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God’s playground

I went on another HIKE!!!!

I was so happy to be hiking I jumped for joy… nah I would have done a jump shot even if I wasn’t hiking, they’re classic.

Nihahi Creek Trail

I went home to visit my parents, see a few friends and truly the number one thing on my list was to go for a hike.  My dad took the day off work and we decided to do an easier hike since I had to drive home after and my knees where really bugging me that day so we did this Nihahi Creek.  I have done this hike so many times I couldn’t tell you how many fingers I’d need to count.  It’s a flat walk on an easy trail for about an hour and a bit and then finally you get to go up hill for all of about 20 minutes (tops) but it’s so worth it to get to the top and find “God’s Playground” or the creek bed.

My Dad


So today is also weigh in day and I’m just gonna say I knew it wasn’t gonna be good, because Ryan and I had his mom and step dad’s 50th birthday party.  Which meant so much food and booze (man do I love beer, damn it) and not nearly enough exercise.  I did manage to get Ry to run 5km with me on Saturday before the party but it didn’t help me out too much on the scale this week

Current weight: 149 lbs

so that’s+3 lbs, but truly I’m not to worried.  I’m under 150 still which is always the struggle and back to my actual calorie counting today so I’m feeling good. I’m working day shift for the next 2 weeks which might make me struggle with the working out part of my life as I tend to wake up between 8-9am and then workout anywhere between 9am-2pm, but right now I’m working during those hours and THEN have plans most days after work, but trying to make them semi active plans at least not just plans to eat.  Go me!  does anyone else struggle with fitting in workouts around their work hours?

I got fat because I was too lazy to get up when I worked 9-5, and then to tired to workout after work.  It was an excuse of course, but I find it much easier on my shift work schedule to actually work out.  BUT since I’m only doing this 9-5 thing for 2 weeks I’m going to get up at 7am and run for minimum 30 minutes before I have to get ready for work and then do my long run on Friday morning when I’m off.


I love a good up hill

I woke up early and spent 8 hours thinking about all the things I should be doing and stressing about going back to work in the evening, so Obviously I had no time yesterday to write my post.  I did weigh in and here’s the results

Current weight: 150lbs

so I’m down 1lb again this week.  slowly but surely this fat’s a coming off!

This is the weight I get to and think that it’s time to stuff my gullet with more food, you know, since I’m working out so much I have to eat more? what a fool eh, I’m feeling pretty tough today (and for the rest of life) about drinking 3Liters of water instead of stuffing my face so cross your fingers for me.

Ok so the weekend…

Ryan, my dad and I set out on a quick day hike of Jonhson’s Canyon (which turns into the ink pots) which is an extremely busy tourist hike.  Not so Heavenly

There are two falls on the hike, the lower falls

me and my beau -Ruan (that’s his Mexican name for our Mexican wedding) at the lower falls

and the higher falls

Higher falls- oooh, ahhhh

and then if you keep hiking you reach the ink pots.

some say it’s not worth checking out since it’s a long “hard” walk. I think it’s pretty neat.

The lower falls are so busy that it’s not the nicest of hikes, but the view is nice.  Once you get past the mass crowds it’s not as bad but the walk up to the ink pots is best as there is hardly anyone.

Classic Jump Shot

We did it in 3 hours, 2 hours up (stupid crowds) and 1 hour down.  We argued the enter way down about which is better. Uphill or downhill.  Ryan prefers down where as I prefer a good uphill.  I love when I’m hiking and I feel just how strong I am.  I love that my legs can carry me and carry me as fast as they do.  I love the feeling of being out of breath from a good uphill climb.  I’m right and Ryan is whiny tard, gotcha babe.

I don’t like downhills because it’s hard on the knees!

Anywho,we motored on the way down as we were all hungry for dinner  even after pigging out on jerky, protein bars and M&M snack mix that my mom had picked up on her last trip to America.

Salty and Sweet- shit 2 of my fav things in one beautiful bag.
this bag = a part of my heaven

Ryan and I hiked last summer, one quick hike called Grassi Lakes (which is extremely easy and like an hour tops when you stop to look and take photos) but other than that I haven’t really hiked with Ryan.  Ryan said this hike was little much for him…. I may have laughed in his face at him.  too much? it’s rated as EASY in the hiking books! BUT I use to hike every summer and lead kids on a few backpacking trips so I reminded myself to only laugh for a few moments in his sweet face.  Just wait till I surprise him with a backpacking trip where he has to carry all his gear and walk at least 15 a day for a few days… makes me smile thinking about his look of shock.  I’ll try to have a camera ready for that.  PS finished my 3L of water already!