Weigh in Day 4: not a super week

I didn’t have the best week.  I started 2 blog post to post mid week, but then didn’t finish either of them. I found it extremely hard to fit in my workouts and stick to eating well- mostly in the evenings.  Plus I’ve been out of town all weekend, thus the late post.  I did however bring my scale and my measuring tape so I could record my measurements.  I ‘m going to post my measurements in another post this week as my moms computer is so slow that it’s taken me ages to write this first blurb,so Making a small chart seems impossible.

Last weeks weight: 157.4

This week: 158.4

a total of 4 pounds this month (which averages out to a 1 pound a week so that’s positive!)

+1 pound! I didn’t freak out, it’s only 1 pound.  i know I can do better, and I know some of the foods I ate this week weren’t the greatest.  Not the end of the world.  My mom took a look at me and said “You’ve lost weight”   I asked her where she thought from. My face and mid section.  I’m alright with that!

picI a

The part I find hard is not being home since Thursday night. I brought my running clothes, but I have yet to go for a run.  I find it very hard to fit in workouts when I come home for a weekend.  I want to visit my family and friends.  I usually spend the entire weekend running all over town to visit or go to appointments and find myself more exhausted by Monday then I was on Friday.  One thing we do is take my dog to the dog park here, my parents will usually come as well so at least we’re all getting a little exercise in.

My workouts for the remainder of the week:

Sunday-short run with Koda

Monday- Gym night

Tuesday- Run



I will be doing a bunch of meal prepping tonight once we get home to prepare for a good week.


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