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10km Personal Best?

Well I ran what I think would be my best run on Sunday. There’s just a few issues. (started writing this last monday just ended up going camping all week and then had visitors all weekend so didn’t’ finish!)

I used Endomondo to track my runs, I usually don’t have it on during races I just go with what the chip says at the end. This time I had my tracking on as I wanted to try to keep a decent pace. Well by KM 6 on my headphones I realized that I had only just passed the 5km marker in the race.  I kept running and listening to my pace, which I’m not gonna lie I’m not very good at continuing to be consistent with, And I’m usually really bad for running WAY faster at the beginning of the race and then slowing down cause I’m tired, but I’d have to say I did ok this race (for me).  My average pace was 5:17min/km.   This pace is also quite fast for me, since usually I run at about a 6:10min/km when I’m just running for fun/exercise.

ANYHOW the race.

I finished.

Endomondo said I did 11:21km in 59:12mins! said I ran 10km in 52:44min, which is the fastest time I’ve ever ran.  As you can see below.


But the Chip/Race results say I ran the race in 58:14mins with an average pace of 5:50

Though I placed 66/327 in my age group and 236/1104 women who ran (so that’s impressive)

BUT I’m unsure on what to believe for my time. Which makes it frustrating as I keep all my running bibs, write my times, and strive to do a bit better the next time!

OH well.  It was a fun run.  A little to busy for my liking, WAY to many people at the beginning to run past since they started the 10k,  5k run and walk all at the same time.  WTF?

So I don’t think I’d run this 10k run again but I’d walk it with my mom and the team I signed up under- Cole’s Crew

Cole’s Crew

Me and my mom on Mothers Day.



Zombie challenge week 5

For challenge week 4, Team Emma (my team) came in 2nd.  That is 2 weeks of 1st and 2 weeks at 2nd…. we’re pretty damn great!
Challenge # 5

You unsteadily climb to your feet and shuffle toward the sounds. When you get to the end of the block you are excited to see several cars and motorcycles heading out of town. But that’s not really what gets you excited — it’s the pack of people you see following the procession of vehicles that’s got your stomach grumbling. They are like a juicy herd of cattle just waiting for you. You have no idea where they are all going but it doesn’t matter. You are so starving your stomach feels like it’s going to eat itself.

You stumble out onto the road, limping after the group. A discarded tire in the middle of the road almost trips you but you manage to jump over it, kicking your butt with both heels. The hop was a little too much for your decaying muscles and you find yourself sinking, lunging to one knee. But you push yourself back up to a standing position and continue limping toward the group.

Several people at the rear of the pack suddenly fall behind as they get involved in an intense conversation. You are only a few feet away — the group is so engrossed in their argument that they don’t even notice you approaching. One of the guys in the group suddenly stops and bends down to fiddle with something on his shoe. The people are still arguing — so much so that they don’t realize that their friend is no longer with them.

Choice 1: Immediately jump on the guy to satisfy your hunger.
Choice 2: Wait until the others are farther away before you attack.

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!
Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 175 min/week (I recommend 35 min/day, 5 days a week)
Strength: 225 Cross Lunges (right lunge, left lunge = 1 rep)
Agility: 225 Double Leg Butt Kicks (Do one leg at a time if too hard)

Sorry I’ve been so slack about updating the challenge on Monday’s when I start them. I’ve been seriously busy! hardly have time to fit m y workouts in, and I’ll choose a workout over blogging most days, even though I really miss blogging when I do!
I have been loving this zombie challenge.  I’ve found it so motivating.  I will finally be updating my before and after photos the last week of March.  I feel soooo much better with all the running, strength/agility and paying closer attention to my calorie intake.
I finished “The Walking Dead” that was on netflicks so now I’m hoping they put the next season up soon! I do usually watch so  much TV alone and get into a series like that so I need to find a new series to watch while on the treadmill as I wont be running outside much for a while.  It is DEADLY icy.  I attempted a run a few days ago on paths that should be cleared by the city… no such luck, it was so icy I could hardly walk.  Home I went to the treadmill.
Any suggestions for netflicks TV series I should get into??  Right now we have the Canadian version.  Hoping to switch that soon.


