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Stages of Change-weight loss style

I work with at risk children, youth and families which means I often base my work around the stages of change model.  I have to see where a client is sitting within the stages before I can push/support them to make a change in their life.  This is where my head goes when I’m working on something I want to change as well.

stages of change

I’m past the Pre-Contemplation stage- where you have no intention to change anything

I was teetering between the contemplation and planning stages for most of December.

Contemplation- aware of the problem but no commitment to change.

Preparation  (or Planning some call it)-intent on taking action to change.

I knew what the problem was (my weight/lack of self confidence due to my weight/my eating habits/my lack of exercise) and I wanted to change all of that, but it’s hard to commit.  Near the end of December I started planning on changing- started meal planning for January, planning time to meal prep and planned workouts into my schedule.

Now it’s time to Action this shit.  -actively modifying the behaviour that needs changing.

I am now working on the Action stage.  I have been working out daily (for 3 days ya’ll lol, but i’m working on actioning it), paying closer attention to what I’m eating and why i’m eating.  I just need to  ensure I do this so that it becomes habit so I can then move into the next stage which is,

Maintenance- sustain change, new behaviour replaces the old.

There is also this thing called Relapse.

What happened in December was a relapse- fall back into old patterns/behaviour.  This is also a very normal step in the stages of change, it’s often upsetting and disappointing. It doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.  I slipped back into not exercising, not eating well and just being lazy.  All sort of things can trigger this: for me, this time, it was getting sick.  I’ve gotten sick before and it hasn’t triggered me to turn back into a lazy ass.  You just never know for sure.

I sometimes hate that relapse is a normal part of the stages of change, but change takes a lot of work.  Relapse is also a time to look back and reflect from what went wrong the first, second, third (however many) attempts and try things differently the next time.  I’m sure I’ll hit a few more relapse’s and I’ll start over.  Like I said before, it’s hard to admit I’ve failed, but I don’t give up.

Where are you in your stage of change?


Weigh in Day 3: slow and steady

I usually try to have my treat/cheat meal on Friday or Saturday, AFTER weigh in day, but this week it happened to take place Thursday evening. Thursday also being the only day that I’ve felt hungry none stop in the past 3 weeks.  I ate a bit more than planned, but all healthy choices-except for my chicken brie and fig sandwich (minus skin) and yam fries (healthier right??? lol) it was so worth it for my cheat meal.   I still felt good about how I ate for the day.

but I was a little nervous that the meal, plus a few extra calories from extra snacks would completely ruin my weigh in.  Hopped on the scale this morning.

Last week: 159.8

This week: 157.4

That means I’m down 1.4 pounds this week, slow and steady the weight is disappearing, which is super especially after eating a cheat meal the 12 hours before.   This also means Steph has to put $50 extra on her credit card-  I have yet to hear her confirmation of completing this, but I’ll make sure that gets done!  Next week I will weigh in and do measurements. I didn’t post them, but I did take them at my starting weight.

I am feeling confident that I can keep this up until I’m back at my ideal weight.  I am hoping to get back to this weight by January 22 as that’s when I have a week off and head to the Bahamas for a friends wedding.  Thinking about wearing bathing suites for a week is motivation to get my butt moving almost every day.

I’m also looking forward to December to have more time to focus on fitness.  I picked up an extra 60 hours at my casual job this past month.  Often I work these extra shifts after my normal job which means I have a 14-16 hour day, or I’ll sometimes pick up an extra 12 hour shift on a Sunday- like I have coming up this Sunday.  This doesn’t leave a lot of time for workouts, so those days I really focus on my meals and sticking to what I’ve planned and packed to eat.   I think I have 1 extra shift in December so I will have more time to dedicate to my half marathon training and working out in general.

The plan for this week:

Friday: Workout with Laura (Laura being my roommate/trainer)

Saturday: Workout with Laura and short 3-4km run with Koda.

Sunday: I work 11-11, but have made plans with my old running buddy Jill to meet at 9am to attempt our old 6.whatever Km run. Then I’ll head to work.

Monday- I took a day off of work to book a bunch of doctors appointments, so once I’m done those for the day the plan is 8km run with Koda in the afternoon.

Tuesday- Work 15 hours, just get in the normal morning walk with Koda.

Wednesday- pack in a short run right after work before Volunteering at the Food Bank

Thursday- Haven’t decided yet, I have a basketball game, but I may be driving home a day early for the weekend.  I’m going see how I feel later in the week, might be a good day for another rest day.

Here’s to another busy and great weekend ahead.

