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Needed sometime to decide what’s happening in 2014

I needed a break from blogging.  So I have not posted since November.

I have missed it though, so I am back.

I still do not have time to blog as much as I used to so I’ve decided that once a week at some-point between Friday-Sundy I will post.

I needed a break from Nov-till now because I wasn’t in the right state of mind to be working out consistently and paying close attention to what I was eating.  Not that I was going hard on Christmas cookies, cause I didn’t and I didn’t put on any weight over Christmas!  Life just got busy.

I have still been visiting with my nutritionist to discuss what I’m eating, when I’m eating, how to stay motivated etc.  And I have a goal to be down to 148 (on her scale) by Feb 15.  I had jumped back up to 153 before I went on my trip in November so I figured 5lbs is a reasonable goal for just over a month and if I can do lose more than I will.  I say on her scale because there’s a 3lb difference when I weigh in at home compared to her scale.  I could also be that I’m not naked in her office weighing in but that’s ok.

My current health/fitness goals for 2014:

1) Get down to 135 by December 2014- taking this nice and slow because I think the slower I do it the easier it will be to maintain when I get to my goal weight.

2) Run 3 half marathons- I’m signed up for one in feb, signing up for the Lulu-lemon Sea Wheeze in Vancouver and have plans to do one in chicago with a girlfriend but I’m not sure I can make it anymore so I will look at possibly doing another one in Edmonton or make another trip out of one.

3) Get good at meal planning, cooking and pre-packaging- I want to make sure that I have healthy snacks to grab at all times, but also breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  So whether I plan out my meals for a week and cook them all over the weekend or just at least have breakfasts and lunches ready to go I haven’t decided what will work.  I think it will take some trail and error.

Here’s how I plan on reaching some of these goals:

My friends are amazingly supportive. THANK GOD for them! If you’ve follow my blog you know I play on a women’s ball hockey team. My gf Steph (who’s on my ball hockey team) has been making me come to drop-in ball hockey on Saturdays & Wednesdays and any other night that I’m free and drop-in people need a sub.  Steph has also made me join another women’s ball hockey team that is in a lower division than our ball hockey team so that I can work on my stick handling and fitness.

I’m in the white helmet (not the goalie)

Jen and Emma (who you should remember from previous blogs) are also into the ball hockey scene with us.  They also got a dog around the same time that I did so we spend a lot of time at the dog park with our furbabies who are also BFF’s so going for walks and runs with our dogs is one of our fav ways to hang out now.  except that it’s been -40 WAY TOO OFTEN this stupid winter.

Koda attacking Penny. Swear on my life they are just playing!


SOOOO I play at least a minimum of 4 hours of ball hockey a week right now. I will continue to do this throughout 2014.

I will be weighing in on Friday mornings, so I will post my weight with my weekly blog.

I weighed in yesterday at 149 (my scale)

I will also post what exercise/activities I’ve done for the week.

I’m sure I will come up with monthly goals as well but I really just wanted to get a post out there.  I am off to an outdoor ball hockey tournament, have 4 games today and who knows how many tomorrow before my 2 league games! Wish me luck!



I went for a run

I’m off every Friday with my current position at work.   This is the day I usually get all my chores for the week done, random errands, appointments and a good workout.   As I’ve mentioned I’ve signed up for a half marathon.  It’s not till February, but I am in training as I’m a tad out of running shape right now due to my lazy/un-motivational summer.  I usually deal with a few injuries when I’m training as well so the earlier I start, the earlier I can fix the injury and keep training.  Anyhow Friday I set out on a run with my bestest running partner Koda.


