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Zombie Challenge week 6 and change to March running goal

Sooooo guess which team came in 1st for week 5…

you guessed it, mine! Team EMMA!! seriously my team is really killing it.



Challenge # 6You pounce on the man without a thought, jumping with your legs wide and slapping your hands together, catching his body in between your palms like a squashed bug. The guy screams and punches at you with his fists. But his blows barely even faze you — your hunger is too insatiable. You are about to sink your teeth into his arm when you feel a heavy boot collide with your side. The force of the kick knocks you off of the man and you find yourself staring up at his friends. You snarl at them and start to grab for them as well. But one of the men holds up a shiny object. The word gun flitters through your head just as he cocks it and blows a bullet straight through your gut. You stare at the hole in your midsection in awe. The man shoots again, this time the bullets catch you in the head.

Then everything starts to turn grey as you fall back onto the pavement. Although you are unconscious for the most part you hear the men talking excitedly. One of the guys pokes you with the tip of the gun but you are too weak to even open your eyes. They eventually leave, thinking you are dead.

You fight for consciousness for a few moments. Then you manage to sit up, crunching to the side. But you suddenly can’t remember why you are in the middle of the street — or why there is a giant bloody hole in your abdomen and head. Then you spot movement on the street up ahead. And your desire for fresh meat once again overtakes you. You manage to get back onto your feet and stumble after them.

After what feels like an eternity of walking, you hear grunts, growls and shouts. There is a large complex up ahead surrounded by tall gates. A mass of people are pressing up against the first fence, trying to push it down — and they are all zombies like you.

Choice 1: Join the group of zombies. You can smell an abundance of fresh meat inside – you’ve got to get that fence down!
Choice 2: Look around to see if there is a closer food source hiding somewhere nearby.

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!
Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 200 minutes/ week
Strength: 270 Oblique Crunches on EACH side
Agility: 270 Seal Jumping Jacks (jump in, jump out = 1 rep)


I know I had set a running goal for 115km in March, but I’m going to have to give up/call it quits for this month.  I am still working out 5 days a week but my ball hockey and basketball team are both in play offs (which means up to 3 games a week, from the normal 1) I’m getting married in 3 weeks so let me tell you I am STRESSED the F out and trying to make sure everything is organized and of course nothing can ever go smoothly (if anyone ever tells you planning a wedding is fun, they’re a liar.  take my advice and ELOPE) and I was signed up last-minute for training at work on days off.  Ok I have a lot of other stuff going on as well but I think my list could be like 100 excuses/reasons why I can’t fit running in and I’ve listed off enough as is.

I figure, it’s ok because I need a bit of a break.  I’m still out running, but I do like to also use the elliptical or bike from time to time at the gym so as long as I’m still kicking my own ass at the gym in March I’ll get back to a running goal in April after my wedding and everything settles down a little bit.  My over all goal is my health and weight so I’m still doing what I need to be doing.




Zombie challenge week 5

For challenge week 4, Team Emma (my team) came in 2nd.  That is 2 weeks of 1st and 2 weeks at 2nd…. we’re pretty damn great!
Challenge # 5

You unsteadily climb to your feet and shuffle toward the sounds. When you get to the end of the block you are excited to see several cars and motorcycles heading out of town. But that’s not really what gets you excited — it’s the pack of people you see following the procession of vehicles that’s got your stomach grumbling. They are like a juicy herd of cattle just waiting for you. You have no idea where they are all going but it doesn’t matter. You are so starving your stomach feels like it’s going to eat itself.

You stumble out onto the road, limping after the group. A discarded tire in the middle of the road almost trips you but you manage to jump over it, kicking your butt with both heels. The hop was a little too much for your decaying muscles and you find yourself sinking, lunging to one knee. But you push yourself back up to a standing position and continue limping toward the group.

Several people at the rear of the pack suddenly fall behind as they get involved in an intense conversation. You are only a few feet away — the group is so engrossed in their argument that they don’t even notice you approaching. One of the guys in the group suddenly stops and bends down to fiddle with something on his shoe. The people are still arguing — so much so that they don’t realize that their friend is no longer with them.

Choice 1: Immediately jump on the guy to satisfy your hunger.
Choice 2: Wait until the others are farther away before you attack.

