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Mothers Day Run

Well I’m headed to Calgary this weekend, just as soon as I finish this post so I’m trying to hurry, to run in the 2013 Sport check Mother’s Day Run & Walk (just 10k again).  I’ve been wanting to do this run for a few years now since my high-school BFF, Megan decided to start doing it to support 2 great causes.  Megan’s son, my fav little guy, was born 6 weeks early and was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for what felt like ever, they do amazing work there, so any chance Megan is given to give back to support them she does.  And if that means that running 10k helps, then I’ll do it too.

check out the causes here:

Calgary Health Trust
Neonatal Intensive Care Units

This year, the funds from the Sport Chek Mother’s Day Run & Walk will purchase equipment that is an essential part of the evaluation and delivery of care; from EEGECGultrasound machines, which help in the monitoring of key vital signs, to customized neonatal beds andlights to help in development and overall health of the smallest patients.

Learn more at www.calgaryhealthtrust.ca

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation

This year, money raised at the Sport Chek Mother’s Day Run & Walk will help purchase two critical pieces of equipment together worth $102,000:

  1. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
  2. Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera


Learn more at www.stollerykids.com


I have also convinced my mom to take part in the 5km walk, so she will be walking with Megan and her family.  I am hoping to do my 10k in under 58 mins 12 sec as that is my best timed 1ok race to date, but I’m still struggling with a cold that has made it hard to breath for almost 2 weeks.  I coughed throughout my entire ball hockey game last night and then woke up several times in a coughing fit.  ANNOYING!   It’s put a damper on my running goal for the month so far but I am going to get to 115km.  If I have to run everyday for the last 3 weeks I will.  Will post about the run Monday am so check back then for my results!


Run Wild 2013

Run Wild 2013-post race.

I had my first race of 2013 yesterday. The Run Wild- I did the 10km.   I have run this race 2 years in a row now and plan to continue doing it yearly.  The proceeds benefits an organization that is close to my heart as I work with many youth who benefit from it.  please read a bit more from right below.

  • 100% of the profits raised by the RunWild Leading Edge Marathon go directly to the Zebra Child Protection Centre and the St. Albert 50+ Club. We feel these are very important organizations to support and we hope that you can help us reach our goal of raising $100,000.
  • Edmonton’s Zebra Child Protection Centre, the first centre of its kind in Canada, enables our community to respond to child abuse with a professional, compassionate and highly integrated program of healing and justice.
  • The centre integrates a multi-disciplinary community of professionals—Edmonton Police Service, Alberta Children’s Services, Crown Prosecutors, Child at Risk Response Teams, medical and trauma screening professionals and volunteer advocates—in a child centred environment that nurtures the abused child and uses all the wisdom of its partnership to see that justice is done. The multi-disciplinary team allows for streamlined, thorough and expert investigations, interventions, prosecutions and supports. Through their own resources as well as alliances within the community, Zebra provides children and their non-offending parents and guardians with essential social, medical and mental health services and supports.

I woke up feeling like absolute crap yesterday.  I’ve had a head cold for a week now and yesterday was the worst.  I figured I’d go run and get it over with and then come home and nap.  I picked up my friend Aline and we went to meet up with Steph.  We ended up not being able to find Steph before the run started so we figured, meh she’s WAY faster than both of us anyways so we’ll let her get a good run in.  I’m a bit faster than Aline, but she was worried about running the 10k so I told her I’d run it with her.  She was worried she’d have to stop and walk.  I told  Aline that I was fine with that, BUT guess what Aline ran the whole thing! I was very proud of her! at Km 9 I took off (Aline had a coworker running with us as well so I didn’t just ditch her) and finished strong (I passed about 20 people) I don’t know what my exact time was but it was just over an hour.  I can run 10km in less than an hour but I was supporting my friend by running with her so it doesn’t matter.  Steph however finished in 38 minutes which is AWESOME as well!

I have a mother’s day walk and run (10km) this coming sunday as well and am running alone while a group of friends walk the 5km.  I plan on finishing before they finish in less than an hour.

I have yet to do my menu plan as this head-cold had put a damper on a few things for me, but am going to work on it today.. will post soon.