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10 Things to do When Training for a Half Marathon

I signed up for my next Half Marathon. It is May 8 and it is in DISNEYLAND!!! doing the Tinkerbell half with one of besties.  It’s her first half, so figured lets make it a fun ass girls trip (so she can have a weekend break from her lovely little ones) where it’s warmer than where we live.

The last half I did was  The SeaWeeze Half Marathon (lululemon) which was nearly a year and a half ago. The only training I did for it was a 10k the Sunday before and said “Guess that’ll do”.  I would never recommend not training for a race.  You can injure yourself that way, but to be honest I’ve never trained 100% for any of the half marathons I’ve ran. I’ve trained well for most of them, but never completed every training run.

So since I’ve been such a lazy couch slob for like a year I’m slowly working at building up my endurance up again.  I’ve been running 3-4 km at least 3 times a week and slowly adding distance or increasing the pace.   I’m doing this because I have a month and a half before I start my 4 months of “hard core” training  that I am going to follow through with.  Plus it gives me time to start working on my training to dos.

Here’s my list of to do’s when training for a Half Marathon ( or any race)

  1. Make you sure you have a really good pair of runners.  It actually makes a huge difference.  If you can afford to go to a specialty running store where they watch you run while on a treadmill and fit the shoes to you, do it.  Wear them for training and the run.
  2.  10’s & 1’s.  Run 10 minutes and walked 1 min.  I think it’s an awesome way to train, especially when you are like fml how am I gonna run 18km.
  3. IF, and I really mean IF, you find you don’t have time/can’t get a run in one day…the MOST IMP’T run is the LONG DISTANCE…you have to get your km’s in, so just make sure you do that one….every single week.  Life happens, things get in the way, we get lazy, have excuses. Don’t miss your long run!
  4. STRETCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress that enough.   Get a foam roller/tennis balls/bands….just seriously stretch (especially your glutes and calves after EVERY RUN) even if you don’t feel tight……seriously……it will help!!
  5. Epson salt baths truly are helpful for us runners as they help in relieving joint pain, reduce inflammation, relieve muscle pain and cramps.
  6. A great outfit.  lol I don’t just mean a great looking outfit, although I usually treat myself to a cute new one for a race, I mean one that feels right to you.  I CANNOT stand running when, for example, my pants feel like they’re falling off, the tag is scratching me or I’m too hot.  I’d rather start out shivering at the start line then feeling like I need to strip out of my clothes.
  7. A great play list and add that will play it.  My last half marathon I was 10km in when my phone just died.  It was fully charged before, but apparently was just not up to working that day.  Let me say it was a challenging 11.1km for me.
  8. Visit your: Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist and or Physiotherapist.   They become my best friends while I’m training, keeping me healthy before, during and after training.
  9. EAT! I do run to help aid in weight loss, but I can’t even explain how much more I eat when I’m running 25+km a week.  Stick to those proteins and tons of veggies if you’re wanting to lose weight and treat yourself to a carbo-load before long runs.  When I say long runs I mean 15+KM.
  10. Drink you’re water. More than you normally would. Much easier to get dehydrated when you’re sweating so much while running that you stop sweating.

What things are your running training to do list?





Hypothermic Half Marathon and other events

Excuses, excuses that’s all I ever have for not hammering out a blog once a week, but man have I been busy. And by busy, I mean working out on the days I usually write my blog! So forgive me, please?

Where to start!?
I haven’t posted since January?! Damn I truly didn’t think it had been that long. I went home to visit my folks for 4 days at the beginning of feb and worked out 3/4 days with my 2 BFFs from high school. It was awesome. They let me put them through some tough workouts and they loved it! Or so they said 🙂20140218-095359.jpg

I have been emailing my nutritionist every Friday still updating her with my exercise for the week.  I need to get back on track with my eating.  I have lost weight in the past month, but I’ve also been pretty stressed out with life and haven’t been eating well.  Working out a ton to deal with the stress which has helped but I don’t want to put this weight back on.