Food: Keep your calories in the “green” every day this week!
Water: Drink 8 cups of water a day.
Cardio: 175 min/week (I recommend 35 min/day, 5 days a week)
Strength: 225 Cross Lunges (right lunge, left lunge = 1 rep)
Agility: 225 Double Leg Butt Kicks (Do one leg at a time if too hard)

Sorry I’ve been so slack about updating the challenge on Monday’s when I start them. I’ve been seriously busy! hardly have time to fit m y workouts in, and I’ll choose a workout over blogging most days, even though I really miss blogging when I do!
I have been loving this zombie challenge.  I’ve found it so motivating.  I will finally be updating my before and after photos the last week of March.  I feel soooo much better with all the running, strength/agility and paying closer attention to my calorie intake.
I finished “The Walking Dead” that was on netflicks so now I’m hoping they put the next season up soon! I do usually watch so  much TV alone and get into a series like that so I need to find a new series to watch while on the treadmill as I wont be running outside much for a while.  It is DEADLY icy.  I attempted a run a few days ago on paths that should be cleared by the city… no such luck, it was so icy I could hardly walk.  Home I went to the treadmill.
Any suggestions for netflicks TV series I should get into??  Right now we have the Canadian version.  Hoping to switch that soon.


no one shovels anymore

Ok meant to check in on Monday with my “update” on KM for Feb 1-3 but obviously was much to busy until today!

I only fit in 6.43KM.

Doing good so far this week.  I’ll leave it at that and update my total KM on (hopefully) Monday.  But I did get to finally run outside today and boy was it challenging.

Here’s why:

No one shovels anymore.  It’s Feb and everyone in Edmonton knows that winter lasts until the end of April, BUT everyone decides they are sick of shovelling snow come the end of January. 

Which means, my time was slowed down due to walking over icy driveways, I fell once, my feet were cold cause of the snow going over my ankles where it wasn’t shovelled.

Here’s why my run was AWESOME:

I was outside! regardless of all the above junk I love running outside and will attempt it tomorrow again too!  lol


I bought new pants from lululemon (Toasty Tech Tight)  and they are PERFECT for the weather here in Edmonton.  As they state “made for cold weather running” and they are! today was only -10 when I ran but I noticed the difference compared to just the normal running pants I have.  Love, loved them!

this pic is from the lululemon website. I don’t have red, mine are white

So close

Well I was so close,

I ran 14.43km on Thursday… on the treadmill.  Even with the Walking Dead, I got a little bored, but truly I ran out of time and was tired.  If I didn’t have to leave in the afternoon to coach basketball I would have stayed on the treadmill, but I was exhausted in the evening after I cooked an amazing dinner which will soon be a blog post as well.

Side thought- I just find it easier to run outside.  Damn cold and snow and people not shovelling.

I was very close to making my January goal but I just couldn’t pull it off.  I’m still happy with running 115km though.

My running goal for February is 115km (short month right?)

I’ll update on Mondays!

I’m also doing this, which is a tad small and is from a few February’s ago but I’ll just follow along with the numbers.


Running away 125km

I’m still flaky when it comes to blogging often. I have millions of excuses, but whateves I’m writing today.

My goal for January is to run 125km. I started the month out strong and slowly did less and less each week. Time for excuses yet? We all have stuff that pops up and takes up a ton of our time or makes us feel like we can’t get to the gym or outside or on the treadmills in our basement (really? really?) or Sometimes it is just pure laziness. Anyways I’ve still been working at the KM’s just at a slower pace each week until this week. Here’s how it’s looked

I have a little white board where I’ve been keeping track of my KM each week

I will finish this goal.

So yes the first week I was on track as I was aiming to do 25km a week so I didn’t have to run so much like I am now.. oh well.  It warmed up here and I could run outside that first week and then it got extremely cold again it was back to the treadmill.  I don’t love the treadmill but I still do it, even if it looks like I wasn’t.  I had random stuff pop up that helped me slack a bit too.  I’ve made myself a promise that while I’m watching “Walking Dead” at home, I have to be using the treadmill, even if I’m just walking.  That is how I’ve gotten at least a few of these KM’s in.

thank goodness for my myfitnesspal buddy who I do weekly challenges with.  This week is km/miles so at the beginning of the week I had 79.94km left to make 125.  I set my goal at this week at 40km so that would split the total just about in half.  So far as of yesterday I have fan 22.15km this week.  I’m eating my breaky now so that I can go watch a Walking Dead while I get in at least 5km this am before I go coach basketball and work. It’s supposed to be nicer outside as of today (not yet) so I’m hoping I can get outside for my runs on fri and sat.

I’m a Libra, although I don’t have a tattoo to prove it

I have a problem with being alone. I also have a problem with often thinking the more the merrier, which is not always merrier, but that’s a whole other story for some other day.

