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Hypothermic Half Marathon and other events

Excuses, excuses that’s all I ever have for not hammering out a blog once a week, but man have I been busy. And by busy, I mean working out on the days I usually write my blog! So forgive me, please?

Where to start!?
I haven’t posted since January?! Damn I truly didn’t think it had been that long. I went home to visit my folks for 4 days at the beginning of feb and worked out 3/4 days with my 2 BFFs from high school. It was awesome. They let me put them through some tough workouts and they loved it! Or so they said 🙂20140218-095359.jpg

I have been emailing my nutritionist every Friday still updating her with my exercise for the week.  I need to get back on track with my eating.  I have lost weight in the past month, but I’ve also been pretty stressed out with life and haven’t been eating well.  Working out a ton to deal with the stress which has helped but I don’t want to put this weight back on.


Sun 1- 2 ball hockey games
Mon 2-rest
Tues 3-45-elliptical
Wed 4-rest
Thurs 5-30 elliptical 30 weigh training (with my girlfriends in the pic) 30 min dog walk
Fri 6- 35min elliptical, 30 min weight (with my girlfriends in the pic) 20 min dog walk and I’m headed to the gym with another girl friend of mine in an hour so at least another hour of exercise.


 Fri 7- 30 min cardio 30 min weight training ( with my girl friends in the pic)
Sat 8- 30 min cardio 30 min weight training
Sun 9- 2 ball hockey games
Mon 10-rest
Tues 11-30 min weights
Wed 12-rest
Thur 13- hour and a half drop in hockey and didn’t time it, but probably an hour at the dog park

Fri 14- 1 hour sculpt barre class and 1 hour at the dog park

Sat 15- 1.5 drop in hockey

Sun- My 3rd HALF MARATHON, and 1st half marathon of 2014 plus 2 ball hockey games

Ok lets talk about this Half Marathon- The Hypothermic Half.

I did not training very well for this run.  The longest run I did before hand was 12k which was about 3 weeks ago? maybe longer. Jill my running buddy and I were both freaking out a bit about doing the run but both said “F it, we’ll do what we can. If we have to walk we walk”  well we finished in 2:18 (unofficial time- still need to check the official time)which is our best time to date.  The last half we ran together we did in 2:28 so we shaved about 10 minutes off.  We enjoyed a lovely brunch after. 20140218-095338.jpg

I had some calf cramping issues this run as well.  They started around the 15km mark but and would once in a while cramp, so Jill and I would walk for a bit until I could run again.  Other than this the run was great! My only other issue is I feel sick almost immediatly after I finish running, and do for most of the day. Not 100% sure what to do about that, so if anyone has any tips feel free to pass them along.




icy walks and rolled ankles.

I missed blogging last week, completely lost track of the weekend.
What did I get up to last week you may be wondering? (Feb 17-23)
Fri- I can’t remember/didn’t put it into MFP
Sat- 60 min run
Sun-120 min run and 2 ball hockey games
Mon- rest
Tues- 20 min dog walk
Wed- nothing
Thurs- 40 min dog walk and 1.5hours at drop in ball hockey
This week felt like it was spring.  It was warm, all the snow was melting and ice was forming when it cooled off at night, which lead to a horrible week for running.  PURE icy walks everywhere.  I set out one day to run with Koda and it turned into a core building walk as we were both slipping and sliding.  I promptly went to the running room and bought spikes, which I’ve been meaning to do for a few years, but have yet to use them… too scared, just so much ice!
This week I managed to fit in a fair amount of work out time even with an injury. (Feb 24-30)
Friday-45 minute dog walk
Sat-2.5 hours at drop in hockey
Sun-1 ball hockey game, I rolled my ankle at the end of the game 😦 had to miss game 2
wed-60min on the elliptical
Thurs-1.5 at drop in hockey
I weighed in last week and I am still at the same weight this week 146.8 (ok I’m actually up .2 but does that even count?)
I rested my stupid ankle Sunday night, Monday and Tues.  Wednesday I was going nuts so I went to the gym and used the elliptical for an hour.  Figured I wouldn’t run on my ankle just to give it more of rest.  I wasn’t planning on going to drop in this week but got a last-minute invite and figured why not.  The ankle is feeling pretty good and if it hurts I can always stop. I have been playing a ton of ball hockey, as I have mentioned, and love, love, love playing. If I could play every day I would. I’m building more confidence and skill each time I play.  At last nights drop in, I’ve only gone to this drop in twice, one of the guys that I played against last week made sure I was on his team.  He asked if I play, which I informed him of my Ladies Leagues, and he said “ya it shows, you’re good.  You know positions, cover for D” and maybe a few other things.  I said thank you, as I’m still always a little thrown off when I get complements, especially from people I don’t know very well.  Hoping to make it to drop in tomorrow and then I have 2 games on sunday!
I am off to the gym this morning though, so I better get off my butt and the computer before I get into a “I don’t feel like working out” stage.. hey it happens, even though I like working out!
Have a great weekend!