Sun 1- 2 ball hockey games
Mon 2-rest
Tues 3-45-elliptical
Wed 4-rest
Thurs 5-30 elliptical 30 weigh training (with my girlfriends in the pic) 30 min dog walk
Fri 6- 35min elliptical, 30 min weight (with my girlfriends in the pic) 20 min dog walk and I’m headed to the gym with another girl friend of mine in an hour so at least another hour of exercise.


 Fri 7- 30 min cardio 30 min weight training ( with my girl friends in the pic)
Sat 8- 30 min cardio 30 min weight training
Sun 9- 2 ball hockey games
Mon 10-rest
Tues 11-30 min weights
Wed 12-rest
Thur 13- hour and a half drop in hockey and didn’t time it, but probably an hour at the dog park

Fri 14- 1 hour sculpt barre class and 1 hour at the dog park

Sat 15- 1.5 drop in hockey

Sun- My 3rd HALF MARATHON, and 1st half marathon of 2014 plus 2 ball hockey games

Ok lets talk about this Half Marathon- The Hypothermic Half.

I did not training very well for this run.  The longest run I did before hand was 12k which was about 3 weeks ago? maybe longer. Jill my running buddy and I were both freaking out a bit about doing the run but both said “F it, we’ll do what we can. If we have to walk we walk”  well we finished in 2:18 (unofficial time- still need to check the official time)which is our best time to date.  The last half we ran together we did in 2:28 so we shaved about 10 minutes off.  We enjoyed a lovely brunch after. 20140218-095338.jpg

I had some calf cramping issues this run as well.  They started around the 15km mark but and would once in a while cramp, so Jill and I would walk for a bit until I could run again.  Other than this the run was great! My only other issue is I feel sick almost immediatly after I finish running, and do for most of the day. Not 100% sure what to do about that, so if anyone has any tips feel free to pass them along.



Ball Hockey Tournament

Weighed in at: 148 lbs yesterday morning.

so I’m -1lb this week

I didn’t have the greatest week but here’s what I got up to since last Friday.

Friday- 40 minute run on the treadmill – Catching up on season 3 of The Walking Dead

Saturday- 4 ball hockey games.  I was in an outdoor tournament with some friends.

Sunday- 1 last game for the outdoor tournament, and then my 2 regular ball hockey games

the rest of the week was extremely stressful and I didn’t have time to work out 😦

We were the only team with more women than men, ok there was only one other team with women. We destroyed one mens team and did very well against a young mens team- all whom were under 24 and play a high level of hockey.  We ended up only playing these 2 mens teams due to some teams not showing up as it was so cold.  Remember it was an outdoor tournament at -20 with the windchill.

some of my fav ladies
missing a few members of our team


Due to my stressful week I have still not set any monthly goals.  I didn’t work on my goal of pre-packaging food for the week, it just seems like too much right now.  I’m just trying to make sure I eat at all with this stress.  My first half marathon for the year is coming up on Feb 16 so I am off to get out for a training run as I have been slacking in that department.  I know I’m physically fit enough to, just need to up my mental game and make sure my calves don’t cramp up while running.

Have a great week!

I went for a run

I’m off every Friday with my current position at work.   This is the day I usually get all my chores for the week done, random errands, appointments and a good workout.   As I’ve mentioned I’ve signed up for a half marathon.  It’s not till February, but I am in training as I’m a tad out of running shape right now due to my lazy/un-motivational summer.  I usually deal with a few injuries when I’m training as well so the earlier I start, the earlier I can fix the injury and keep training.  Anyhow Friday I set out on a run with my bestest running partner Koda.


