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Weigh in Day 3: slow and steady

I usually try to have my treat/cheat meal on Friday or Saturday, AFTER weigh in day, but this week it happened to take place Thursday evening. Thursday also being the only day that I’ve felt hungry none stop in the past 3 weeks.  I ate a bit more than planned, but all healthy choices-except for my chicken brie and fig sandwich (minus skin) and yam fries (healthier right??? lol) it was so worth it for my cheat meal.   I still felt good about how I ate for the day.

but I was a little nervous that the meal, plus a few extra calories from extra snacks would completely ruin my weigh in.  Hopped on the scale this morning.

Last week: 159.8

This week: 157.4

That means I’m down 1.4 pounds this week, slow and steady the weight is disappearing, which is super especially after eating a cheat meal the 12 hours before.   This also means Steph has to put $50 extra on her credit card-  I have yet to hear her confirmation of completing this, but I’ll make sure that gets done!  Next week I will weigh in and do measurements. I didn’t post them, but I did take them at my starting weight.

I am feeling confident that I can keep this up until I’m back at my ideal weight.  I am hoping to get back to this weight by January 22 as that’s when I have a week off and head to the Bahamas for a friends wedding.  Thinking about wearing bathing suites for a week is motivation to get my butt moving almost every day.

I’m also looking forward to December to have more time to focus on fitness.  I picked up an extra 60 hours at my casual job this past month.  Often I work these extra shifts after my normal job which means I have a 14-16 hour day, or I’ll sometimes pick up an extra 12 hour shift on a Sunday- like I have coming up this Sunday.  This doesn’t leave a lot of time for workouts, so those days I really focus on my meals and sticking to what I’ve planned and packed to eat.   I think I have 1 extra shift in December so I will have more time to dedicate to my half marathon training and working out in general.

The plan for this week:

Friday: Workout with Laura (Laura being my roommate/trainer)

Saturday: Workout with Laura and short 3-4km run with Koda.

Sunday: I work 11-11, but have made plans with my old running buddy Jill to meet at 9am to attempt our old 6.whatever Km run. Then I’ll head to work.

Monday- I took a day off of work to book a bunch of doctors appointments, so once I’m done those for the day the plan is 8km run with Koda in the afternoon.

Tuesday- Work 15 hours, just get in the normal morning walk with Koda.

Wednesday- pack in a short run right after work before Volunteering at the Food Bank

Thursday- Haven’t decided yet, I have a basketball game, but I may be driving home a day early for the weekend.  I’m going see how I feel later in the week, might be a good day for another rest day.

Here’s to another busy and great weekend ahead.


Weigh in day 2: Is it a positive or a positive?

Weighed in this morning and it’s one of those positive negative positive situations. How every you choose to look at it.

Weighted in at 159.2

so that’s down -.06 lb

So that’s POSITIVE, but it’s not the 1lb goal I have set for each week which is negative, BUT means I will be paying (a measly) $25 towards my lady’s shrinking debt.   so that’s still a positive in my mind as I still lost some weight and we’re getting rid of her debt.

I’m still really happy with my weight loss. I had another BUSY week working a little too much between my 2 jobs.  I stuck to my diet except for one evening had a larger snack and a treat, but shit. I was eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted and feeling like crap about it so I can’t even feel bad this week!

I only got 2 runs in this week totally 7.88km, but both were faster times than the last few times I ran so there’s another positive.

Koda leading the way on one of our runs.


My plan for the next week:

Friday- Training with Laura

Saturday- Training with Laura and short run 4-5km run in the river valley

Sunday- Longer Run with Koda  and Soccer game

Monday- I work 15 hours no planned workout

Tuesday- Spin class (unless I work late) or Gym night

Wednesday- Basketball game

Thursday- short run before work with Koda as I work LATE

My running goal for this week since I didn’t meet last weeks is to run a total of 15km. Very doable!

Weighing in and workout plans for the week

Weighed myself this morning.


My goal for November 6th is to be 1 pound down.

