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Paying off debt by getting fit.

It’s a little late, but it’s still Monday-the day I said I’d post!

I’m still not 100% sure if this bribe to get fit is going to work, but let me explain the just of it.

If I reach my weekly goal of losing a pound my girlfriend will put extra money towards her debt.   I’m sure this brings up some questions such as: why wouldn’t she just pay more towards her debt? or if you don’t reach your goal does she get to add to her debt? or why does she have debt anyways? or why do you have to lose weight for her to pay extra?

Forget all your questions, well except for the, does she get to add to her debt if I don’t reach my goal, NO.   The real question should be, how will that help you reach your goal each week?

It’s super motivating to me, as we will be working out together a lot of the time.  She has already stepped up and started paying more on her debt (in order for us to do more in the future- travel, home renos etc) and I’ve offered to help because I don’t have debt, but she wants to do it on her own. I highly respect this, but at the same time I love this gal and I’m sure some of that debt actually was spent on me, plus if we were to get married at some point that debt becomes mine anyways. Why not rid ourselves of it quicker!

If I reach my weekly goal, she will put $50 extra to pay off her debt.  I don’t reach my goal I will be paying the extra payment on her debt.  So this bribe is for both of us.  I’m always encouraging her to put a little more on her debt and she’s encouraging me to go to the gym and offering to workout with me. What a huge help to have a workout buddy and financial adviser in your own home. This will push both of us to work towards our goals.  I know she’ll push me to workout more as she doesn’t want me to help her with her debt and I won’t slack in order to make a payment, but I think if I keep reaching my goal then maybe I should be able to just make a secret payment.

We spent all weekend talking about it and figured this is fair as it really is a win/win for both of us. We’re both going to get fit and both going to come out ahead with the debt.

This bet/bribe/competition will start with weighing in this Friday since I still need to go out and buy a scale for the home and work a few extra shifts at work.  So week one will commence October 30 and we will know the first outcome on weight loss/debt repayment on November 6.  This doesn’t mean that I’m not working out this week, we went for a short 27 minute run after work today and have plans to do same or hit up the gym tomorrow.

She knows I don’t need a bribe to get my act together and get fit, she just figured to get started it might help jump start my motivation.  She was right.  We may also have a friend competition in the works, but again need to work out details.  another blog post, another day!

Let me know what you think.


I’m a sweaty mess. Are you?

I want to talk a bit about sweat.

As a woman, I feel as though it is seen as nasty to be a sweaty mess. For example, if I were to work out at a gym and be dripping sweat, more so than the men working out there, it’s in my head to believe that people are judging me.  I don’t know if this is the case,  but due to my brother always bugging me as a child/teen working out some old thoughts/habits stick up there in the old thinker.

Here is a list of things I need to purchase in the next few weeks:

6 sports bras

2 workout capris

3 long running pants

5 sweat towels

WHY, you ask?

-I am the only girl on my basketball team who brings  a sweat rag to games.   I believe one other gal on my ball hockey team brings one.  I must have one at the gym.  I can only wear gym clothes once (then they are a must wash)   and I don’t do laundry twice a week.  I own enough workout capris to go 5 days without washing but the rest needs to be done way too often.

-I sweat through shirts, pants, socks, probably even my shoes.  I’ve sweat so much my entire sweat rag is soaked.  TMI?

-I look like I’ve showered after ball hockey games… but if you’re standing close enough you can smell that I haven’t 🙂 gotta love the hockey gear.

Being a woman and sweating so much sucks!

Heres the thing that I love about sweating like that

-I know I gave it everything I had.

-I just flushed out a ton of toxins

-The shower I’m about to take it going to be oh so sweetly rewarding lol

I’m a lady but  (none of these pics are me)

I sweat through my clothes. I get swass or swoob or whatever else you like to call your sweaty areas,
I drip on machines and mats (yes, I clean it up),
Sometimes I can’t even hold a plank, bride or downwards facing dog I’m so sweaty

If I don’t turn into a sweaty mess I don’t feel like I’ve worked out, so I guess I’ll be a sweaty mess forever!