I was only planning on doing about 5km or so, but once we got to about 4km I took a path that led us to this great off leash forested area, where I’ve run before, but never realized was an off leash because I didn’t have Koda then.   It’s a great path because it’s not just flat.  There’s little hills and some short steeper hills.  So when I came to a bigger hill, Koda and I would run up and down it once or twice.   I also remembered there were stairs further down the path so Koda and I went to find them and did the stairs 4 times.  Ok well I did the stairs 4 times.  Koda did them 3 times and then ran to this nearby creek to get a drink while I ran the fourth time.  Then we ran back out of the forest and headed home.  In total we did 10km in just over an hour.  I really don’t care what my time is because after being sick and having issues running 5km last weekend I was worried I couldn’t’ run for more than 5km. I was also kind of worried about the half marathon I signed up for.  Thinking “shit if I’m having troubles running 5km how am I going to do 21.1?”  Well that 10k put those fears to rest.  I have weeks to train still and I have a running partner who will gladly run any time I want.  PLUS I am running the half with my old blogging partner Jill so once she’s back from a month-long trip she will also want to train with me.

Saturday Koda and I got out for a faster paced 4km run.  Still slower than I usually am, but faster than my average pace of the 10km so that’s good.  I also met up with some friends later in the day at a dog park and forgot to track how many km we walked.  Koda loves the exercise and so do I.  He really is great motivation for me to stay fit.  People keep telling me that Koda’s lost weight, put on muscle and looks great.  So I think all the running/walking we’re doing is benefiting both of us.  Now just to get the husband on board.

I’m off to play ball hockey now and then hit the dog park.  Loving my exercised filled weekends, now to get the exercise to happen after work during the weekdays.

What are you doing to be active today?

A Reliable Running Partner

I started my half marathon training on saturday. Got my long run in, which was just a nice little 7km. Took me a little longer than I like because I brought along my slightly distracting running partner






He’s my best bud. My husband and I adopted him back in May. He’s my most reliable running partner because he thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and would jump through a window to get out for a quick run (he did that). He’s my distracted running partner because he’s a brat who likes to mark his territory, everywhere. When I’m in full run mode and pretty much forgotten that there is a dog attached to me, he brings me back to reality by stopping, which in turn pulls on the leash which is clipped onto my leggings. He’s ripped a hole in my lulu’s!

Any who for me getting a big dog was another excuse for more exercise. So even though I have been slacking over the past few months at working out, I have walked my dog every Mon-Thurs before work for at least 30 minutes. I also hit up the dog parks and stroll around and tend to run Koda on Saturdays. He as been a great addition to the family for me as I see him as a huge supporter in my running habit. I don’t think he’ll be able to do the longer runs when they are longer than 10k but I guess if he trains with me, he might! I’ll keep you all posted on Koda’s half marathon training as well as mine.

Goals, Goals, Goals, ok just one goal

I’ve been lazy.  I’ve put on a few pounds.  My clothes are tighter.  I feel tired, sluggish, slightly depressed and out of shape.

It’s time to stop with the excuses and get my ass in gear.



1)Half Marathon Feb 2014.  I am on the watch for when the sign up opens so that I can a) pay the early bird fee and b) make sure I actually sign up.   I know my body and I have to train for a half marathon, so this will force me to get out and do it.  If it’s “too cold” or I don’t feel like leaving the house I have a treadmill. NO EXCUSES!

I start my training for this half tomorrow.

Training will look something like this:

Sunday-  short steady run (3-6k depending on  which week of my training I’m in)

Monday’s- rest day (i work at 14 hour day so perfect day to rest)

Tuesday- Temp/Fartlek training (4-10k depending on how far in the schedule I am)

Wednesday-Hills/Stairs (3-9k you get the idea I’m sure)

Thursday-Steady 4-8

Friday/Sat- rest or LONG run 7-24km (depending on what I have going on over the weekend I will change-up the rest day and long run day.

Sunday’s I also play hockey so I didn’t want to do a long run on those days as I’ll need my legs later in the day!

I am also planning something fun with Out Running the Fat Kid once she gets settled from moving and starting a new job, so there will be many a blog posts to come.

