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Hypothermic Half Marathon and other events

Excuses, excuses that’s all I ever have for not hammering out a blog once a week, but man have I been busy. And by busy, I mean working out on the days I usually write my blog! So forgive me, please?

Where to start!?
I haven’t posted since January?! Damn I truly didn’t think it had been that long. I went home to visit my folks for 4 days at the beginning of feb and worked out 3/4 days with my 2 BFFs from high school. It was awesome. They let me put them through some tough workouts and they loved it! Or so they said 🙂20140218-095359.jpg

I have been emailing my nutritionist every Friday still updating her with my exercise for the week.  I need to get back on track with my eating.  I have lost weight in the past month, but I’ve also been pretty stressed out with life and haven’t been eating well.  Working out a ton to deal with the stress which has helped but I don’t want to put this weight back on.


Sun 1- 2 ball hockey games
Mon 2-rest
Tues 3-45-elliptical
Wed 4-rest
Thurs 5-30 elliptical 30 weigh training (with my girlfriends in the pic) 30 min dog walk
Fri 6- 35min elliptical, 30 min weight (with my girlfriends in the pic) 20 min dog walk and I’m headed to the gym with another girl friend of mine in an hour so at least another hour of exercise.


 Fri 7- 30 min cardio 30 min weight training ( with my girl friends in the pic)
Sat 8- 30 min cardio 30 min weight training
Sun 9- 2 ball hockey games
Mon 10-rest
Tues 11-30 min weights
Wed 12-rest
Thur 13- hour and a half drop in hockey and didn’t time it, but probably an hour at the dog park

Fri 14- 1 hour sculpt barre class and 1 hour at the dog park

Sat 15- 1.5 drop in hockey

Sun- My 3rd HALF MARATHON, and 1st half marathon of 2014 plus 2 ball hockey games

Ok lets talk about this Half Marathon- The Hypothermic Half.

I did not training very well for this run.  The longest run I did before hand was 12k which was about 3 weeks ago? maybe longer. Jill my running buddy and I were both freaking out a bit about doing the run but both said “F it, we’ll do what we can. If we have to walk we walk”  well we finished in 2:18 (unofficial time- still need to check the official time)which is our best time to date.  The last half we ran together we did in 2:28 so we shaved about 10 minutes off.  We enjoyed a lovely brunch after. 20140218-095338.jpg

I had some calf cramping issues this run as well.  They started around the 15km mark but and would once in a while cramp, so Jill and I would walk for a bit until I could run again.  Other than this the run was great! My only other issue is I feel sick almost immediatly after I finish running, and do for most of the day. Not 100% sure what to do about that, so if anyone has any tips feel free to pass them along.




Goals, Goals, Goals, ok just one goal

I’ve been lazy.  I’ve put on a few pounds.  My clothes are tighter.  I feel tired, sluggish, slightly depressed and out of shape.

It’s time to stop with the excuses and get my ass in gear.



1)Half Marathon Feb 2014.  I am on the watch for when the sign up opens so that I can a) pay the early bird fee and b) make sure I actually sign up.   I know my body and I have to train for a half marathon, so this will force me to get out and do it.  If it’s “too cold” or I don’t feel like leaving the house I have a treadmill. NO EXCUSES!

I start my training for this half tomorrow.

Training will look something like this:

Sunday-  short steady run (3-6k depending on  which week of my training I’m in)

Monday’s- rest day (i work at 14 hour day so perfect day to rest)

Tuesday- Temp/Fartlek training (4-10k depending on how far in the schedule I am)

Wednesday-Hills/Stairs (3-9k you get the idea I’m sure)

Thursday-Steady 4-8

Friday/Sat- rest or LONG run 7-24km (depending on what I have going on over the weekend I will change-up the rest day and long run day.

Sunday’s I also play hockey so I didn’t want to do a long run on those days as I’ll need my legs later in the day!

I am also planning something fun with Out Running the Fat Kid once she gets settled from moving and starting a new job, so there will be many a blog posts to come.

10km Personal Best?

Well I ran what I think would be my best run on Sunday. There’s just a few issues. (started writing this last monday just ended up going camping all week and then had visitors all weekend so didn’t’ finish!)