I was only planning on doing about 5km or so, but once we got to about 4km I took a path that led us to this great off leash forested area, where I’ve run before, but never realized was an off leash because I didn’t have Koda then.   It’s a great path because it’s not just flat.  There’s little hills and some short steeper hills.  So when I came to a bigger hill, Koda and I would run up and down it once or twice.   I also remembered there were stairs further down the path so Koda and I went to find them and did the stairs 4 times.  Ok well I did the stairs 4 times.  Koda did them 3 times and then ran to this nearby creek to get a drink while I ran the fourth time.  Then we ran back out of the forest and headed home.  In total we did 10km in just over an hour.  I really don’t care what my time is because after being sick and having issues running 5km last weekend I was worried I couldn’t’ run for more than 5km. I was also kind of worried about the half marathon I signed up for.  Thinking “shit if I’m having troubles running 5km how am I going to do 21.1?”  Well that 10k put those fears to rest.  I have weeks to train still and I have a running partner who will gladly run any time I want.  PLUS I am running the half with my old blogging partner Jill so once she’s back from a month-long trip she will also want to train with me.

Saturday Koda and I got out for a faster paced 4km run.  Still slower than I usually am, but faster than my average pace of the 10km so that’s good.  I also met up with some friends later in the day at a dog park and forgot to track how many km we walked.  Koda loves the exercise and so do I.  He really is great motivation for me to stay fit.  People keep telling me that Koda’s lost weight, put on muscle and looks great.  So I think all the running/walking we’re doing is benefiting both of us.  Now just to get the husband on board.

I’m off to play ball hockey now and then hit the dog park.  Loving my exercised filled weekends, now to get the exercise to happen after work during the weekdays.

What are you doing to be active today?

Not feeling blue

I dunno what’s got into me this half marathon.

My running bib and finisher medal

After running my first half marathon, I was almost in a fitness depression for 3 weeks right after. This time I’m motivated beyond belief. I worked out 5 times last week and logged 26.04km in runs. I started up my weight training, a mix of doing it at the gym and video’s at home when I don’t want to drive. I wasn’t able to fit in as much exercise as I wanted last week because I was at a conference and the days were packed from 7:30am-10pm but I managed a few walks at lunch time which was better than nothing! Plus I figured I’d just try to catch up this coming up week.

I also have a bit of an announcement. Some of my followers knew me from JillandNikkidowork and some of my new followers from this blog probably haven’t read about my weight loss journey besides what I’ve written about on this blog. Well, Jill and I have been in talks and we both have some new, big goals so we will be joining forces and firing up jillandnikkidowork again! so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks!

Also I’m so proud of my girlfriend Leanne, my longest standing friend since ’91 who I don’t get to see as she lives in Ontario, any who she ran her first half marathon today! Plus she ran the entire thing-amazing, as I always take walk breaks lol.  Awesome work Leanne!

They always tell you

I have this on my “Random Awesomeness” pinterest page cause that’s where I put all the things I think are funny.  This pic I think is funny because it’s so true.  I seriously try to tell everyone that I ran a half marathon, and am about to now.

It’s not that I’m bragging, it’s the fact that I seriously NEVER thought I would ever run for more than 30 minutes, and now before I turn 28, in one year I have run 2 halfs!  So I apologize if I sound like I’m bragging, but it’s more of a feeling of total accomplishment and I hope it to be more inspiring than bragging.

I want to spring back to May when I ran my first half marathon (blast from the past-it’s my past blog post)  i was beyond thrilled when I finished the race, we had trained, we had run a good race and finished before our set goal. It’s probably the proudest moment of my life, I felt more accomplished than getting my Bachelors degree in child and youth care which I’m super proud of also.

But I said in that blog post “I know I couldn’t have got through the day without Jill” which meant I couldn’t have run by myself.  I  never thought after running the first half marathon that I would ever run one alone, and that’s just what I did this time around.

I signed up so I could be the supporter for my friend Kelsey who is also working hard at losing weight.  Sadly a few weeks ago she injured her knee and her physiotherapist told her there would be no way she can even walk the race.  She told me I didn’t have to still run it, since she knew I didn’t want to run alone.  But there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to run it, even alone.

Kelsey and my parents made it out to the race to be own personal paparazzi for this race.

The sunrise right before the race was amazing. How could I not be pumped to run, when my running outfit matched the sky?!

So this will mostly be a photo blog, because My paparazzi did an amazing job!