Zombie Challenge Week 2

Week 1 Results from the Myfitnesspal Zombie Challenge

 The winner of the first week’s challenge is……(drum roll please!)….

Team Emma!   yup that’s my team!!!!!

Emma kicked everyone’s butt in almost every category:

Combined they lost a total of 52.2 pounds!

94.4% kept their food in the green for 6/6 days

94% drank 8 glasses of water every day!

They did 208% of cardio

They completed 227% of their strength training exercises

They did 301% of their Agility/Combat exercises

Here’s how I personally did:

I lost 2 lbs!

Water I drank 12 glasses EVERYDAY
Food I was in the green 5/6 days
Cardio 231 /100
Strength 135/45  (Dips)
Agility 120/ 45  (slalom jumps)

So now on to week 2, Challenge #2

You inhale deeply and take a step toward the bathroom door. On instinct you snatch a bed pan from the swivel table beside the bed. You know you probably don’t need a weapon, and a bed pan probably wouldn’t do much damage anyway, but something just doesn’t feel right. The hairs on your arms stand straight up. Another shout echoes from inside the bathroom. Your hands shake as you slowly reach toward the door knob. You start to turn it – but suddenly the door bursts open on its own and a little old woman wearing a tattered hospital gown falls outward. You step backward and lunge reflexively, your pulse racing. The bed plan clangs against the tile floor.

“Help me!” Mrs. Grason gasps as she collapses on the ground.

You immediately forget your fear and reach down to pull the woman back to her feet. She is heavy and your biceps protest, but you manage to get her back into the hospital bed.

“What happened?” You ask as you reach over the old woman and press the call button to summon a nurse.

Mrs. Grason looks at you as if you are stupid. “ Isn’t it obvious? I had to go the bathroom! You wouldn’t wake up so I just did it on my own.” A savage cough rips through her entire body.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep. I’ve just been so overworked.” You pick up the blankets from the floor and start to cover her up but she roughly pushes your hands away.

“No, I don’t want them. I’m too hot.” Her eyes narrow into mean slits. “And I don’t care if you’re sorry. I want to see my doctor immediately.”

You glance toward the door to her room, but no one is responding to your call. You press the button once again.

“ Didn’t you hear me?” Mrs. Grason is getting hysterical and her health looks like it’s taking a turn for the worse. The circles beneath her eyes seem darker and sweat drips profusely from her forehead. “I want my doctor now!”

“Ok, I’ll go get someone.” You start to run toward the door but Mrs. Grason suddenly starts gasping for breath. It all happens so quickly. One second she’s screaming at you, the next second she’s lying on the bed…lifeless.

Choice 1: Go to Mrs. Grason and check her pulse.

Choice 2: Run out into the hallway for help.

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!

Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day (This is EVERY Day, you can’t make up days with water.)

Cardio: 125 minutes/week (I recommend 25 minutes a day/5 days a week)

Strength: 90 Crazy Eights (8 full curls, 8 upper curls and 8 lower curls = 1 rep. Rest in between sets as needed) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-9T7I4H09I

Agility: 90 Curtsy Lunges

AND my total KM for last week came to: 25.26 which is about 4.74 kms less than I was hoping but what can you do! some days are harder than others and sometimes when I work 24 hours I literally don’t have time!

Christmas looks like this to me

Cats hating the Christmas clothes forced upon them, so they fight



My work team dresses up for once
My hubby to be dresses up for once
Jen gets classy
11L’s of turkey soup
Mom and Aunt in law (and everyone else) playing just dance/dance central after stuffing our faces full of food
so much wine
My mama’s surprised face- tickets to see Oprah this year
My mom being “cute” will bells on Christmas morning
My moms Christmas tree- perfection
It’s not Christmas with out a Pomtini
Decorative bulletin boards (made this sucker at work)
did I mention I LOVE lame jokes
This odd house in Edmonton that puts bears in their window ever year, but by the end of December you can’t see in the window because there are that many bears





Blogging Awards

I have never been nominated for a blogging award.  I don’t check my grammar, I don’t really spell proof besides the button at the top that does the basic misspelling check, and I don’t know if everyone can read my sarcasm through the web so I’m not sure if my humour is even funny. Not that I”m always trying to be funny.  Anyways now I’m off topic.  Journey to Awesomehood nominated me for the liebster blog award, and I’d love to give a big shout out to her for it! Check out her blog as well, she’s just had a major surgery and is unable to work out (scary thought) and is still super positive about the situation! very inspirational!