I used Endomondo to track my runs, I usually don’t have it on during races I just go with what the chip says at the end. This time I had my tracking on as I wanted to try to keep a decent pace. Well by KM 6 on my headphones I realized that I had only just passed the 5km marker in the race.  I kept running and listening to my pace, which I’m not gonna lie I’m not very good at continuing to be consistent with, And I’m usually really bad for running WAY faster at the beginning of the race and then slowing down cause I’m tired, but I’d have to say I did ok this race (for me).  My average pace was 5:17min/km.   This pace is also quite fast for me, since usually I run at about a 6:10min/km when I’m just running for fun/exercise.

ANYHOW the race.

I finished.

Endomondo said I did 11:21km in 59:12mins! said I ran 10km in 52:44min, which is the fastest time I’ve ever ran.  As you can see below.


But the Chip/Race results say I ran the race in 58:14mins with an average pace of 5:50

Though I placed 66/327 in my age group and 236/1104 women who ran (so that’s impressive)

BUT I’m unsure on what to believe for my time. Which makes it frustrating as I keep all my running bibs, write my times, and strive to do a bit better the next time!

OH well.  It was a fun run.  A little to busy for my liking, WAY to many people at the beginning to run past since they started the 10k,  5k run and walk all at the same time.  WTF?

So I don’t think I’d run this 10k run again but I’d walk it with my mom and the team I signed up under- Cole’s Crew

Cole’s Crew

Me and my mom on Mothers Day.


Ready, Set, May Goals

Aaaaaghg I haven’t written in a while.

so I was supposed to come up with some goals for the last two weeks of April after the wedding shiznet all calmed down, but I didn’t.  Not gonna lie I’ve been a little lazy.  Don’t’ get me wrong I’m still playing ball hockey (2x a week now), running ever few days, BUT I haven’t been doing much weight training and that’s when I start to notice my clothes fitting differently.  I’ve lost some muscle this month but I haven’t been eating as healthy as I normally do either.

he’s just so cute lol

BUT nothing I can’t step up and fix right away.  I’ve come up with some new goals for MAY!

1) Run 115km in may- I’ve got 2 10k races in May, plus the weather is kind of almost, perfect to run outside (we got snow yesterday wtf?), more running buddies are coming out of the woodworks and asking me to run with them. Not that I don’t love to run alone especially now that Zombies Run! second addition is out.

Anywho more goals

2)Hit the Gym 2x a week- I haven’t been using my gym membership as frequently as I should.  When I go to the gym I always do weights, so if I go 2x a week I’m at least doing 1.5 hours of weights a week.

3)Meal Plan- This is also why I haven’t had the greatest month.  I have not been eating very well. I am going to meal plan for days when Ryan and I are home together and when I’m home alone so that I know, roughly, what my calories will be.  I also tend to eat less when it’s all planned out and I’m not munching out while.  I’m not home for dinner until friday this week, so that is when I’ll have my meal plan done for and post it on here.


Body Update

March 23 update
March 23-Dirty looking as I take the pictures firs thing in the morning… then hit the gym! I never know how to look in the photos smiling seems weird lol
before oct 2012
Back in October 2012
These 3 photos (and the ones below) are my Start, mid and end when I worked with a personal trainer to get my butt into gear back in 2011.


It’s been almost 2 years and I’m down 36lbs.  Weighing in at 146 this morning. I am determined, after I get back from my wedding in Mexico, to drop those last 6lbs to get to my goal of 140lbs and to surpass losing 40lbs. It’s still hard to believe that I’ve always been an athlete and I let myself put on so much weight.  I now feel like crap on days when I don’t work out now and  I am healthier now then I have ever been.  I have really enjoyed this zombie challenge I’ve been involved with the last 7 weeks as it has helped me stay on track and kick it up a bit.  I still have some chubs I’d love to get rid of all over my body, but damn I can’t wait to wear my little bikinis in mexico.

Thanks for all the encouraging words, advice and support. Having this blog (and jillandnikkidowork) has kept me accountable and motivated!!

Zombie Challenge week 6 and change to March running goal

Sooooo guess which team came in 1st for week 5…

you guessed it, mine! Team EMMA!! seriously my team is really killing it.