I haven’t weighed this much since August 2011. I’ll use it as motivation to get moving. I ran Monday and Tuesday this week after work. Today I have my first personal training session with my roommate.  It’s a win/win for us both, I get trained for free as it’s her practicum, so it’s benefiting us both.   We are working out Friday nights and Saturday mornings for the month and half.  I can’t think of a better way to get motivated in the gym then to have someone else dictate how your ass is going to get handed to you while you’re there.  I don’t have to think up a workout, I just get to go and DO. I am looking forward to it.

I am nervous though. I am very out of shape. In my head I can still lift the weights I was, but truly I can’t right now. That doesn’t mean that I wont again!


My workout plan for the week:

  • Friday- workout with Laura
  • Saturday- Workout with Laura and short run with Koda (I work from 11-5 also so run will be after work as we’re working out before I work)
  • Sunday- Short run with Koda, soccer game
  • Monday- Walk Koda before work, Working a double shift so no actual workout
  • Tuesday- Walk Koda before work, SPIN Class at 6:15
  • Wednesday-Walk Koda before work, again working a double so no workout
  • Thursday- Walk Koda before work, work late that day, but head right to the gym from work.

I went for a run

I’m off every Friday with my current position at work.   This is the day I usually get all my chores for the week done, random errands, appointments and a good workout.   As I’ve mentioned I’ve signed up for a half marathon.  It’s not till February, but I am in training as I’m a tad out of running shape right now due to my lazy/un-motivational summer.  I usually deal with a few injuries when I’m training as well so the earlier I start, the earlier I can fix the injury and keep training.  Anyhow Friday I set out on a run with my bestest running partner Koda.


I was only planning on doing about 5km or so, but once we got to about 4km I took a path that led us to this great off leash forested area, where I’ve run before, but never realized was an off leash because I didn’t have Koda then.   It’s a great path because it’s not just flat.  There’s little hills and some short steeper hills.  So when I came to a bigger hill, Koda and I would run up and down it once or twice.   I also remembered there were stairs further down the path so Koda and I went to find them and did the stairs 4 times.  Ok well I did the stairs 4 times.  Koda did them 3 times and then ran to this nearby creek to get a drink while I ran the fourth time.  Then we ran back out of the forest and headed home.  In total we did 10km in just over an hour.  I really don’t care what my time is because after being sick and having issues running 5km last weekend I was worried I couldn’t’ run for more than 5km. I was also kind of worried about the half marathon I signed up for.  Thinking “shit if I’m having troubles running 5km how am I going to do 21.1?”  Well that 10k put those fears to rest.  I have weeks to train still and I have a running partner who will gladly run any time I want.  PLUS I am running the half with my old blogging partner Jill so once she’s back from a month-long trip she will also want to train with me.

Saturday Koda and I got out for a faster paced 4km run.  Still slower than I usually am, but faster than my average pace of the 10km so that’s good.  I also met up with some friends later in the day at a dog park and forgot to track how many km we walked.  Koda loves the exercise and so do I.  He really is great motivation for me to stay fit.  People keep telling me that Koda’s lost weight, put on muscle and looks great.  So I think all the running/walking we’re doing is benefiting both of us.  Now just to get the husband on board.

I’m off to play ball hockey now and then hit the dog park.  Loving my exercised filled weekends, now to get the exercise to happen after work during the weekdays.

What are you doing to be active today?

Goals, Goals, Goals, ok just one goal

I’ve been lazy.  I’ve put on a few pounds.  My clothes are tighter.  I feel tired, sluggish, slightly depressed and out of shape.

It’s time to stop with the excuses and get my ass in gear.



1)Half Marathon Feb 2014.  I am on the watch for when the sign up opens so that I can a) pay the early bird fee and b) make sure I actually sign up.   I know my body and I have to train for a half marathon, so this will force me to get out and do it.  If it’s “too cold” or I don’t feel like leaving the house I have a treadmill. NO EXCUSES!

I start my training for this half tomorrow.