Follow through

I finally finished updating my post 30 days active June. I was not 100% successful at being active 30 days but I did work out 19 of them which is 5 days a week minus weekends and one day.  I think I might try 31  days active august in hopes to set that goal and actually reach it.

I say this because I haven’t been following through on many of the goals I set lately.

Here’s the list of excuses I’ve come up with that have been stopping me:

Laziness, fear of failure and success, not wanting to do it alone, more laziness, over eating, some pain, extreme heat

ALL are excuses

I’m ok when I don’t succeed and meeting a goal cause sometimes I can’t do everything I’ve planned or worked hard at, but it’s the fact that I haven’t been trying that gets me right pissed at myself.

How do you convince yourself to follow through?

I found I had more follow through when I set a weekly goal or 2 that assisted me in working towards a final goal.  I said I was coming up with a new plan to work towards, so here it is.

1)Reach my goal weight of 140 pounds by October 20, 2012- I had this as my goal weight last year and was off by 10 pounds.  I feel good at my 150lb weight but know that I’d feel ever better with those last 10lbs off.

2) Run a 5km, 10km, and Half Marathon Race by October 20, 2012- the easy part is the Half Marathon I am already signed up for.  Now to find a 5 and 10, hoping to find a 10km in Nova Scotia the week of Sept 19-25 so if you know of one let me in on it!

3)Mondays-weigh in, take weigh in photo (to see results that will be posted in October) and come up with a new week-long challenge/goal.  such as going to a new class, running so many kms cooking something new whatever idea I come up with or steal from others 🙂

I will weigh in on monday and post my measurements.

Here’s a list of some things I’m going to do to get past my excuses and work towards these goals, cause really I have my own wedding to attend in April and look top-notch for, so it’s time to stop being a slacky slackerson.

  • I will see if any of my running buddies can run, I made a list of them all (Aline, Jill, Jen, Emma, Stacy, Jocelyn,Ryan and Margaret.  Anyone else want to be added to that list? you let me know)

    This is Margaret. Cute, huh?
    She’s not mine but when I dog sit, she runs 10ks with me. run your weight in distance… nah I’ll run Margaret’s weight in distance though
  • Ryan has offered to run (starting out) 10km a week with me, so two 5kms a week! that’s a huge commitment from him! BUT he also suggested (I know right, he suggested!) that we pick out a Looneyspoons recipe and cook one each week! woo to healthy meals!
  • Keep track of my workouts on my handy-dandy Positive Reinforcement chart.
Positive Reinforcement-aka my calendar
I’m like a kid, what can I say. I put a sticker up when I work out.
  • I still use myfitnespal to count calories and track my workouts as well.  I have found the online support helpful as well.
  • I play ball hockey but we are in between seasons right now, I will be playing as soon as it starts up again in the fall AND I’ve decided to play basketball again! so this fall I’ll be joining my old team that I played with when I was overweight and seeing just how much better I play now that 30lbs is off my body!   Also going to start going to drop in ball hockey on Tuesday nights again, I just needed a break to try to clear up the last of my blisters

    gross I know but OUCH my feet were really bad there for a while. I found my orthodics (sound like an 80-year-old yet) and my feet have cleared up nicely. and Finally 2 toe nails fell off from my first Half Marathon What a treat!

30 Days Active June

I joined a group on myfitnesspal in order to help keep me motivated this month.  30 Days Active June.  Here’s what the plan is: Our goal is to do something active every single day in June for 30 minutes or more. If that means jumping up and down or pacing around the house for half an hour just before bed, because the day got away from us, that’s what we’ll do. Any activity will do, we do it all. Not every day has to be a marathon; every little bit more you move your body moves your body closer to goal.