Ball Hockey Tournament

Weighed in at: 148 lbs yesterday morning.

so I’m -1lb this week

I didn’t have the greatest week but here’s what I got up to since last Friday.

Friday- 40 minute run on the treadmill – Catching up on season 3 of The Walking Dead

Saturday- 4 ball hockey games.  I was in an outdoor tournament with some friends.

Sunday- 1 last game for the outdoor tournament, and then my 2 regular ball hockey games

the rest of the week was extremely stressful and I didn’t have time to work out 😦

We were the only team with more women than men, ok there was only one other team with women. We destroyed one mens team and did very well against a young mens team- all whom were under 24 and play a high level of hockey.  We ended up only playing these 2 mens teams due to some teams not showing up as it was so cold.  Remember it was an outdoor tournament at -20 with the windchill.

some of my fav ladies
missing a few members of our team


Due to my stressful week I have still not set any monthly goals.  I didn’t work on my goal of pre-packaging food for the week, it just seems like too much right now.  I’m just trying to make sure I eat at all with this stress.  My first half marathon for the year is coming up on Feb 16 so I am off to get out for a training run as I have been slacking in that department.  I know I’m physically fit enough to, just need to up my mental game and make sure my calves don’t cramp up while running.

Have a great week!

Needed sometime to decide what’s happening in 2014

I needed a break from blogging.  So I have not posted since November.

I have missed it though, so I am back.

I still do not have time to blog as much as I used to so I’ve decided that once a week at some-point between Friday-Sundy I will post.

I needed a break from Nov-till now because I wasn’t in the right state of mind to be working out consistently and paying close attention to what I was eating.  Not that I was going hard on Christmas cookies, cause I didn’t and I didn’t put on any weight over Christmas!  Life just got busy.

I have still been visiting with my nutritionist to discuss what I’m eating, when I’m eating, how to stay motivated etc.  And I have a goal to be down to 148 (on her scale) by Feb 15.  I had jumped back up to 153 before I went on my trip in November so I figured 5lbs is a reasonable goal for just over a month and if I can do lose more than I will.  I say on her scale because there’s a 3lb difference when I weigh in at home compared to her scale.  I could also be that I’m not naked in her office weighing in but that’s ok.

My current health/fitness goals for 2014:

1) Get down to 135 by December 2014- taking this nice and slow because I think the slower I do it the easier it will be to maintain when I get to my goal weight.

2) Run 3 half marathons- I’m signed up for one in feb, signing up for the Lulu-lemon Sea Wheeze in Vancouver and have plans to do one in chicago with a girlfriend but I’m not sure I can make it anymore so I will look at possibly doing another one in Edmonton or make another trip out of one.

3) Get good at meal planning, cooking and pre-packaging- I want to make sure that I have healthy snacks to grab at all times, but also breakfasts, lunches and dinners.  So whether I plan out my meals for a week and cook them all over the weekend or just at least have breakfasts and lunches ready to go I haven’t decided what will work.  I think it will take some trail and error.

Here’s how I plan on reaching some of these goals:

My friends are amazingly supportive. THANK GOD for them! If you’ve follow my blog you know I play on a women’s ball hockey team. My gf Steph (who’s on my ball hockey team) has been making me come to drop-in ball hockey on Saturdays & Wednesdays and any other night that I’m free and drop-in people need a sub.  Steph has also made me join another women’s ball hockey team that is in a lower division than our ball hockey team so that I can work on my stick handling and fitness.