Me(the purple blur) taking off at the Start line.
Me chatting to Kelsey as I run by. She informed me that my parents were 2 minutes away and were going to be so sad they missed me! made me laugh
running off into the distance. Fish Creek park was an awesome place to run.

Now this is when my troubles started.  I passed Kelsey, this was around km 12 I believe.  I had been running at a great pace for me.  first hour I did 9km and was on track by an hour and a half at 14km.  At km 12, I realized my left foot was very sore, more so 2 of my toes were.  It felt like I was getting a blister, but it hurt more than a usual blister that I can run though, so I kept running.  then my calf cramped, just slight which made me almost lose my footing so I had to stop and walk.  I had been walking off an on already, this wasn’t the first time but this is when it actually bothered  me to walk because I had just taken my walking break.  I realised my toes weren’t blistering they were cramping and it if I flexed them it made my calf cramp.  I tried to just keep running, but then my right calf started cramping as well! I kept running until one of my legs would cramp and then I’d walk, but my pace drastically changed and at km 16 I knew I wouldn’t make it to the finish by my goal time of 2 hours 25 minutes, which would have been about 3 minutes faster than my last run (if not better than that!) and just decided I would finish as fast as my silly legs would let me this day!

km 19, my parents and Kelsey were waiting and screaming words of encouragement as I was trying to tell them “MY CALF IS FING ME OVER” but in a nicer way than fing. They kept yelling “RUN you’re almost done” so I ran past them as best I could.

My dad met me at km 21 to take some photos, though when we looked through the camera he hadn’t captured any. It was nice though because I had to walk because of my legs and told him what was going on. He encourage me to try and run it in since it was the last km and he was jogging beside me when my right leg completed cramped, not just the flickering cramps I had been having all race.  I was standing holding my right calf, like I do in the middle of the night when my leg cramps hoping the muscle wasn’t ripping right out of me.  A racer who had already finished and was cheering people on came over and tried to help me stretch. He kept saying put your foot on the ground, I literally could not bend my heel back to put it on the ground and stretch, he forced my leg to, thank god, because there was finally some relief, but my leg was still throbbing. This nice (or creepy ,as we joked about after) man offered to rub my leg, ONLY on the calf , my dad was there watching otherwise it might have been weird.  I was able to walk, and then RUN it into the finish line!

the .1 of the 21.1 km. Running it in to the finish line.

I was handed my finishing medal and a bottle of water.  I wondered over to a curb and immediately just did calf stretches and let everyone come to me

I love sharing ridiculous photos of myself, seriously who just wants to see me smiling all the time?

and then my dad  me out!

All in all, I had a good race.  I got an email my final time was 2:41:44 which was only 13 minutes and 1 second slower than my last run.  I had said before the run I would be disappointed to not beat my time but how could I be? I just ran half marathon with leg cramps and still managed a pretty decent time with having to walk A TON!  I will remember to book a massage the day before my next race (not signed up for any YET) to get out any knots I may have hiding, and will train even harder next time.

Post Race Blues

It’s no secret since my half marathon I’ve had no motivation to get to the gym or go for a run.  I’ve been trying to convince myself to get there and some days it works others I fail.

I use my fitness pal still to track what I eat and how much I work out- some days i forget or don’t put in every meal because I don’t want to be overly obsessed when I still feel good about myself and am not overly concerned about losing more weight, though I know I’d be a bit healthier if I lost another 10 (Doctors suggestion, i swear) Anyhow I also have some online friends on myfitnesspal who really have come in handy.  I truly need support in getting over my post race blues and haven’t been sure if how lazy I’ve been is normal or if something is just wrong with me now.  Thank goodness one of my online buds told me it is totally normal, as she’s been going through the same thing after her half and sent along this totally helpful article Beating the post-race blues

In a quick summary, these post race sadness happens to new athletes and goal medal winning ones.  You spend so much time, organize your entire life around training and then all of sudden its done.  You feel a sense of loss, especially if you were training with friends or in a group as the social aspect is no longer there.  The body feels depression which is normal and is informing you it needs a break, you should still try to fit in some lighter activities and not quit completely as working out does decrees depression.