Challenge # 6You pounce on the man without a thought, jumping with your legs wide and slapping your hands together, catching his body in between your palms like a squashed bug. The guy screams and punches at you with his fists. But his blows barely even faze you — your hunger is too insatiable. You are about to sink your teeth into his arm when you feel a heavy boot collide with your side. The force of the kick knocks you off of the man and you find yourself staring up at his friends. You snarl at them and start to grab for them as well. But one of the men holds up a shiny object. The word gun flitters through your head just as he cocks it and blows a bullet straight through your gut. You stare at the hole in your midsection in awe. The man shoots again, this time the bullets catch you in the head.

Then everything starts to turn grey as you fall back onto the pavement. Although you are unconscious for the most part you hear the men talking excitedly. One of the guys pokes you with the tip of the gun but you are too weak to even open your eyes. They eventually leave, thinking you are dead.

You fight for consciousness for a few moments. Then you manage to sit up, crunching to the side. But you suddenly can’t remember why you are in the middle of the street — or why there is a giant bloody hole in your abdomen and head. Then you spot movement on the street up ahead. And your desire for fresh meat once again overtakes you. You manage to get back onto your feet and stumble after them.

After what feels like an eternity of walking, you hear grunts, growls and shouts. There is a large complex up ahead surrounded by tall gates. A mass of people are pressing up against the first fence, trying to push it down — and they are all zombies like you.

Choice 1: Join the group of zombies. You can smell an abundance of fresh meat inside – you’ve got to get that fence down!
Choice 2: Look around to see if there is a closer food source hiding somewhere nearby.

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!
Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 200 minutes/ week
Strength: 270 Oblique Crunches on EACH side
Agility: 270 Seal Jumping Jacks (jump in, jump out = 1 rep)


I know I had set a running goal for 115km in March, but I’m going to have to give up/call it quits for this month.  I am still working out 5 days a week but my ball hockey and basketball team are both in play offs (which means up to 3 games a week, from the normal 1) I’m getting married in 3 weeks so let me tell you I am STRESSED the F out and trying to make sure everything is organized and of course nothing can ever go smoothly (if anyone ever tells you planning a wedding is fun, they’re a liar.  take my advice and ELOPE) and I was signed up last-minute for training at work on days off.  Ok I have a lot of other stuff going on as well but I think my list could be like 100 excuses/reasons why I can’t fit running in and I’ve listed off enough as is.

I figure, it’s ok because I need a bit of a break.  I’m still out running, but I do like to also use the elliptical or bike from time to time at the gym so as long as I’m still kicking my own ass at the gym in March I’ll get back to a running goal in April after my wedding and everything settles down a little bit.  My over all goal is my health and weight so I’m still doing what I need to be doing.



Day 4 of the Zombie Challenge

I’m on day 4 of this Zombie Challenge here’s the story line for this week:

A loud bang awakes you. You sit up straight, your eyes struggling to adjust to the dim light around you. It takes you a few seconds to remember where you are. A hospital room.

“Mrs. Grason?!” you holler. You push yourself up out of the hard chair you’ve somehow managed to fall asleep in. Mrs. Grason’s hospital bed is empty. A wad of IV tubing hangs off the edge of the bed, dripping steadily onto the floor.

Another loud thump echoes through the room, followed by a moan. It has come from the attached bathroom. Mrs. Grason had barely even been able to move when you had fallen asleep, much less go to the bathroom by herself. She’d been sick with some type of flu bug – a bug everyone seemed to have lately. You, a volunteer at the hospital, had been sitting with her to keep her company. But with the long hours you’ve been putting in and the sudden spike of responsibilities due to the flu bug, you had somehow managed to fall asleep.

You jump sideways over the puddle of IV fluids and stand in front of the bathroom door. The door suddenly shudders as something heavy crashes against it.

Choice 1: Open the door and investigate.
Choice 2: Go out into the hall and look for help.

Which would you pick?

