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Finding Routine

I’m in my fourth week of this new position at work. I work Mon-Thurs, 9-4 (9-10 on Mondays). It’s a decent shift. I used to have a 3 week random rotation that I wont even attempt to explain besides I worked: evenings, days, 24 hours shift and did sleep over shifts- I work in a group home setting.


My goal is to be able to get up at 7, run my dog from 7:15-7:45, shower and leave for work by 8:30. eventually I’d like to fit in a work out in the evenings as well (weight training type workout)

So far I have not accomplished this once, but I do get up at 7:30am get ready for work and walk Koda from 8-8:30. Walking is better than nothing for me and the dog loves it.

He is eager to get outside as soon as I leave the bedroom as he is used to our morning routine of walking. The major problem is I’m not exercising nearly as much as I was when I worked my random schedule. I still play ball hockey, but the season is coming to and end, as is my co-ed (beer league) soccer team. Then what will I do all summer to keep moving?


Why don’t I workout after work you ask? I feel guilty not going home to

1. See my husband, whom I hardly see as he works 4 on 4 off night shift

2. Poor Koda likes to go for an after work walk if the hubby hasn’t taken him before he works.

I think what I need to do is keep attempting to get up earlier each week and eventually I will be able to get up at 7 and run. I feel so lame saying I have issues waking up at 7am when I know I even have followers who get up and run at all hours, when they are hung over and are just really motivational. 

BUT it’s a struggle for me right now and that’s why I blog. Maybe someone else can relate or has tips?

How have you made yourself a workout routine?

How do you fit in workouts between work, family, pets, sickness, life?



Sleep keeps evading me

I don’t know what it is about my body and brain but those two suckers really hate letting me sleep sometimes.  I’m not sure if it’s because I had a fabulous 8hrs of pure undisturbed rest the night before and no caffeine after lunch yesterday but I slept for all of 4.5 hrs and now I feel like one of the walking dead.

Sleep is a huge factor in weight gain/loss for most people but I know having a lack of it effects me horribly.  I had huge plans of running many kms, cleaning my entire house, dong some errands, organizing my garage and I’m positive that I would have at least check off the running bit before I got to lazy to finish the rest of my list….laziest fit person, anyone?

But now I’m a cup of coffee into my day, dressed, have to take my cats to the vet right after my staff meeting and all I want to do is go curl up in my bed and get at least 2 more hours of shut-eye.

Is this where the self guilt starts to creep in? I know I need to fit a 4km run in today towards my half marathon training, but I am going to drop in ball hockey this evening as well.  That’s like close to 2 hours of at least half speed sprints.  So, should I feel guilty for taking a nap since I can hardly keep my eyes open and am not looking forward to driving home? Probs, not.  I should take a quick nap, and get on with the rest of my day.  I think the part that does make me feel guilty is that it’s so NICE out today! it’s been raining and is supposed to rain more, so when I have a day off and spend it inside I hate myself.  ok not really hate myself but hate the fact that I’m inside. 

guilt flyers
guilt flyers

Today I am going to recycle that feeling bad guilt into sometime more positive, Just like I will do with the shitty flyers I’ll get in the mail.   Can’t wait for my nap!