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Weigh in day 2: Is it a positive or a positive?

Weighed in this morning and it’s one of those positive negative positive situations. How every you choose to look at it.

Weighted in at 159.2

so that’s down -.06 lb

So that’s POSITIVE, but it’s not the 1lb goal I have set for each week which is negative, BUT means I will be paying (a measly) $25 towards my lady’s shrinking debt.   so that’s still a positive in my mind as I still lost some weight and we’re getting rid of her debt.

I’m still really happy with my weight loss. I had another BUSY week working a little too much between my 2 jobs.  I stuck to my diet except for one evening had a larger snack and a treat, but shit. I was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and feeling like crap about it so I can’t even feel bad this week!

I only got 2 runs in this week totally 7.88km, but both were faster times than the last few times I ran so there’s another positive.

Koda leading the way on one of our runs.


My plan for the next week:

Friday- Training with Laura

Saturday- Training with Laura and short run 4-5km run in the river valley

Sunday- Longer Run with Koda  and Soccer game

Monday- I work 15 hours no planned workout

Tuesday- Spin class (unless I work late) or Gym night

Wednesday- Basketball game

Thursday- short run before work with Koda as I work LATE

My running goal for this week since I didn’t meet last weeks is to run a total of 15km. Very doable!


Ball Hockey Tournament

Weighed in at: 148 lbs yesterday morning.

so I’m -1lb this week

I didn’t have the greatest week but here’s what I got up to since last Friday.

Friday- 40 minute run on the treadmill – Catching up on season 3 of The Walking Dead

Saturday- 4 ball hockey games.  I was in an outdoor tournament with some friends.

Sunday- 1 last game for the outdoor tournament, and then my 2 regular ball hockey games

the rest of the week was extremely stressful and I didn’t have time to work out 😦

We were the only team with more women than men, ok there was only one other team with women. We destroyed one mens team and did very well against a young mens team- all whom were under 24 and play a high level of hockey.  We ended up only playing these 2 mens teams due to some teams not showing up as it was so cold.  Remember it was an outdoor tournament at -20 with the windchill.

some of my fav ladies
missing a few members of our team


Due to my stressful week I have still not set any monthly goals.  I didn’t work on my goal of pre-packaging food for the week, it just seems like too much right now.  I’m just trying to make sure I eat at all with this stress.  My first half marathon for the year is coming up on Feb 16 so I am off to get out for a training run as I have been slacking in that department.  I know I’m physically fit enough to, just need to up my mental game and make sure my calves don’t cramp up while running.

Have a great week!

I went for a run

I’m off every Friday with my current position at work.   This is the day I usually get all my chores for the week done, random errands, appointments and a good workout.   As I’ve mentioned I’ve signed up for a half marathon.  It’s not till February, but I am in training as I’m a tad out of running shape right now due to my lazy/un-motivational summer.  I usually deal with a few injuries when I’m training as well so the earlier I start, the earlier I can fix the injury and keep training.  Anyhow Friday I set out on a run with my bestest running partner Koda.


I was only planning on doing about 5km or so, but once we got to about 4km I took a path that led us to this great off leash forested area, where I’ve run before, but never realized was an off leash because I didn’t have Koda then.   It’s a great path because it’s not just flat.  There’s little hills and some short steeper hills.  So when I came to a bigger hill, Koda and I would run up and down it once or twice.   I also remembered there were stairs further down the path so Koda and I went to find them and did the stairs 4 times.  Ok well I did the stairs 4 times.  Koda did them 3 times and then ran to this nearby creek to get a drink while I ran the fourth time.  Then we ran back out of the forest and headed home.  In total we did 10km in just over an hour.  I really don’t care what my time is because after being sick and having issues running 5km last weekend I was worried I couldn’t’ run for more than 5km. I was also kind of worried about the half marathon I signed up for.  Thinking “shit if I’m having troubles running 5km how am I going to do 21.1?”  Well that 10k put those fears to rest.  I have weeks to train still and I have a running partner who will gladly run any time I want.  PLUS I am running the half with my old blogging partner Jill so once she’s back from a month-long trip she will also want to train with me.