I am going to keep a running tally and update this post every few days with what I’ve done to stay active

June 1- Walked with Ryan around our neighbourhood and to get some groceries

June 2- Play On Ball Hockey Tournament.  My lovely team the “Street Beavers” played 3 games

June 3- Play on Ball Hockey Tournament.  Street Beavers played another 3 games which took us to the FINALS, which we lost to a very skilled team.  Then we made our (our being the Street Beavers, who play for Mish Mash) way to our ball hockey league game where we took the victory in a shoot out (which by the way was won by Emma who scored her first goal this season and it was in a shoot out! I’m jealous of her made skills)

June 4- 30 minute walk around the neighbourhood, since it was a “rest day”.  Also went to physio where I had dry needling acupuncture done on my calves.  I’ve had it before but today was the worst, just click on that link and read the technique section and you might get the squirms. I think my heart rate was elevated enough that I got a 15 minute workout in while the needles were in my legs.  I know I sweat as much as I would during a work out.

June 5- I worked, but had arranged to take one of my boys from work to drop in ball hockey for our recreational night.  we stayed for an hour and a half, got a great work out in and now all 3 of my boys all want to go!

June 6- got my butt to the gym.  my knees have been hurting so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did 30 minutes of weight training, mostly on arms.  In the evening Ryan and I went for an hour and a half walk

June 7- had a really off day but my wonderful hubby to be walked with me for 30 minutes to make sure I got my time in

June 8- Went for an 8.68km run/walk.  My right knee is giving a super hard time when I run long distance right now so I’m not to concerned about how long it takes me just as long as I do the work, but it took just under an hour which isn’t to far from my old pace.  I did a longer run because I’m in week one of training for my next half marathon and missed all the short runs this week.

June 9– I only fit in a 30 minute walk

June 10 – This is one of those days I missed due to drinking too much the night before.  I don’t drink very often for this reason.

June 11- 1 hour walk

June 12- 30 minute walk and 2 hours of drop in ball hockey (I was grumpy today and didn’t find ball hockey fun because of how shitty I was playing)

June 13- 5.45km run and a 15 minute Nike Fit back workout

June 14- Skipped this day 😦

June 15- Skipped this day 😦

June 16- 30 minutes of yard work at work

June 17- 8km run and ball hockey game (first time I’ve scored 2 goals in a game, but we lost)

June 18-Apparently I was lazy this day

June 19- 5km (1 hour) walk to learn more path in my neighbourhood

June 20- Just a quick 20 minute (3km) run and some abs/arms in the living room

June 21-Ball hockey game

June 22- got lazy

June 23- was lazy

June 24- Ball Hockey game

June 25- Worked  a 16 hour day so I didn’t have time to workout 😦

June 26- 5km run with Aline

June 27- again, lazy

June 28- 30 minute 4.32km walk/run and Ball Hockey game

June 29- one last lazy day

June 30- Beach day! spent the day at Wabamun lake playing in the water and playing moon ball (to be shown in a later post)

She said I’d be hooked

It’s official, I am doing another Half Marathon.  I mentioned that I was going to run in September with my friend Kelsey and I signed up last night.  I’m also hoping our mutual BFF and blogger Jen follows through on her text word and fixes her knees up to run with us.  I’m also hoping her wife and my other BFF, Emma will join us.  I talked both Jen and Em into joining my hockey team so how hard could it be to talk them into running a Half Marathon in just over 4 months??? wish me luck.  I’m other BFF, Megan, said she’s going to start running with her hubby so that she can run the 10km mothers day run next year, so I’ll do that with her as well!  so many BFF’s to talk about!

My girlfriend Sam told me that I would be hooked once I ran the first half marathon, although I am not hooked on how my knees felt during the last 5km I am hooked on how amazing I felt on saturday.  I have signed up for a second half, I don’t know if I’ll do more after that, I’ll see how the training goes this summer, how that race is and how my body (mostly knees and hips) feel after.  I do however think I am hooked on running 10 and 5k races and seeing just how fast I can get.  I’ve already started collecting my race bibs and putting them on display in order to help motivate me… and just cause it’s pretty cool, and will be even more so once it’s filled.

