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So close to finishing this running goal

A view of downtown #yeg while running with some girlfriends on the weekend


44.89km was the total I ran last week! The goal was 40 🙂

Now by Jan 31 I only need to run 35.05km to complete my goal. I ran 5.57km this am, wasn’t feeling great today on the treadmill so I just did a shorter run.

That leaves me with 29.48km in 3 days. Which is a bit more than I wanted to do each day but I’ll get it done. 10km takes me about an hour to run so that’s more than manageable I’m just hoping the weather gets nicer so I can at least do some of that running outside!

this is me doing toe touches (ab work) and my personal home trainer staring me down
and this is what he does when I try to do other abs, stretches or anything on the floor



I’m a sweaty mess. Are you?

I want to talk a bit about sweat.

As a woman, I feel as though it is seen as nasty to be a sweaty mess. For example, if I were to work out at a gym and be dripping sweat, more so than the men working out there, it’s in my head to believe that people are judging me.  I don’t know if this is the case,  but due to my brother always bugging me as a child/teen working out some old thoughts/habits stick up there in the old thinker.

Here is a list of things I need to purchase in the next few weeks:

6 sports bras

2 workout capris

3 long running pants

5 sweat towels

WHY, you ask?

-I am the only girl on my basketball team who brings  a sweat rag to games.   I believe one other gal on my ball hockey team brings one.  I must have one at the gym.  I can only wear gym clothes once (then they are a must wash)   and I don’t do laundry twice a week.  I own enough workout capris to go 5 days without washing but the rest needs to be done way too often.

-I sweat through shirts, pants, socks, probably even my shoes.  I’ve sweat so much my entire sweat rag is soaked.  TMI?

-I look like I’ve showered after ball hockey games… but if you’re standing close enough you can smell that I haven’t 🙂 gotta love the hockey gear.

Being a woman and sweating so much sucks!

Heres the thing that I love about sweating like that

-I know I gave it everything I had.

-I just flushed out a ton of toxins

-The shower I’m about to take it going to be oh so sweetly rewarding lol

I’m a lady but  (none of these pics are me)

I sweat through my clothes. I get swass or swoob or whatever else you like to call your sweaty areas,
I drip on machines and mats (yes, I clean it up),
Sometimes I can’t even hold a plank, bride or downwards facing dog I’m so sweaty

If I don’t turn into a sweaty mess I don’t feel like I’ve worked out, so I guess I’ll be a sweaty mess forever!

The Sweats

The only thing I truly hate about working out, is the amount I sweat.  I am a sweaty, sweaty individual.  It’s annoying, kinda gross and makes some workouts a real hassle.  I bring a towel, aka sweat rag, to hockey, the gym and almost any place I work out.

I hate when I’m playing hockey and sweat is dripping down my face, back, arms, knee caps and pretty much anywhere you can think of.   I can’t focus, it’s distracting.  I can’t play with a fully caged helmet for that single reason.  Need to be able to have quick access to wipe my sweaty face.  When I was training with Danielle (personal trainer) she was good about saying “it’s not just you” and “I’ve seen way more sweat than that” but when it’s dripping off your body on to a mat mid bridge and your arms are slipping on the mat you think to yourself that you’re pretty nasty.

I talk about this issue of mine with Jen and Emma, thank god they say they also sweat their asses off, but for real I think I’m the only girl on the team with a sweat rag.

Jen sent me this relevant link showing celebrities sweating their asses off in public places in hopes to make me feel better.  It did.


I should have my new plan/goals ready to post tomorrow so check back!