I am a libra, although I don’t have a tattoo to prove it, I think many of the attributes that libras are said to have, I posses. Such as “They really don’t know what to do with themselves if their partner isn’t with them” as stated on this website, Always Astrology I googled.  I’m also terribly indecisive and obviously only Libra’s are.

Growing up my mom always told me to spend more time in my own solitude, take time for myself or whatever, but I didn’t want to. I want to be around people 24/7.  If I’m EVER in the mood to be alone, I’ll know it and I’ll take the time, but that literally happens like twice a year.   Anyways libras don’t love being alone yet I spend a ridiculous amount of time that way. My beau, Ryan, works graveyard shift (6pm-6am) and then sleeps till about 3 hours before he works. I spend all day usually 8am-3pm “ALL BY MYSELF” as sung by Celion Dion. I go to the gym, blog, pay bills, clean, and whatever else to pass that time, some days I’m not really sure how the day passed as I accomplished nothing more than moving from my bed to the computer and maybe downstairs quickly to get coffee.  I do work, and I work with kids, but I’m Single staffed, so when I’m having a rough day with the kids (who aren’t really kids, they’re 15-18 years old) I often feel like I’ve had no real conversations or have no one to talk to.

The real problem is when I have evenings off while Ryan is working. By the time he leaves I’ve already spent at least 6 hours in my own head.  And if you’ve ever been in my head, or close to it, YOU may know that there is WAY too much going on in there  That to me, is a significant amount of time for any human to spend by themselves. Especially for poor little libra me. So by evening when I’m left with my thoughts, I feel like I have no idea what to do. I often try to make plans with friends, but they also have lives or enjoy being alone- wtf? Anyways I’ve been noticing some of my old (and bad) habits have been sneaking back into my life.  I literally can’t move from the couch some nights when Ryan has left for work.  I don’t really enjoy watching TV that much, so it’s a weird thing to be watching TV, longing to do something else, but not having the strength (or maybe willpower) to convince myself to move from the sprawled out position I’m in on the couch.

 “Libra’s are not regarded as one of the more physically active signs. Having been born attractive, you don’t feel any great need to work hard at it. But you do maintain it, mostly with social sports like golf and tennis. You’re also blessed with poise and fluid movement, so dancing is common as well. Anything casual that can be done with companionship—that’s what you want.”

I hope you all had a good laugh at the “born attractive” bit cause that is as vain as it gets (which is a Libra trait and I think Cancer as well because Emma always tells Jen and I we are vain).  Anyways my point, if I even had one, was I am a social creature and I need to make sure I get out and be socail!   I love playing on sports teams where there’s the physical challenge I need, but also the social aspect of being on the team.  I love my hockey team, all the ladies get along fairly well, which can be hard with a group of 15 women.  I have to call this horoscope website on their BS, as I do work hard at keeping fit. Or at least I work hard at it now because I learnt my lesson by letting myself get out of shape.

So this is where I don’t remember if the point I was trying to make has been made but I’m going to post my blog anyways.

Hockey love pt 2

There is no way I could ever love Hockey as much as Ryan, I stated in Hockey Love pt. 1, posted on Jillandnikkidowork   and I wanted to go into more detail about HOW there is no way I could ever love Hockey as much as Ryan.  This guy watches every NHL game (though sadly not this season) and SCREAMS so much at the TV our two cats have been scared. I think they’re used to it now, but I swear I have a video somewhere of the cats and Ryan yelling in the background where they got scared and ran out of the room.  If I find it I will post it.

Edmonton Oilers
Edmonton Oilers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is who Ryan is firstly in love with.  His Oilers. He’s born and raise in Edmonton and will never stray from them.  I’m from Calgary, which is why I think Ryan will firstly be in love with the Oilers for always.  I’m a Flames fan first.

Have you ever been to a sporting event where there is this really obnoxious fan (this is a slide show that list 21 types of obnoxious fans, if you want to take a peak) who wont stop yelling or swearing or commenting or whatever?  Well Ryan is one of those people.  I truly say all of this with love because I have to laugh at it.  Out of the obnoxious fan slide show, Ryan can portray anyone of those sports fans on any given day or any second of a game, but the one that stands out is the Negative Nelly, if it doesn’t show up its number 19 on the list.  This is just a quick explanation

“Those with a more severe affliction are prone to drastic mood swings, misplaced rage/affection, suicidal/homicidal threats—all of which can shift suddenly from minute to minute. These types usually even find tragic fault with a loss—being around them is exhausting. ”

Ryan loves the game but if the Oilers are losing, so is everyone else around him.  He hates HIS team all of sudden, they all are horrible players, the coaches suck, pilons could play better… you get the point? As soon as a games over he still is maddened by the team but he’s a “die-hard” Oilers fan and would never actually give up on them.  On the odd chance we actually get tickets to go watch the Oilers I actually pretend I’m not with the guy.  He yells the same way at a game as he would in the privacy of our own home.  One time a few coworkers of mine who hadn’t really met Ryan were seated beside us and said “wow, you weren’t kidding” as I had given them a heads up before hand.  Just so they weren’t in shock and thought I might go home to domestic abuse.  Side note, even in a fight Ryan has never yelled at me like he does at the Oilers.