Saturday Koda and I got out for a faster paced 4km run.  Still slower than I usually am, but faster than my average pace of the 10km so that’s good.  I also met up with some friends later in the day at a dog park and forgot to track how many km we walked.  Koda loves the exercise and so do I.  He really is great motivation for me to stay fit.  People keep telling me that Koda’s lost weight, put on muscle and looks great.  So I think all the running/walking we’re doing is benefiting both of us.  Now just to get the husband on board.

I’m off to play ball hockey now and then hit the dog park.  Loving my exercised filled weekends, now to get the exercise to happen after work during the weekdays.

What are you doing to be active today?

A Reliable Running Partner

I started my half marathon training on saturday. Got my long run in, which was just a nice little 7km. Took me a little longer than I like because I brought along my slightly distracting running partner






He’s my best bud. My husband and I adopted him back in May. He’s my most reliable running partner because he thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and would jump through a window to get out for a quick run (he did that). He’s my distracted running partner because he’s a brat who likes to mark his territory, everywhere. When I’m in full run mode and pretty much forgotten that there is a dog attached to me, he brings me back to reality by stopping, which in turn pulls on the leash which is clipped onto my leggings. He’s ripped a hole in my lulu’s!

Any who for me getting a big dog was another excuse for more exercise. So even though I have been slacking over the past few months at working out, I have walked my dog every Mon-Thurs before work for at least 30 minutes. I also hit up the dog parks and stroll around and tend to run Koda on Saturdays. He as been a great addition to the family for me as I see him as a huge supporter in my running habit. I don’t think he’ll be able to do the longer runs when they are longer than 10k but I guess if he trains with me, he might! I’ll keep you all posted on Koda’s half marathon training as well as mine.

Run Wild 2013

Run Wild 2013-post race.

I had my first race of 2013 yesterday. The Run Wild- I did the 10km.   I have run this race 2 years in a row now and plan to continue doing it yearly.  The proceeds benefits an organization that is close to my heart as I work with many youth who benefit from it.  please read a bit more from right below.

  • 100% of the profits raised by the RunWild Leading Edge Marathon go directly to the Zebra Child Protection Centre and the St. Albert 50+ Club. We feel these are very important organizations to support and we hope that you can help us reach our goal of raising $100,000.
  • Edmonton’s Zebra Child Protection Centre, the first centre of its kind in Canada, enables our community to respond to child abuse with a professional, compassionate and highly integrated program of healing and justice.
  • The centre integrates a multi-disciplinary community of professionals—Edmonton Police Service, Alberta Children’s Services, Crown Prosecutors, Child at Risk Response Teams, medical and trauma screening professionals and volunteer advocates—in a child centred environment that nurtures the abused child and uses all the wisdom of its partnership to see that justice is done. The multi-disciplinary team allows for streamlined, thorough and expert investigations, interventions, prosecutions and supports. Through their own resources as well as alliances within the community, Zebra provides children and their non-offending parents and guardians with essential social, medical and mental health services and supports.

I woke up feeling like absolute crap yesterday.  I’ve had a head cold for a week now and yesterday was the worst.  I figured I’d go run and get it over with and then come home and nap.  I picked up my friend Aline and we went to meet up with Steph.  We ended up not being able to find Steph before the run started so we figured, meh she’s WAY faster than both of us anyways so we’ll let her get a good run in.  I’m a bit faster than Aline, but she was worried about running the 10k so I told her I’d run it with her.  She was worried she’d have to stop and walk.  I told  Aline that I was fine with that, BUT guess what Aline ran the whole thing! I was very proud of her! at Km 9 I took off (Aline had a coworker running with us as well so I didn’t just ditch her) and finished strong (I passed about 20 people) I don’t know what my exact time was but it was just over an hour.  I can run 10km in less than an hour but I was supporting my friend by running with her so it doesn’t matter.  Steph however finished in 38 minutes which is AWESOME as well!

I have a mother’s day walk and run (10km) this coming sunday as well and am running alone while a group of friends walk the 5km.  I plan on finishing before they finish in less than an hour.