I think for myself, this article summed it all up for me perfectly.  I spent a lot of hours training with Jill, and lots on my own as well, but now that our race is over Jill isn’t running the Half Marathon that I’ve signed up for in September.  Who do I run all those long/killer runs with?  I’m running the half with Kelsey, but until the end of July she is still in NYC and when she’s back in Canada she lives 3 hours away! We have worked out an almost daily email support system to vent about our gym/running success and failures, since we both want and need the support which I’ve found helpful this week, FOR SURE, but I hope I can still get some running buddies in town in the mean time.  I know Jill will run with me, but I doubt I’ll be able to convince her to run 18kms if she doesn’t have to (it hurts!)

From this article-“People who run races don’t exercise, they train”  it gives me shivers I like that so much, I don’t know why, I just do!

so after reading this article, I’m feeling great! It really validated how I have been feeling and motivated me to get back to it, since I am back in training.   I’m actually about to head out on my first training run for the next half and all I need to do is 4km. HA that’s a joke of a run now, right?  But I’m only going to do 4k since I’m going to try even harder this time around to stick to my training schedule, plus I have a 2 hour ball hockey practice tonight so I’m training all day 🙂

Have you ever felt the post race blues? or post season blues if a team has ended?

How did you deal?

Who talked me into this?

I ran a Half Marathon today.  Holy crap, I ran a half marathon today.  I’ve got to say this is one of the proudest days of my life to date.   A year ago when I started my weight loss journey I never could have imagined that I would run more than 10km, so to have just completed a 10k and then this 21.1km run is almost unbelievable!  I’m going to talk through pictures a bit on this one.

Jill and I before the race.

It was a beautiful morning in Canmore, a tad on the chilly side, but sunny and full of potential.  Just like Jill and I.  We posed for some glamor shots and made sure our race bibs were on (moved them to our thighs after this picture was taken) and all of a sudden it was time to start.

We have no starting pictures, or at least I don’t as my bubbly little Mama was in charge of our camera and as I told my friend Jen yesterday, she is no good at photography.  I give my mom a hard time about everything, in a loving daughter way, so for her to then meet us across the parking lot, to get a starting photo, and for me to yell “Mom your camera is OFF” just made me laugh.  After that it seems she figured out the on button and how to work the rest of the camera machine.

around the 5/6k mark

We weren’t sure if Mike (Jill’s Fiance) and my Mom would know where to find us on the run, but they appeared out of no where it seemed and somehow knew exactly when we would be coming up to a good place for them to snap some quick photos of us.  They would yell encouraging words and we needed no cues to act like the Ridiculously Photogenic Runner and plaster smiles on our faces.  No we actually probably were smiling most of the time, for real it was a fabulous day any how it was kind of cool to have paparazzi for a day.

Those are some pretty photogenic ladies, if I do say-so myself

We ran amazing well, with no issues until  we couldn’t find the 12km marker.  Now it’s not that we couldn’t find it because we went of track or anything but 10 and 11 km’s seemed extra close together and after running for what felt like 30 minutes we finally came across the 12km mark.  It had to have been at least 2km between 11 and 12.  We went up a hill and then another hill and then there was this dragging flat spot and then  another hill and then a slight down hill and on and on.  I’m just glad they had Gatorade at the 12km cause I was gonna hurt someone.  This might have been when I asked Jill “who talked me into this race?” and then we laughed and kept running.

How could you not enjoy the day, when that’s the view you had while you ran!?

We managed to keep running our 10 minutes and walking a 1 until we got to Spray Lakes trail or about 16km. This is when we decided that we were running about as fast as we could walk uphill so why not walk the hills, then run on the flat or tiny downhills. We did this until could see the finish line and said ok lets run it in.

Crossing the finish! Best feeling ever!

