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I’m a sweaty mess. Are you?

I want to talk a bit about sweat.

As a woman, I feel as though it is seen as nasty to be a sweaty mess. For example, if I were to work out at a gym and be dripping sweat, more so than the men working out there, it’s in my head to believe that people are judging me.  I don’t know if this is the case,  but due to my brother always bugging me as a child/teen working out some old thoughts/habits stick up there in the old thinker.

Here is a list of things I need to purchase in the next few weeks:

6 sports bras

2 workout capris

3 long running pants

5 sweat towels

WHY, you ask?

-I am the only girl on my basketball team who brings  a sweat rag to games.   I believe one other gal on my ball hockey team brings one.  I must have one at the gym.  I can only wear gym clothes once (then they are a must wash)   and I don’t do laundry twice a week.  I own enough workout capris to go 5 days without washing but the rest needs to be done way too often.

-I sweat through shirts, pants, socks, probably even my shoes.  I’ve sweat so much my entire sweat rag is soaked.  TMI?

-I look like I’ve showered after ball hockey games… but if you’re standing close enough you can smell that I haven’t 🙂 gotta love the hockey gear.

Being a woman and sweating so much sucks!

Heres the thing that I love about sweating like that

-I know I gave it everything I had.

-I just flushed out a ton of toxins

-The shower I’m about to take it going to be oh so sweetly rewarding lol

I’m a lady but  (none of these pics are me)

I sweat through my clothes. I get swass or swoob or whatever else you like to call your sweaty areas,
I drip on machines and mats (yes, I clean it up),
Sometimes I can’t even hold a plank, bride or downwards facing dog I’m so sweaty

If I don’t turn into a sweaty mess I don’t feel like I’ve worked out, so I guess I’ll be a sweaty mess forever!


gotta get back to my book

Gah, you know those times you have about 6 posts almost ready to be published but just can’t finish them for whatever reason… well that’s me now.

I have a few more recipes to post, I have some randomness to talk about and somewhere in there is motivation and junk about workouts.

I just don’t have anything EXCITING to talk about

so I’ll talk about my rewards, at the top of my blog there is a page about rewards.  things I will get or do for myself to reward my weight loss but doesn’t include pigging out on bad for you food. Here are the 3 things I’ve met so far.

        1.   152-Crafting ( Stampin, scrapbooking, cards, whatever I feel like.  I have a new spare room that is perfect for crafting

My girlfriend is coming over tomorrow for the afternoon to make cards/scrapbook

        2.   151-Get a new book on my Kindle (Then I can read during my next reward

Ok so I got 2 books because why not? I got the first 2 books in the Divergent trilogy

they’re saying its the new hunger games or twilight. I read 18 chapters in one sitting, so I’d have to agree.

3.  150-Bubble Bath (Maybe Ryan would even be so kind as to prepare this bath for me haha) This hasn’t happened yet, maybe tonight since it’s pretty much a snow day where I live, we’re expecting up to 30cm of snow by this evening and I’ve already shovelled 2 times this morning.

Fill the tub, grab my book and soak in the glory of getting down to 150lbs (I had snuck back up to 152)

Or  maybe I’ll do that now! thanks for checking in, hopefully I’ll be back to my better blogs soon