I have yet to do my menu plan as this head-cold had put a damper on a few things for me, but am going to work on it today.. will post soon.

no one shovels anymore

Ok meant to check in on Monday with my “update” on KM for Feb 1-3 but obviously was much to busy until today!

I only fit in 6.43KM.

Doing good so far this week.  I’ll leave it at that and update my total KM on (hopefully) Monday.  But I did get to finally run outside today and boy was it challenging.

Here’s why:

No one shovels anymore.  It’s Feb and everyone in Edmonton knows that winter lasts until the end of April, BUT everyone decides they are sick of shovelling snow come the end of January. 

Which means, my time was slowed down due to walking over icy driveways, I fell once, my feet were cold cause of the snow going over my ankles where it wasn’t shovelled.

Here’s why my run was AWESOME:

I was outside! regardless of all the above junk I love running outside and will attempt it tomorrow again too!  lol


I bought new pants from lululemon (Toasty Tech Tight)  and they are PERFECT for the weather here in Edmonton.  As they state “made for cold weather running” and they are! today was only -10 when I ran but I noticed the difference compared to just the normal running pants I have.  Love, loved them!

this pic is from the lululemon website. I don’t have red, mine are white

So close to finishing this running goal

A view of downtown #yeg while running with some girlfriends on the weekend


44.89km was the total I ran last week! The goal was 40 🙂

Now by Jan 31 I only need to run 35.05km to complete my goal. I ran 5.57km this am, wasn’t feeling great today on the treadmill so I just did a shorter run.

That leaves me with 29.48km in 3 days. Which is a bit more than I wanted to do each day but I’ll get it done. 10km takes me about an hour to run so that’s more than manageable I’m just hoping the weather gets nicer so I can at least do some of that running outside!

this is me doing toe touches (ab work) and my personal home trainer staring me down
and this is what he does when I try to do other abs, stretches or anything on the floor


Use to have a salt tooth, now it’s an everything tooth

My monthly goal of running 125km is under way. This week I ran 26.81km. I was planning on doing 5 days of 5ks but the last day I blogged I ran 9.something k because it was so nice out, so that saved me from running yesterday which was fine because I had ball hockey in the evening. I always worry that I might injure myself before a game or be too tired to run hard at ball hockey so I usually make Sundays my rest day and hockey is just extra calories I burn. 

I got out for 2 runs in the pretty river valley.  I wished I lived closer.



I’ve also been reading more than one blog, tweet or other form of health tip a day since I started that as a challenge for the month of January. I don’t really have a way of proving it. I could type each on out word for word, or post them here but maybe I’ll just pick a favourite one from the week and post it. This had to be my favourite, how to stop your sugar habit. I’ve read a ton about how to cut back or eliminate sugar out of your diet, but I find it very challenging. I’m not sure when this happened to me either because I use to brag about how I only had a salt tooth, but all of a sudden I have an everything tooth.

Seriously though an everything tooth? I sound like a pregnant woman craving all sorts of crazy concoctions. Really I just crave food.  When I crave food I make a salad.  Why? cause you can put so many different foods in which will actually help stop some of the cravings, at least for me it does.

a healthy 300 Calories



i’m back at it!

Woah I’ve been gone for a while

Sorry ya’ll I just ran out of time to post there for a bit, super busy with life and work and then I went to Nova Scotia for a friend’s Wedding.  Time for a little update today and then I’ll share the fun of my half marathon from this past Saturday in my next post, cause I know everyone is just dying to hear about it, so I tell myself.

Ok so September has been a very weird month. I have not been motivated to do anything.  I’ve been feeling down in the dumps and just plain sad, often.  I know exercise helps me when I’m like this, but it’s so hard to convince myself to do it.  I did not train for the half marathon as much as I needed to, but I knew this time I also trained more so I wasn’t too worried.

I said I went to Nova Scotia for a friend’s wedding as well, which put a damper on training for a week, which was totally worth it, and I’ll show you why.


Hubby to be at Peggy’s Cove. It was so beautiful!