There was no way I could sprint it in to the finish line today.  I was spent.  We did pick our speed up as much as we could but I was already so happy with finishing this race that I didn’t care to push it to the max.  My knees are sore (Jill’s too) and a tad swollen, Jill has a nasty blister in between some toes and I think my foot is a bit swollen as well, but who cares “enjoy your pain, you earned it”  as quoted on one of the km markers during the race.

Over all today was awesome.  We had a ton of support from all our friends and family.  I also keep calling this my first Half Marathon as I am about to sign up for my 2nd-Harvest Half Marathon, to support my friend and fellow blogger Kelsey.  I know I couldn’t have gotten through today with out Jill so I have to support Kelsey and celebrate in her first Half Marathon victory.

Where’s all my motivation?

So I’ve been having trouble blogging lately.   Last year when I started blogging, I looked forward to doing it every few days.  It kept me accountable and on task.  Well I’m still accountable and on task of training for my half marathon but I haven’t being doing weight training as I’ve focuses solely on running to prep for the Half and I actually, and hate to say it, haven’t been eating well at all lately.

So I am going to get on blogging more.  I don’t want to give my daily meals or calorie intake, I don’t know if anyone cares if I consumed 1400 calories or not, but when I eat clean I’m going to mention it, or if I make a healthy delicious meal I’m going to post pictures and a recipe.  I guess I’ve been feeling busier than I was this time last year as I also have 3 jobs again.  This time last year I only had the one.  I work full-time as a youth worker, relief as a youth worker and then I also score keep for my hockey league.   I am going to make a huge effort for June, since May’s schedule are already out, to not work more than 60 hours a week and go weird in the head.  I’m feeling ADHD this morning even so please forgive me when I jump from topic to topic and my paragraphs are all over the place.

Any who, my motivation… one minute I’m in HIGH gear ready to work out for 8 hours straight, the next second I’m on the couch with chips.  I usually am a bit more motivated this time of year, but I think it has do with not having a yard yet.  Ryan and I just moved into our home in September and they have not yet completed our landscaping.  They are currently just building on one side of our house as well


the corner house on the left is mine but that’s what my yard looks like, dirt and construction

 I’m used to being out in the yard weeding, watering, raking.. you get the point and then going for a bike ride/walk/run… again you get the point.  I feel a little uncomfortable being outside right now as there are about 50 men a day at least working on my street.    I still have this sense of being watched and judged all the time, i hate feeling like that.  I also hate that I think that these men who are working are all stopping to check me out and judge me.  Wait, do you think that they are? just kidding.  I don’t really know get why it’s so uncomfortable for me, a few of the men have chit chatted with me about how nice a day it is blah blah blah when I’m on the deck doing some spring cleaning or bbqing and they’re just regular guys, so whats my issue?   I dunno. I’ll think about it and get back to you

Here’s a list of things that should be overly motivating:

  •  I am getting married in less than a year on a BEACH!  BIKINI body is a must.
  •  I am possibly running another half marathon in September with Life as I Know it Author Kelsey.  She has bravely already signed up, and I am being scared and waiting until this half marathon on sat is over.
  • Someone suggested trying a Tri-Triatholon but I truly hate swimming and don’t think the competitive me would be happy about being a slow swimmer in a race.

Other motivation,

  • I would still like to lose some weight and tone my muscles back to where they were when I was seeing my trainer Danielle twice a week.
  • My work wants me to recert my Lifeguarding certificate so that we can take our kids place… back to the “I hate swimming”, yes I was a lifeguard a few years ago.  I CAN swim it’s just I’d prefer to wade in the water and play water games than do laps and rescue people.
  • I want to continue living a healthier lifestyle.  I have more energy, sleep better, feel better when I eat better and work out.
What motivates you to stay healthy or get healthier?
-Next week weeks goals
Get up at 8:30 and be at the gym by 9 to do a warm up and weights.  If I work till 9, I will go from work to the gym.  I will do an hour of weights/routine that Danielle kicked my ass with.
Continue doing my 50 push ups a day- I did them, or made them up on the days it slipped my mind and usually made me want to do some dips, sit ups or just work out so that’s a positive.