This Weeks Challenge:

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week! Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 100 minutes of any cardiovascular exercise you like (I recommend 20 minutes/day)
Strength: 45 Chair Dips (I recommend doing as many sets as you can of 15 repetitions at a time, every OTHER day) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyS5a_hKAZw
Agility: 45 Slalom Jumps (Right hop, left hop = 1 rep) (Again, I recommend doing as many sets as you can of 15 repetitions at a time, every OTHER day) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTFQ-RId9H4


Here’s how my week is looking Mon-Wed so far

156/100 cardio minutes 
8+ cups of water daily (I’ve lost track after 12 cups a day)
90/45 chair dips
120/45 slalom jumps
under calorie goal every day so far

So close to finishing this running goal

A view of downtown #yeg while running with some girlfriends on the weekend


44.89km was the total I ran last week! The goal was 40 🙂

Now by Jan 31 I only need to run 35.05km to complete my goal. I ran 5.57km this am, wasn’t feeling great today on the treadmill so I just did a shorter run.

That leaves me with 29.48km in 3 days. Which is a bit more than I wanted to do each day but I’ll get it done. 10km takes me about an hour to run so that’s more than manageable I’m just hoping the weather gets nicer so I can at least do some of that running outside!

this is me doing toe touches (ab work) and my personal home trainer staring me down
and this is what he does when I try to do other abs, stretches or anything on the floor


Spring into new fitness goals

Sorry I had a very busy work at week which lead to me not even having time to work out really so there was no time to blog.  I did manage to get in a 21.1km run/walk with my old jillandnikkidowork blogging partner Jill as we wanted to make sure we could get the kms in for our first Half Marathon in 2 weeks!


I’ve been feeling kind of weird and off lately.  I feel good in my skin/body I’m maintaining my weight, but because I’ve been so focused on running I haven’t been doing the usual weight training that I LOVE.  I love, love, love doing weights as you really do see results quite fast and I feel so much stronger, fitter and healthier.  Anywho I’m not saying I’m fat but I’m feeling flabby, not as tight and toned as I was and so I have decided to stay focused on running until the half marathon but to set myself some new goals since it’s spring, the weathers great and I know I’m going to be more active than this winter even though I was pretty damn active.  I have more motivation when I have clear goals laid out for me, so here’s what I’m working at


Here’s what I’ve set out for myself


Physical goals:

  • I will stretch after any sort of work out.  My muscles are always way to sore! I do usually stretch but not long enough I guess.
  • I will work out 5x a week but I will do more intense work outs to maximize my results  those workouts will include weight training and continuing to run but maybe being chased by zombies more often 🙂
I’ve had so much support over the last year and still get so many complements and encouraging feedback from people about my weight loss but I’d still like to get that last 10lbs off.  This is after speaking to my doctor about my weight and family history.  So my last goal
  • I will lose 10lbs.  I’d like to give myself a while to work at it, I only want to lose about 1lb a week.  This goal will start May 1 and go until the end of August.  I’ll do a monthly weigh-ins, pictures and measurements on the 30/31st so that I’m not obsessed with the scale.
I’ll still try to set some weekly goals like running so many kms or whatever so this weeks goal
  • Every day I have to do 50 push ups.  by the end of the week I will have done 350 push ups 🙂   I also tend to blog more when I have weekly goals, I talk about the struggles and progress



Emotional Goals:

I want to feel calm and relaxed –  I haven’t felt a complete sense of relaxation since I last took a true holiday and that was May 2009 to Hawaii.  Where you lay on the beach and your biggest worry of the day is to put sun screen on.   

For me to feel more calm and relaxed I am going to have to plan out my 3 jobs appropriately.  I will only work double days so that I actually get time off and I am not going to pick up a ton of shifts just a few extra a month. (I’ve got a wedding to save for peeps, plus I want to pay off my SUV in less than another 4 years or something crazy).  If I start to feel overwhelmed I will choose one of my 2 part-time/relief jobs to quit.

I am going to start a 10 minute relaxation routine before bed.  I never sleep well and it affects my workouts, my work, my entire state of mind and life.   I am going to dim the lights, light a few candles and do some stretching.  I can’t read before bed it wakes me up as I get to into books but I can read light fluffy crap like status updates on Facebook or Twitter or crap about the “Stars” who I truly don’t care about so if I cant’ fall asleep I’ll do that.