We went site seeing, got car sick driving the crazy windy lanes around Peggy’s Cove.


awkward stances. We really are only good at one type of photo… to come later

Ryan and I were “practicing” for our wedding… no not in this shot at Peggy’s Cove.

The “Ovens Caves” because a cave is like an oven?

We also went to the “Ovens Caves” where you walk for about 45 minutes and check out 4 different caves where the water comes crashing in, it was very cool.  One cave was even called “Thunder Cave”, can you believe it? yep, I can because I heard that cave and it sounded just like Thunder.  Those folks got it right when they named it.

I was shakin’ at the knees
Could I come again please?
Yeah the ladies were too kind
You’ve been – thunderstruck, thunderstruck
Yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck

Se the feet in the part of the cave where you actually go in and look at the waves crashing? that was Jill, Jen and Travis.  moments after I took this photo a MASSIVE wave came up over the rock they were standing on and splashed the hell out of Travis… it was awesome to hear them scream.

Oh does that sound morbid and weird? yeah a little but for real Ryan and I had a good laugh about them screaming.  Ok this keeps sounding weirder and weirder so, new topic.

Classic gaze into the distance shot

So we were busy site seeing, helping set up for the wedding and obviously having to many cocktails for me to train for my half marathon… next time I wont book a holiday a week before a big race! unless it’s like for a wedding or to somewhere cool like mexico, hawaii, or well maybe anywhere but here 🙂

Classic Jump shot, this is when we were practicing for the wedding, while at a wedding. the grass was so wet you can see the mud on my heals. I got some decent hit still while jumping in heals and out of the mud.

I have never experienced humidity until going to Nova Scotia.  We do get humid days in Alberta, but NOTHING like the day of the wedding.  You can’t tell that my hair had been in tight ringlets just 2 hours before this picture.  I’m just glad that the rain stopped for our friend’s wedding so they could hold it outside as planned!

so then this happened

That aint no garter

then this happened

Obviously I knew Ryan would catch those.  He has caught the garter at least half the weddings we have gone to so I knew he’d be all in for the ginch.

We had a great time in Nova Scotia, if you’ve thought about going there, just do it. now I’m home, settled and ready to get back to working out and blogging, check back tomorrow for my half marathon post!





God’s playground

I went on another HIKE!!!!

I was so happy to be hiking I jumped for joy… nah I would have done a jump shot even if I wasn’t hiking, they’re classic.

Nihahi Creek Trail

I went home to visit my parents, see a few friends and truly the number one thing on my list was to go for a hike.  My dad took the day off work and we decided to do an easier hike since I had to drive home after and my knees where really bugging me that day so we did this Nihahi Creek.  I have done this hike so many times I couldn’t tell you how many fingers I’d need to count.  It’s a flat walk on an easy trail for about an hour and a bit and then finally you get to go up hill for all of about 20 minutes (tops) but it’s so worth it to get to the top and find “God’s Playground” or the creek bed.

My Dad


So today is also weigh in day and I’m just gonna say I knew it wasn’t gonna be good, because Ryan and I had his mom and step dad’s 50th birthday party.  Which meant so much food and booze (man do I love beer, damn it) and not nearly enough exercise.  I did manage to get Ry to run 5km with me on Saturday before the party but it didn’t help me out too much on the scale this week

Current weight: 149 lbs

so that’s+3 lbs, but truly I’m not to worried.  I’m under 150 still which is always the struggle and back to my actual calorie counting today so I’m feeling good. I’m working day shift for the next 2 weeks which might make me struggle with the working out part of my life as I tend to wake up between 8-9am and then workout anywhere between 9am-2pm, but right now I’m working during those hours and THEN have plans most days after work, but trying to make them semi active plans at least not just plans to eat.  Go me!  does anyone else struggle with fitting in workouts around their work hours?

I got fat because I was too lazy to get up when I worked 9-5, and then to tired to workout after work.  It was an excuse of course, but I find it much easier on my shift work schedule to actually work out.  BUT since I’m only doing this 9-5 thing for 2 weeks I’m going to get up at 7am and run for minimum 30 minutes before I have to get ready for work and then do my long run on Friday morning when I’m off.