Training will look something like this:

Sunday-  short steady run (3-6k depending on  which week of my training I’m in)

Monday’s- rest day (i work at 14 hour day so perfect day to rest)

Tuesday- Temp/Fartlek training (4-10k depending on how far in the schedule I am)

Wednesday-Hills/Stairs (3-9k you get the idea I’m sure)

Thursday-Steady 4-8

Friday/Sat- rest or LONG run 7-24km (depending on what I have going on over the weekend I will change-up the rest day and long run day.

Sunday’s I also play hockey so I didn’t want to do a long run on those days as I’ll need my legs later in the day!

I am also planning something fun with Out Running the Fat Kid once she gets settled from moving and starting a new job, so there will be many a blog posts to come.

So close to finishing this running goal

A view of downtown #yeg while running with some girlfriends on the weekend


44.89km was the total I ran last week! The goal was 40 🙂

Now by Jan 31 I only need to run 35.05km to complete my goal. I ran 5.57km this am, wasn’t feeling great today on the treadmill so I just did a shorter run.

That leaves me with 29.48km in 3 days. Which is a bit more than I wanted to do each day but I’ll get it done. 10km takes me about an hour to run so that’s more than manageable I’m just hoping the weather gets nicer so I can at least do some of that running outside!

this is me doing toe touches (ab work) and my personal home trainer staring me down
and this is what he does when I try to do other abs, stretches or anything on the floor


They always tell you

I have this on my “Random Awesomeness” pinterest page cause that’s where I put all the things I think are funny.  This pic I think is funny because it’s so true.  I seriously try to tell everyone that I ran a half marathon, and am about to now.

It’s not that I’m bragging, it’s the fact that I seriously NEVER thought I would ever run for more than 30 minutes, and now before I turn 28, in one year I have run 2 halfs!  So I apologize if I sound like I’m bragging, but it’s more of a feeling of total accomplishment and I hope it to be more inspiring than bragging.

I want to spring back to May when I ran my first half marathon (blast from the past-it’s my past blog post)  i was beyond thrilled when I finished the race, we had trained, we had run a good race and finished before our set goal. It’s probably the proudest moment of my life, I felt more accomplished than getting my Bachelors degree in child and youth care which I’m super proud of also.

But I said in that blog post “I know I couldn’t have got through the day without Jill” which meant I couldn’t have run by myself.  I  never thought after running the first half marathon that I would ever run one alone, and that’s just what I did this time around.

I signed up so I could be the supporter for my friend Kelsey who is also working hard at losing weight.  Sadly a few weeks ago she injured her knee and her physiotherapist told her there would be no way she can even walk the race.  She told me I didn’t have to still run it, since she knew I didn’t want to run alone.  But there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to run it, even alone.

Kelsey and my parents made it out to the race to be own personal paparazzi for this race.

The sunrise right before the race was amazing. How could I not be pumped to run, when my running outfit matched the sky?!

So this will mostly be a photo blog, because My paparazzi did an amazing job!

Me(the purple blur) taking off at the Start line.
Me chatting to Kelsey as I run by. She informed me that my parents were 2 minutes away and were going to be so sad they missed me! made me laugh
running off into the distance. Fish Creek park was an awesome place to run.

Now this is when my troubles started.  I passed Kelsey, this was around km 12 I believe.  I had been running at a great pace for me.  first hour I did 9km and was on track by an hour and a half at 14km.  At km 12, I realized my left foot was very sore, more so 2 of my toes were.  It felt like I was getting a blister, but it hurt more than a usual blister that I can run though, so I kept running.  then my calf cramped, just slight which made me almost lose my footing so I had to stop and walk.  I had been walking off an on already, this wasn’t the first time but this is when it actually bothered  me to walk because I had just taken my walking break.  I realised my toes weren’t blistering they were cramping and it if I flexed them it made my calf cramp.  I tried to just keep running, but then my right calf started cramping as well! I kept running until one of my legs would cramp and then I’d walk, but my pace drastically changed and at km 16 I knew I wouldn’t make it to the finish by my goal time of 2 hours 25 minutes, which would have been about 3 minutes faster than my last run (if not better than that!) and just decided I would finish as fast as my silly legs would let me this day!

km 19, my parents and Kelsey were waiting and screaming words of encouragement as I was trying to tell them “MY CALF IS FING ME OVER” but in a nicer way than fing. They kept yelling “RUN you’re almost done” so I ran past them as best I could.