I’m in the white helmet (not the goalie)

Jen and Emma (who you should remember from previous blogs) are also into the ball hockey scene with us.  They also got a dog around the same time that I did so we spend a lot of time at the dog park with our furbabies who are also BFF’s so going for walks and runs with our dogs is one of our fav ways to hang out now.  except that it’s been -40 WAY TOO OFTEN this stupid winter.

Koda attacking Penny. Swear on my life they are just playing!


SOOOO I play at least a minimum of 4 hours of ball hockey a week right now. I will continue to do this throughout 2014.

I will be weighing in on Friday mornings, so I will post my weight with my weekly blog.

I weighed in yesterday at 149 (my scale)

I will also post what exercise/activities I’ve done for the week.

I’m sure I will come up with monthly goals as well but I really just wanted to get a post out there.  I am off to an outdoor ball hockey tournament, have 4 games today and who knows how many tomorrow before my 2 league games! Wish me luck!


Ready, Set, May Goals

Aaaaaghg I haven’t written in a while.

so I was supposed to come up with some goals for the last two weeks of April after the wedding shiznet all calmed down, but I didn’t.  Not gonna lie I’ve been a little lazy.  Don’t’ get me wrong I’m still playing ball hockey (2x a week now), running ever few days, BUT I haven’t been doing much weight training and that’s when I start to notice my clothes fitting differently.  I’ve lost some muscle this month but I haven’t been eating as healthy as I normally do either.

he’s just so cute lol

BUT nothing I can’t step up and fix right away.  I’ve come up with some new goals for MAY!

1) Run 115km in may- I’ve got 2 10k races in May, plus the weather is kind of almost, perfect to run outside (we got snow yesterday wtf?), more running buddies are coming out of the woodworks and asking me to run with them. Not that I don’t love to run alone especially now that Zombies Run! second addition is out.

Anywho more goals

2)Hit the Gym 2x a week- I haven’t been using my gym membership as frequently as I should.  When I go to the gym I always do weights, so if I go 2x a week I’m at least doing 1.5 hours of weights a week.

3)Meal Plan- This is also why I haven’t had the greatest month.  I have not been eating very well. I am going to meal plan for days when Ryan and I are home together and when I’m home alone so that I know, roughly, what my calories will be.  I also tend to eat less when it’s all planned out and I’m not munching out while.  I’m not home for dinner until friday this week, so that is when I’ll have my meal plan done for and post it on here.


One bad day

From time to time I find a random journal type book and think “Hey I should Journal” and “I’ll keep track of what I eat and how I feel each day as well”.  I found this book that I started, but only wrote on the first page.  Only the first page!  February 25 2009, I see my commitment issue started back then,  as I only Journaled for one day.  I’ve always hated reading what I wrote.  I’ve never been a strong writer, I just do it to get my feelings out, and I truly enjoy blogging and am so happy that anyone checks my blog out. Anywho not the point!  This is the entry I had entered in Feb 2009

I went shopping last night for jeans.  Size 10 was too small! this makes me feel even worse about myself than I had been feeling because it just shows how unfit I have become.

I think my handwriting is so much lager than this type, because that was like 3 lines in this book, whateves, so I wasn’t a huge writer ever, but just reading back and remembering where I was at, makes me sad to remember the pain I was in, but it makes me happy that I’ve changed my life.  I truly hated myself back then.  I was so disappointed that I had let myself gain 30+ pounds and had become totally inactive. That wasn’t me.  I used to be the one who said I never watched TV because I didn’t have time, to busy playing basketball or working out or actually doing something fun with friends.  But at 180pounds (I’m short remember) all I did was stay home and watch TV even though it made me angry, sad and I hated sitting for hours.  Boy did I feel uncomfortable in my skin at that size to.  Buying a clothes a size bigger is not something you brag about in the female world.  It’s something you hide away like you do with secret stash of cookies and don’t tell anyone, not even your best friend. I never want to feel like that again and have been maintaining my wieghtloss for nearly a year.  I’m playing ball hockey and basketball this winter and plan to train for another race, though I don’t know if it will be another half marathon or what.