I do love to talk about myself, but coming up with 11 Facts about myself was harder than I thought.

11 Facts About Yourself

1. I am 5’3 but I always say I’m 5’4.

2. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Youth Care

3. I have been working as a Child and Youth Care Practitioner for 8 years

4. I have dislocated my right shoulder twice.  Once in dance class in grade 10.  A girl flipped me doing the jive and landed only on my shoulder.  the second time was 2 years ago a girl tripped me during a ball hockey game and I just landed wrong.

5. I call my mom almost every day.  She lives 3 hours away. If I don’t call her that often I spend about 3 hours on the phone talking to her when I do.

6. I’m easy-going yet a type A control freak about certain things, such as having a clean house.  I don’t have kids ye,t so I haven’t had to struggle with having toyed up dirty house.

7. I ran 2 half marathons this year! My very first one was in Canmore, AB with my girlfriend Jill (who I will be blogging with again in the next few weeks from JillandNikkidowork) and the second I ran alone, which I never thought I would be able to do!

8. I love cooking.  I find it relaxing and fun.  I love when I can cook a good meal for friends and family.

9.  I have 2 cats.  They are brothers from the same litter and look nothing alike, seems their mother was promiscuous, but that’s  not about me, they make me laugh daily, also I can now understand why there are crazy cat ladies out there, if I was allowed I would own 10 cats.

10.  I am getting married on April 3, 2013 in Mexico!

11. I worked at a summer camp for 8 years, at this camp all the staff have nature names, so many of my friends still refer to me as Sky instead of Nikki.


11 Questions FOR YOU (my nominator made these suckers up)

1. What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

My determination, when I set my mind to something I usually achieve it.  for example I paid of 12000 in debt (school and car) after I graduated within a year and a half. I worked my ass off to do that.

2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you want to live?

Hmmm out of the places I’ve been, I would have to say Hawaii.  I LOVE it there. I could easily become a beach girl. 

3. What’s your favorite planet?

I really like the one we’re all on!

4. What cheers you up the most when you are feeling down?

3 things: My mom, my hubby to be, and going for a run. 

5. What is one goal you want to accomplish before the end of the year?

6. You just found a large sum of money on the street. What do you do with it?

I would split it 3 ways in my bank account. 1- into savings, 2- extra payment on my mortgage 3-onto my Visa for a trip!

7. If you were on a liquid diet, what do you think your favorite food would be? (Can you tell I am looking for ideas. ;p)

Well it wouldn’t be healthy, but I love a good milk shake! When I make them as treats for kids at my work we have vanilla, banana and peanut butter.

8. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

My favourite thing has to be just getting stuff off my mind, whether is important or not or helpful to people or not.  It’s like a diary to me.

9. Do you have a favorite game?

board game-cranium, card game- currently sticks, video game- Fable 3 was fricken awesome, never been addicted to playing anything like that before. 

10. What is your least favorite chore?

despise vacuuming, but I need to do it the most 

11. Do you know how to tie a scarf?

OMG yes! I know many different ways, I have like 25 scarfs because I love wearing them. Here’s a good link if you want to see how to tie a bunch:  

My Nominations- just realised I don’t follow enough people and the ones mostly have over 200 followers.

1. Life As I know It

2.  Stellar Existence

3.  Nude Ramblings

4. The as-is Department

11 Questions for the Nominees 

1. What last made you laugh?

2. Spontaneity or stability?

3. What is your least favorite word?

4. What would your  name have been if you were born the opposite sex?

5. Sweet or salty?

6. What is your current fitness goal?

7. What is your current #1 goal in life? (I know we all usually have many goals to work towards)

8. Work or school? what do you do/take

9. Are you a morning or evening person?

10. Do you wear pajamas to places other than at your house? ( no judgement lol)

11. What’s your favourite way to stay active?