My dad met me at km 21 to take some photos, though when we looked through the camera he hadn’t captured any. It was nice though because I had to walk because of my legs and told him what was going on. He encourage me to try and run it in since it was the last km and he was jogging beside me when my right leg completed cramped, not just the flickering cramps I had been having all race.  I was standing holding my right calf, like I do in the middle of the night when my leg cramps hoping the muscle wasn’t ripping right out of me.  A racer who had already finished and was cheering people on came over and tried to help me stretch. He kept saying put your foot on the ground, I literally could not bend my heel back to put it on the ground and stretch, he forced my leg to, thank god, because there was finally some relief, but my leg was still throbbing. This nice (or creepy ,as we joked about after) man offered to rub my leg, ONLY on the calf , my dad was there watching otherwise it might have been weird.  I was able to walk, and then RUN it into the finish line!

the .1 of the 21.1 km. Running it in to the finish line.

I was handed my finishing medal and a bottle of water.  I wondered over to a curb and immediately just did calf stretches and let everyone come to me

I love sharing ridiculous photos of myself, seriously who just wants to see me smiling all the time?

and then my dad  me out!

All in all, I had a good race.  I got an email my final time was 2:41:44 which was only 13 minutes and 1 second slower than my last run.  I had said before the run I would be disappointed to not beat my time but how could I be? I just ran half marathon with leg cramps and still managed a pretty decent time with having to walk A TON!  I will remember to book a massage the day before my next race (not signed up for any YET) to get out any knots I may have hiding, and will train even harder next time.

30 Days Active June

I joined a group on myfitnesspal in order to help keep me motivated this month.  30 Days Active June.  Here’s what the plan is: Our goal is to do something active every single day in June for 30 minutes or more. If that means jumping up and down or pacing around the house for half an hour just before bed, because the day got away from us, that’s what we’ll do. Any activity will do, we do it all. Not every day has to be a marathon; every little bit more you move your body moves your body closer to goal.

I am going to keep a running tally and update this post every few days with what I’ve done to stay active

June 1- Walked with Ryan around our neighbourhood and to get some groceries

June 2- Play On Ball Hockey Tournament.  My lovely team the “Street Beavers” played 3 games

June 3- Play on Ball Hockey Tournament.  Street Beavers played another 3 games which took us to the FINALS, which we lost to a very skilled team.  Then we made our (our being the Street Beavers, who play for Mish Mash) way to our ball hockey league game where we took the victory in a shoot out (which by the way was won by Emma who scored her first goal this season and it was in a shoot out! I’m jealous of her made skills)

June 4- 30 minute walk around the neighbourhood, since it was a “rest day”.  Also went to physio where I had dry needling acupuncture done on my calves.  I’ve had it before but today was the worst, just click on that link and read the technique section and you might get the squirms. I think my heart rate was elevated enough that I got a 15 minute workout in while the needles were in my legs.  I know I sweat as much as I would during a work out.

June 5- I worked, but had arranged to take one of my boys from work to drop in ball hockey for our recreational night.  we stayed for an hour and a half, got a great work out in and now all 3 of my boys all want to go!

June 6- got my butt to the gym.  my knees have been hurting so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did 30 minutes of weight training, mostly on arms.  In the evening Ryan and I went for an hour and a half walk

June 7- had a really off day but my wonderful hubby to be walked with me for 30 minutes to make sure I got my time in

June 8- Went for an 8.68km run/walk.  My right knee is giving a super hard time when I run long distance right now so I’m not to concerned about how long it takes me just as long as I do the work, but it took just under an hour which isn’t to far from my old pace.  I did a longer run because I’m in week one of training for my next half marathon and missed all the short runs this week.

June 9– I only fit in a 30 minute walk

June 10 – This is one of those days I missed due to drinking too much the night before.  I don’t drink very often for this reason.

