent time with having to walk A TON!  I will remember to book a massage the day before my next race (not signed up for any YET) to get out any knots I may have hiding, and will train even harder next time.


Who talked me into this?

I ran a Half Marathon today.  Holy crap, I ran a half marathon today.  I’ve got to say this is one of the proudest days of my life to date.   A year ago when I started my weight loss journey I never could have imagined that I would run more than 10km, so to have just completed a 10k and then this 21.1km run is almost unbelievable!  I’m going to talk through pictures a bit on this one.

Jill and I before the race.

It was a beautiful morning in Canmore, a tad on the chilly side, but sunny and full of potential.  Just like Jill and I.  We posed for some glamor shots and made sure our race bibs were on (moved them to our thighs after this picture was taken) and all of a sudden it was time to start.

We have no starting pictures, or at least I don’t as my bubbly little Mama was in charge of our camera and as I told my friend Jen yesterday, she is no good at photography.  I give my mom a hard time about everything, in a loving daughter way, so for her to then meet us across the parking lot, to get a starting photo, and for me to yell “Mom your camera is OFF” just made me laugh.  After that it seems she figured out the on button and how to work the rest of the camera machine.

around the 5/6k mark

We weren’t sure if Mike (Jill’s Fiance) and my Mom would know where to find us on the run, but they appeared out of no where it seemed and somehow knew exactly when we would be coming up to a good place for them to snap some quick photos of us.  They would yell encouraging words and we needed no cues to act like the Ridiculously Photogenic Runner and plaster smiles on our faces.  No we actually probably were smiling most of the time, for real it was a fabulous day any how it was kind of cool to have paparazzi for a day.

Those are some pretty photogenic ladies, if I do say-so myself

We ran amazing well, with no issues until  we couldn’t find the 12km marker.  Now it’s not that we couldn’t find it because we went of track or anything but 10 and 11 km’s seemed extra close together and after running for what felt like 30 minutes we finally came across the 12km mark.  It had to have been at least 2km between 11 and 12.  We went up a hill and then another hill and then there was this dragging flat spot and then  another hill and then a slight down hill and on and on.  I’m just glad they had Gatorade at the 12km cause I was gonna hurt someone.  This might have been when I asked Jill “who talked me into this race?” and then we laughed and kept running.

How could you not enjoy the day, when that’s the view you had while you ran!?

We managed to keep running our 10 minutes and walking a 1 until we got to Spray Lakes trail or about 16km. This is when we decided that we were running about as fast as we could walk uphill so why not walk the hills, then run on the flat or tiny downhills. We did this until could see the finish line and said ok lets run it in.

Crossing the finish! Best feeling ever!

There was no way I could sprint it in to the finish line today.  I was spent.  We did pick our speed up as much as we could but I was already so happy with finishing this race that I didn’t care to push it to the max.  My knees are sore (Jill’s too) and a tad swollen, Jill has a nasty blister in between some toes and I think my foot is a bit swollen as well, but who cares “enjoy your pain, you earned it”  as quoted on one of the km markers during the race.

Over all today was awesome.  We had a ton of support from all our friends and family.  I also keep calling this my first Half Marathon as I am about to sign up for my 2nd-Harvest Half Marathon, to support my friend and fellow blogger Kelsey.  I know I couldn’t have gotten through today with out Jill so I have to support Kelsey and celebrate in her first Half Marathon victory.