But I’ve been feeling a tad down this week, which is why I didn’t blog all week.  I really had nothing to share.   It wasn’t a great workout week, though I’m gearing up to run later this afternoon to finish on a high note. I was so hungry everyday I just wanted to eat all the time.  As is fellow blogger Cassy, and girl I agree when the weather gets colder, I want to eat more.  Maybe we have that old wives tale about putting fat on for winter to stay warm in our heads or something.  I was telling Kelseyabout how I’ve had one of those weeks where I just still feel unhappy with myself and feel fat.  I grew up with boys calling me fat and thunder thighs and whatever else they came up with that was hurtful, was I fat back then? I dunno, I was always kind of chubby, but I wasn’t morbidly obese.  But I still have those same thoughts in my head when I look in the mirror. My thighs are so huge, I wish they were smaller, I wish my stomach was flatter, I wish I had less fat here and there and whatever, I can pick my body apart regardless of what size I am. Kelsey did kind of knock some sense into me.  she said “maybe you need to look at that side pic on your blog more.  Like all the time” which made me laugh.  She keeps reminding me that I need to be proud of what I’ve accomplished and think about the people I’ve inspired to do the same.  so I did.  It helped to pull me out of the funk I was in that day, because I don’t always feel crappy just certain days I can just get all picky about how I feel.

need this reminder this week

Follow through

I finally finished updating my post 30 days active June. I was not 100% successful at being active 30 days but I did work out 19 of them which is 5 days a week minus weekends and one day.  I think I might try 31  days active august in hopes to set that goal and actually reach it.

I say this because I haven’t been following through on many of the goals I set lately.

Here’s the list of excuses I’ve come up with that have been stopping me:

Laziness, fear of failure and success, not wanting to do it alone, more laziness, over eating, some pain, extreme heat

ALL are excuses

I’m ok when I don’t succeed and meeting a goal cause sometimes I can’t do everything I’ve planned or worked hard at, but it’s the fact that I haven’t been trying that gets me right pissed at myself.

How do you convince yourself to follow through?

I found I had more follow through when I set a weekly goal or 2 that assisted me in working towards a final goal.  I said I was coming up with a new plan to work towards, so here it is.

1)Reach my goal weight of 140 pounds by October 20, 2012- I had this as my goal weight last year and was off by 10 pounds.  I feel good at my 150lb weight but know that I’d feel ever better with those last 10lbs off.

2) Run a 5km, 10km, and Half Marathon Race by October 20, 2012- the easy part is the Half Marathon I am already signed up for.  Now to find a 5 and 10, hoping to find a 10km in Nova Scotia the week of Sept 19-25 so if you know of one let me in on it!

3)Mondays-weigh in, take weigh in photo (to see results that will be posted in October) and come up with a new week-long challenge/goal.  such as going to a new class, running so many kms cooking something new whatever idea I come up with or steal from others 🙂

I will weigh in on monday and post my measurements.

Here’s a list of some things I’m going to do to get past my excuses and work towards these goals, cause really I have my own wedding to attend in April and look top-notch for, so it’s time to stop being a slacky slackerson.

  • I will see if any of my running buddies can run, I made a list of them all (Aline, Jill, Jen, Emma, Stacy, Jocelyn,Ryan and Margaret.  Anyone else want to be added to that list? you let me know)

    This is Margaret. Cute, huh?
    She’s not mine but when I dog sit, she runs 10ks with me. run your weight in distance… nah I’ll run Margaret’s weight in distance though
  • Ryan has offered to run (starting out) 10km a week with me, so two 5kms a week! that’s a huge commitment from him! BUT he also suggested (I know right, he suggested!) that we pick out a Looneyspoons recipe and cook one each week! woo to healthy meals!
  • Keep track of my workouts on my handy-dandy Positive Reinforcement chart.
Positive Reinforcement-aka my calendar
I’m like a kid, what can I say. I put a sticker up when I work out.
  • I still use myfitnespal to count calories and track my workouts as well.  I have found the online support helpful as well.
  • I play ball hockey but we are in between seasons right now, I will be playing as soon as it starts up again in the fall AND I’ve decided to play basketball again! so this fall I’ll be joining my old team that I played with when I was overweight and seeing just how much better I play now that 30lbs is off my body!   Also going to start going to drop in ball hockey on Tuesday nights again, I just needed a break to try to clear up the last of my blisters

    gross I know but OUCH my feet were really bad there for a while. I found my orthodics (sound like an 80-year-old yet) and my feet have cleared up nicely. and Finally 2 toe nails fell off from my first Half Marathon What a treat!