I am going to take a few days off from just running, I will be active in the mean time.  Sunday the day after the half marathon I had a ball hockey game, yesterday I did a Bob Harper video, which, is WAY harder than I expected and I’m happy about cause it’s an hour-long decent workout I can do in my living room, and today I’m hitting up the gym before work to do some strength training.

This weeks goals:

1) fit in just 15km of running.  I might do a 10km and a 5km or 3, 5km’s I dunno yet! see how the week goes.

2) Hit the gym-I’m doing weight training 2-3x a week from now on.

3)Visit the driving range-I love me some golf, even though I’m not so good at it.  Practice makes perfect right?

Who talked me into this?

I ran a Half Marathon today.  Holy crap, I ran a half marathon today.  I’ve got to say this is one of the proudest days of my life to date.   A year ago when I started my weight loss journey I never could have imagined that I would run more than 10km, so to have just completed a 10k and then this 21.1km run is almost unbelievable!  I’m going to talk through pictures a bit on this one.

Jill and I before the race.

It was a beautiful morning in Canmore, a tad on the chilly side, but sunny and full of potential.  Just like Jill and I.  We posed for some glamor shots and made sure our race bibs were on (moved them to our thighs after this picture was taken) and all of a sudden it was time to start.

We have no starting pictures, or at least I don’t as my bubbly little Mama was in charge of our camera and as I told my friend Jen yesterday, she is no good at photography.  I give my mom a hard time about everything, in a loving daughter way, so for her to then meet us across the parking lot, to get a starting photo, and for me to yell “Mom your camera is OFF” just made me laugh.  After that it seems she figured out the on button and how to work the rest of the camera machine.

around the 5/6k mark

We weren’t sure if Mike (Jill’s Fiance) and my Mom would know where to find us on the run, but they appeared out of no where it seemed and somehow knew exactly when we would be coming up to a good place for them to snap some quick photos of us.  They would yell encouraging words and we needed no cues to act like the Ridiculously Photogenic Runner and plaster smiles on our faces.  No we actually probably were smiling most of the time, for real it was a fabulous day any how it was kind of cool to have paparazzi for a day.

Those are some pretty photogenic ladies, if I do say-so myself

We ran amazing well, with no issues until  we couldn’t find the 12km marker.  Now it’s not that we couldn’t find it because we went of track or anything but 10 and 11 km’s seemed extra close together and after running for what felt like 30 minutes we finally came across the 12km mark.  It had to have been at least 2km between 11 and 12.  We went up a hill and then another hill and then there was this dragging flat spot and then  another hill and then a slight down hill and on and on.  I’m just glad they had Gatorade at the 12km cause I was gonna hurt someone.  This might have been when I asked Jill “who talked me into this race?” and then we laughed and kept running.

How could you not enjoy the day, when that’s the view you had while you ran!?

We managed to keep running our 10 minutes and walking a 1 until we got to Spray Lakes trail or about 16km. This is when we decided that we were running about as fast as we could walk uphill so why not walk the hills, then run on the flat or tiny downhills. We did this until could see the finish line and said ok lets run it in.

Crossing the finish! Best feeling ever!

There was no way I could sprint it in to the finish line today.  I was spent.  We did pick our speed up as much as we could but I was already so happy with finishing this race that I didn’t care to push it to the max.  My knees are sore (Jill’s too) and a tad swollen, Jill has a nasty blister in between some toes and I think my foot is a bit swollen as well, but who cares “enjoy your pain, you earned it”  as quoted on one of the km markers during the race.

Over all today was awesome.  We had a ton of support from all our friends and family.  I also keep calling this my first Half Marathon as I am about to sign up for my 2nd-Harvest Half Marathon, to support my friend and fellow blogger Kelsey.  I know I couldn’t have gotten through today with out Jill so I have to support Kelsey and celebrate in her first Half Marathon victory.