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Where did the week go?


How is it Friday and I haven’t accomplished most of what I wanted to do?

I have worn my heart rate monitor for half the time when I’ve worked out.  I played drop in ball hockey the other night and totally forgot that, that in fact would be 2 hours of exercise.  The only thing is I don’t always trust about my heart rate monitor is the calorie burn.  I don’t believe some of the calories burnt.  When I ran 13km today my monitor said I burnt calories about 1200 calories,  mapmyrun said I burnt 808 and endomondo said I burnt 1015, so which do I go with? I tend to go with the lowest calorie burn so that those are “extra” calories I’ve burnt.

I haven’t even ran this week until today.  I’m a bit of a weather wimp (here come my excuses) and don’t like running in the rain.  I seem to get more blisters when my feet are wet in my shoes. If it was the actually race day I would suck it up and do it.  I could go to the gym and run on the treadmill but, one more excuse, gah who wants to run inside when its summer? and I now have a working treadmill at home thanks to my girl Jen and her awesome Grandma who didn’t want hers anymore (thanks Nan).   So I’ll say it. I haven’t followed through. why the frick is that? I have exercised and done weights but not as planned or as I set out for myself.  WHY CAN’T I FOLLOW THROUGH?  I did 13km instead of 14 because my right knee is acting up again.  I actually had to walk a fair amount to-day and I figured cutting 1km wouldn’t kill my training considering I HAVEN’T RAN ALL WEEK, at least I’m getting the long run in this week. When I was training for the last half marathon I didn’t really start doing the longer runs until we got to 18km mark so I figure if I can keep up with the long runs my body will start getting used to the pain a bit more, and I’m doing some exercises from physio to work on my runners knee.

a measuring tape / tape measure Polski: centym...
Measure me!

I did follow through on getting my measurements so here they are compared to October 2011 when I did the final weigh in: I was gonna get all fancy with a chart but just don’t have time! so maybe at the end weigh in I will

Oct 2012                      July 2012

Weight: 154 lbs        Weight: 152 lbs

Beciep: 11                    Beciep: 11 

Chest: 37                      Chest: 38

Waist: 32                     Waist: 31

Abs: 37                          Abs: 37

Hips: 40                        Hips: 42

Thigh: 27                       Thigh: 23.1/2 

Calf: 15                           Calf: 15

The only area I never really am sure about is the thigh.  There’s no way my thigh is that small, well the section she measured is but not the part I want to be!  I just think that asking to go any higher would be kind of creepy.

Hey can you measure a little higher? Ps- this is not me!

When I was measured at the end of October I was in the middle of training with a personal trainer.  I’m not disappointed with my measurements now, they’re all within easy reach of the October ones, the same or better.  My hips at the only thing that, not bug me but, i guess make me want to get down and dirty doing squats.  I really think that because I haven’t been doing my at least 2x a week weight training I am jiggly and not as toned/tight as I was in the fall. So I need to use this as motivation to get my butt in gear! I am actually considering going back to work with my trainer for 12 sessions as I really enjoy when I work out with her.

Hope you all have a happy last weekend of July!



check up

I figured an end of the week check in/up/out whatever you want to call it would be appropriate.

Monday-did 50 push ups which also lead to 30 dips.  not gonna lie I ate way to much dinner.  It’s a good thing my lovely roomie is moving back home, not because she was a bad roomie but because she and I are much to dangerous with food together.  I have no will power when that girls around!

Tuesday-I did some stretches before bed but still slept like crap waking up 2 hours before my alarm and not being able to fall asleep.  Don’t worry I was productive learning about who the first Canadian Bachelor is, Pinning a few randomly awesome things and updating twitter account to complain about my #tiredness.  I went for a 5km run-my fastest time so far 26.5mintues I even stopped to walk every km 🙂   I then went to drop in ball hockey with Ryan and his boys and a few ladies from my team.  We played for just over 2 hours, so not a bad day in calorie burn.

Wednesday-Rest day.  I was extremely sore from all the exercise the day before I felt as though I did weights, yet all i did was run and practice my shot.  I also went wedding dress shopping and man was it a work out.  when there’s no sales associate to help you take it off the rack/bag and zip into and all that it’s quite challenging, I should have worn my heart rate monitor.

Thursday- ball hockey game and my 50 push ups

Friday-Taking a rest day but I’ve done 25 of my 50 push ups so far. Today is when I realised I forgot to do my push ups on tues and wed so I will make them up today only 125 more left to do today.  I do them in 25’s so it won’t take long

Plans for

Saturday-I’m hoping some girlfriends will want to get together and practice ball at a park… or I’ll just go for a 5k run if not.

Sunday- My first 10km race and ball hockey

I went to the chiropractor this am and all he needed to adjust were me knees! so that’s a huge improvement from previous times.  I’ll post on monday about the 10km! Have a fantastic weekend.