Weighing in and workout plans for the week

Weighed myself this morning.


My goal for November 6th is to be 1 pound down.

I haven’t weighed this much since August 2011. I’ll use it as motivation to get moving. I ran Monday and Tuesday this week after work. Today I have my first personal training session with my roommate.  It’s a win/win for us both, I get trained for free as it’s her practicum, so it’s benefiting us both.   We are working out Friday nights and Saturday mornings for the month and half.  I can’t think of a better way to get motivated in the gym then to have someone else dictate how your ass is going to get handed to you while you’re there.  I don’t have to think up a workout, I just get to go and DO. I am looking forward to it.

I am nervous though. I am very out of shape. In my head I can still lift the weights I was, but truly I can’t right now. That doesn’t mean that I wont again!


My workout plan for the week:

  • Friday- workout with Laura
  • Saturday- Workout with Laura and short run with Koda (I work from 11-5 also so run will be after work as we’re working out before I work)
  • Sunday- Short run with Koda, soccer game
  • Monday- Walk Koda before work, Working a double shift so no actual workout
  • Tuesday- Walk Koda before work, SPIN Class at 6:15
  • Wednesday-Walk Koda before work, again working a double so no workout
  • Thursday- Walk Koda before work, work late that day, but head right to the gym from work.

Plan for the week

I have a busy week ahead of me!


Started this Monday off with a quick 20 minute walk with my best dog friend, Koda, before I had to head to work.  I am hanging out with a kid I used to work with after work this evening… we are going out for dinner so I’m sticking to my meal plan until dinner and then am planning to do a Nike Training work out tonight.  

Tuesday- I’m in training.  I packed my meals/snacks for the day already so I’m good to go once I walk the dog in the morning.  I then have to work from 4-8ish.  I plan on doing a 4km run on the treadmill while I watch some netflicks once I get home.

Wednesday- In training again. Meals/snacks are packed. Plan to walk the dog before training. I then have a pedicure at 5:45pm !!!! woo pampered feet! Since I won’t want to ruin my nails by putting shoes on, I think I will do a Yoga video I have and work on cleaning my house!

Thursday- Last day of work until the 18th as I am headed to the Dominican Republic at 3am!!! So this day will take forever since I already don’t want to be at work and it’s only Monday.  I have a fun leg waxing appointment and then the evening to get in a run and probably another Nike Training workout. I’ll probably be running around like a crazy person packing, even though I already started and really only need to pack shoes and bathroom things.

I think this week will go fast!

taking control while sick

Another bump in the road
I’m sick! And my hip has been out for a week

sick as a dog

I go to the chiropractor this Friday coming up but I haven’t gone for a run in a week. I did a short run last week, 4k and struggled through it because of my hips. I’m all out of joint. The earliest I could get in to get that straightened out is Friday so I’ve put my training on the back burner, I’ve done some weight training in the mean time but Monday morning I woke up with some stupid cold that’s been going around and have been on the couch since. Since I haven’t been able to work out (took my dog for a 20 min walk and needed a 2 hour nap after) I’ve decided to do some meal prep for the rest of the month. I made a list of foods we have in the house, a list of foods I want to try out (new recipes, Pinterest/looneyspoons) and made a grocery list.
I’m going to go grocery shopping when I’m not hungry so I don’t throw extras into the cart and I’m going to go without my husband as he makes grocery shopping more expensive as we have to go up and down every single isle which we all know means you buy things you didn’t need.

I want to empty out my fridge/freezer/pantry so we don’t have expired food sitting around and I want to stock up on healthier items.

My husband has gout.   He refuses to go to the doctor to deal with it, which makes me soooo happy!

 A few well-known things that bring on gout- meat (beef), sugar, alcohol, caffeine, fried food, sauces (gravy), fatty foods!

My husband sticks to ground beef, McDonald’s and other fast food, nachos, red rains (to stay up all night), booze on occasion, but overall has a very poor diet. So when he is suffering from gout I find it hard to feel bad as it is avoidable if he altered the way he ate all the time, but he will only avoid those foods when he is suffering, then he goes back to eating all that crap.

Which has made it very hard for me to continue to eat healthy when there is always a bunch of highly processed and crappy foods.  So it’s about time I take some control and start making some healthier choices for the both of us.

I’m excited to tweak some favourite recipes as well to be healthier and see what he thinks, tonight we’re having shepherds pie but with ground chicken.

But I’m tired again from standing and making lists of the panty and deep freeze so I’m off to have a nap and work on beating this sickens before I can take more control.