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Stages of Change-weight loss style

I work with at risk children, youth and families which means I often base my work around the stages of change model.  I have to see where a client is sitting within the stages before I can push/support them to make a change in their life.  This is where my head goes when I’m working on something I want to change as well.

stages of change

I’m past the Pre-Contemplation stage- where you have no intention to change anything

I was teetering between the contemplation and planning stages for most of December.

Contemplation- aware of the problem but no commitment to change.

Preparation  (or Planning some call it)-intent on taking action to change.

I knew what the problem was (my weight/lack of self confidence due to my weight/my eating habits/my lack of exercise) and I wanted to change all of that, but it’s hard to commit.  Near the end of December I started planning on changing- started meal planning for January, planning time to meal prep and planned workouts into my schedule.

Now it’s time to Action this shit.  -actively modifying the behaviour that needs changing.

I am now working on the Action stage.  I have been working out daily (for 3 days ya’ll lol, but i’m working on actioning it), paying closer attention to what I’m eating and why i’m eating.  I just need to  ensure I do this so that it becomes habit so I can then move into the next stage which is,

Maintenance- sustain change, new behaviour replaces the old.

There is also this thing called Relapse.

What happened in December was a relapse- fall back into old patterns/behaviour.  This is also a very normal step in the stages of change, it’s often upsetting and disappointing. It doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.  I slipped back into not exercising, not eating well and just being lazy.  All sort of things can trigger this: for me, this time, it was getting sick.  I’ve gotten sick before and it hasn’t triggered me to turn back into a lazy ass.  You just never know for sure.

I sometimes hate that relapse is a normal part of the stages of change, but change takes a lot of work.  Relapse is also a time to look back and reflect from what went wrong the first, second, third (however many) attempts and try things differently the next time.  I’m sure I’ll hit a few more relapse’s and I’ll start over.  Like I said before, it’s hard to admit I’ve failed, but I don’t give up.

Where are you in your stage of change?