I still can’t believe Ryan met his, then favourite player Hemsky a few years ago and didn’t ask him to sign his Hemsky Jersey!

The last time the Oilers were actually playing for the Stanley Cup was right before I moved to Edmonton.  I didn’t know Ryan at that time.  He informed me that when the Oilers lost he went into a sever  depression, he had actually didn’t work for a week or two because he was that upset that they lost the cup. He hardly spoke to anyone.  Life was pretty much over.

I at first thought he was kidding but soon realized F@*K he’s not kidding and is one of them hockey loving freaks.  He doesn’t seem to get as upset now when the Oilers lose, but It worries me that the past could eventually repeat itself.  But who am I kidding, the Oilers have come in last for a few years now so I’m sure it’ll be quite some time before this could ever repeat itself.

Follow through

I finally finished updating my post 30 days active June. I was not 100% successful at being active 30 days but I did work out 19 of them which is 5 days a week minus weekends and one day.  I think I might try 31  days active august in hopes to set that goal and actually reach it.

I say this because I haven’t been following through on many of the goals I set lately.

Here’s the list of excuses I’ve come up with that have been stopping me:

Laziness, fear of failure and success, not wanting to do it alone, more laziness, over eating, some pain, extreme heat

ALL are excuses

I’m ok when I don’t succeed and meeting a goal cause sometimes I can’t do everything I’ve planned or worked hard at, but it’s the fact that I haven’t been trying that gets me right pissed at myself.

How do you convince yourself to follow through?

I found I had more follow through when I set a weekly goal or 2 that assisted me in working towards a final goal.  I said I was coming up with a new plan to work towards, so here it is.

1)Reach my goal weight of 140 pounds by October 20, 2012- I had this as my goal weight last year and was off by 10 pounds.  I feel good at my 150lb weight but know that I’d feel ever better with those last 10lbs off.

2) Run a 5km, 10km, and Half Marathon Race by October 20, 2012- the easy part is the Half Marathon I am already signed up for.  Now to find a 5 and 10, hoping to find a 10km in Nova Scotia the week of Sept 19-25 so if you know of one let me in on it!

3)Mondays-weigh in, take weigh in photo (to see results that will be posted in October) and come up with a new week-long challenge/goal.  such as going to a new class, running so many kms cooking something new whatever idea I come up with or steal from others 🙂

I will weigh in on monday and post my measurements.

Here’s a list of some things I’m going to do to get past my excuses and work towards these goals, cause really I have my own wedding to attend in April and look top-notch for, so it’s time to stop being a slacky slackerson.

  • I will see if any of my running buddies can run, I made a list of them all (Aline, Jill, Jen, Emma, Stacy, Jocelyn,Ryan and Margaret.  Anyone else want to be added to that list? you let me know)

    This is Margaret. Cute, huh?
    She’s not mine but when I dog sit, she runs 10ks with me. run your weight in distance… nah I’ll run Margaret’s weight in distance though
  • Ryan has offered to run (starting out) 10km a week with me, so two 5kms a week! that’s a huge commitment from him! BUT he also suggested (I know right, he suggested!) that we pick out a Looneyspoons recipe and cook one each week! woo to healthy meals!
  • Keep track of my workouts on my handy-dandy Positive Reinforcement chart.
Positive Reinforcement-aka my calendar
I’m like a kid, what can I say. I put a sticker up when I work out.
  • I still use myfitnespal to count calories and track my workouts as well.  I have found the online support helpful as well.
  • I play ball hockey but we are in between seasons right now, I will be playing as soon as it starts up again in the fall AND I’ve decided to play basketball again! so this fall I’ll be joining my old team that I played with when I was overweight and seeing just how much better I play now that 30lbs is off my body!   Also going to start going to drop in ball hockey on Tuesday nights again, I just needed a break to try to clear up the last of my blisters

    gross I know but OUCH my feet were really bad there for a while. I found my orthodics (sound like an 80-year-old yet) and my feet have cleared up nicely. and Finally 2 toe nails fell off from my first Half Marathon What a treat!