June 11- 1 hour walk

June 12- 30 minute walk and 2 hours of drop in ball hockey (I was grumpy today and didn’t find ball hockey fun because of how shitty I was playing)

June 13- 5.45km run and a 15 minute Nike Fit back workout

June 14- Skipped this day 😦

June 15- Skipped this day 😦

June 16- 30 minutes of yard work at work

June 17- 8km run and ball hockey game (first time I’ve scored 2 goals in a game, but we lost)

June 18-Apparently I was lazy this day

June 19- 5km (1 hour) walk to learn more path in my neighbourhood

June 20- Just a quick 20 minute (3km) run and some abs/arms in the living room

June 21-Ball hockey game

June 22- got lazy

June 23- was lazy

June 24- Ball Hockey game

June 25- Worked  a 16 hour day so I didn’t have time to workout 😦

June 26- 5km run with Aline

June 27- again, lazy

June 28- 30 minute 4.32km walk/run and Ball Hockey game

June 29- one last lazy day

June 30- Beach day! spent the day at Wabamun lake playing in the water and playing moon ball (to be shown in a later post)

Run Wild

I completed my very first 10km race yesterday.  The official time is not yet posted on the website, but according to my friend Jill’s watch we ran it in under an hour, which was our goal.  We decided during the first km that we were not stopping to walk, even though we have been training by doing 10&1s, which is 10 minutes of running and a minute of walking.  We have been training this way since we are also running our first half marathon this coming up Saturday in lovely Canmore, AB.  The half marathon will be a whole other blog post.

I had a great time yesterday.  The run was set up great, even the stupid hill at the end added to the challenge.  It was sunny and chilly but for a sunday morning at 7:45am but not bad for May in Alberta.  There were times I wanted to stop and walk, but I reminded myself that it was only 10k and that I had set a goal that I wanted to accomplish.   After we passed each km marker I would remind myself  “only 5 more k left” or “only 2 more k left” .  It’s way easier to think that way than “oh that’s it?!?!”   I used some positive self talk when I felt like stopping to walk. I tell myself – I am strong, I am fit, I am healthy and envisioned just how strong my muscles are.  Which really helps me to refocus and continue what I’m doing-running my butt off.

Jill and I talked through out the run, and picked our pace up after we passed anyone who was cheering.  Didn’t matter who they were cheering for it felt like they were our own personal cheer leaders.  around the 5km mark there was a large group of people waiting with bells and encouraging words so we put it in high gear and started passing more and more people.  We were doing great until the last km which was the only part of the race we dreaded.  It was a hill. Yes, the stupid one I already mentioned.  I didn’t look up the course before we ran, I like not knowing where I’m going.  For me it seems to take less time that way.   I just assumed there would be some hills in this race.  Well you could see this mountain from a km away and started dreading it immediately.  Looking back Groat Road is more of mountain than this hill but at the end of a race it felt like Everest.  The volunteers who wore bright yellow vests  were standing at the top of the hill to tell us “the ends a block away” so that you didn’t yell “WTF is a hill doing at the end of the race”.  We ran hard and when we saw the finish line we sprinted to finish hard.

GULFPORT, Miss. (May 19, 2010) A Sailor and a ...
I’m sure this is how Jill and I looked sprinting it in to the finish line.

Wow did it ever feel good to finish that race! About 2 years ago a girlfriend and I did the 5km walk for the underwear affair.  It took us about an hour to walk the 5km.  I remember seeing people coming running in around the hour mark for the 10km and thinking “that is nuts, I would never be able to do that” and yet, just a few years later I DID do it! The funny thing is I run 10km all the time now, so it’s not like yesterday was some crazy out of reach feat where I was surprised that I could finish, I just had never been in a “race” or set a time for myself, so to accomplish both, running in a race and beating a set time, really filled me with pride.  I couldn’t help but announce it on Facebook.   I can only imagine how Saturday will feel running the Half Marathon.  This 10km has made me less nervous about Saturday, I’m not looking forward to it and know that it is going to still hurt and be a huge mental and physical challenge but I’m up to it and dang will it feel good to cross the finish line!

I’ve been keeping track of the Run Wild Race Results but ours have yet to come up, hopefully soon.