The Sweats

The only thing I truly hate about working out, is the amount I sweat.  I am a sweaty, sweaty individual.  It’s annoying, kinda gross and makes some workouts a real hassle.  I bring a towel, aka sweat rag, to hockey, the gym and almost any place I work out.

I hate when I’m playing hockey and sweat is dripping down my face, back, arms, knee caps and pretty much anywhere you can think of.   I can’t focus, it’s distracting.  I can’t play with a fully caged helmet for that single reason.  Need to be able to have quick access to wipe my sweaty face.  When I was training with Danielle (personal trainer) she was good about saying “it’s not just you” and “I’ve seen way more sweat than that” but when it’s dripping off your body on to a mat mid bridge and your arms are slipping on the mat you think to yourself that you’re pretty nasty.

I talk about this issue of mine with Jen and Emma, thank god they say they also sweat their asses off, but for real I think I’m the only girl on the team with a sweat rag.

Jen sent me this relevant link showing celebrities sweating their asses off in public places in hopes to make me feel better.  It did.


I should have my new plan/goals ready to post tomorrow so check back!

30 Days Active June

I joined a group on myfitnesspal in order to help keep me motivated this month.  30 Days Active June.  Here’s what the plan is: Our goal is to do something active every single day in June for 30 minutes or more. If that means jumping up and down or pacing around the house for half an hour just before bed, because the day got away from us, that’s what we’ll do. Any activity will do, we do it all. Not every day has to be a marathon; every little bit more you move your body moves your body closer to goal.

I am going to keep a running tally and update this post every few days with what I’ve done to stay active

June 1- Walked with Ryan around our neighbourhood and to get some groceries

June 2- Play On Ball Hockey Tournament.  My lovely team the “Street Beavers” played 3 games

June 3- Play on Ball Hockey Tournament.  Street Beavers played another 3 games which took us to the FINALS, which we lost to a very skilled team.  Then we made our (our being the Street Beavers, who play for Mish Mash) way to our ball hockey league game where we took the victory in a shoot out (which by the way was won by Emma who scored her first goal this season and it was in a shoot out! I’m jealous of her made skills)

June 4- 30 minute walk around the neighbourhood, since it was a “rest day”.  Also went to physio where I had dry needling acupuncture done on my calves.  I’ve had it before but today was the worst, just click on that link and read the technique section and you might get the squirms. I think my heart rate was elevated enough that I got a 15 minute workout in while the needles were in my legs.  I know I sweat as much as I would during a work out.

June 5- I worked, but had arranged to take one of my boys from work to drop in ball hockey for our recreational night.  we stayed for an hour and a half, got a great work out in and now all 3 of my boys all want to go!

June 6- got my butt to the gym.  my knees have been hurting so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did 30 minutes of weight training, mostly on arms.  In the evening Ryan and I went for an hour and a half walk

June 7- had a really off day but my wonderful hubby to be walked with me for 30 minutes to make sure I got my time in

June 8- Went for an 8.68km run/walk.  My right knee is giving a super hard time when I run long distance right now so I’m not to concerned about how long it takes me just as long as I do the work, but it took just under an hour which isn’t to far from my old pace.  I did a longer run because I’m in week one of training for my next half marathon and missed all the short runs this week.

June 9– I only fit in a 30 minute walk

June 10 – This is one of those days I missed due to drinking too much the night before.  I don’t drink very often for this reason.

June 11- 1 hour walk

June 12- 30 minute walk and 2 hours of drop in ball hockey (I was grumpy today and didn’t find ball hockey fun because of how shitty I was playing)

June 13- 5.45km run and a 15 minute Nike Fit back workout

June 14- Skipped this day 😦

June 15- Skipped this day 😦

June 16- 30 minutes of yard work at work

June 17- 8km run and ball hockey game (first time I’ve scored 2 goals in a game, but we lost)

June 18-Apparently I was lazy this day

June 19- 5km (1 hour) walk to learn more path in my neighbourhood

June 20- Just a quick 20 minute (3km) run and some abs/arms in the living room

June 21-Ball hockey game

June 22- got lazy

June 23- was lazy

June 24- Ball Hockey game

June 25- Worked  a 16 hour day so I didn’t have time to workout 😦

June 26- 5km run with Aline

June 27- again, lazy

June 28- 30 minute 4.32km walk/run and Ball Hockey game

June 29- one last lazy day

June 30- Beach day! spent the day at Wabamun lake playing in the water and playing moon ball (to be shown in a later post)