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Spring into new fitness goals

Sorry I had a very busy work at week which lead to me not even having time to work out really so there was no time to blog.  I did manage to get in a 21.1km run/walk with my old jillandnikkidowork blogging partner Jill as we wanted to make sure we could get the kms in for our first Half Marathon in 2 weeks!


I’ve been feeling kind of weird and off lately.  I feel good in my skin/body I’m maintaining my weight, but because I’ve been so focused on running I haven’t been doing the usual weight training that I LOVE.  I love, love, love doing weights as you really do see results quite fast and I feel so much stronger, fitter and healthier.  Anywho I’m not saying I’m fat but I’m feeling flabby, not as tight and toned as I was and so I have decided to stay focused on running until the half marathon but to set myself some new goals since it’s spring, the weathers great and I know I’m going to be more active than this winter even though I was pretty damn active.  I have more motivation when I have clear goals laid out for me, so here’s what I’m working at


Here’s what I’ve set out for myself


Physical goals:

  • I will stretch after any sort of work out.  My muscles are always way to sore! I do usually stretch but not long enough I guess.
  • I will work out 5x a week but I will do more intense work outs to maximize my results  those workouts will include weight training and continuing to run but maybe being chased by zombies more often 🙂
I’ve had so much support over the last year and still get so many complements and encouraging feedback from people about my weight loss but I’d still like to get that last 10lbs off.  This is after speaking to my doctor about my weight and family history.  So my last goal
  • I will lose 10lbs.  I’d like to give myself a while to work at it, I only want to lose about 1lb a week.  This goal will start May 1 and go until the end of August.  I’ll do a monthly weigh-ins, pictures and measurements on the 30/31st so that I’m not obsessed with the scale.
I’ll still try to set some weekly goals like running so many kms or whatever so this weeks goal
  • Every day I have to do 50 push ups.  by the end of the week I will have done 350 push ups 🙂   I also tend to blog more when I have weekly goals, I talk about the struggles and progress



Emotional Goals:

I want to feel calm and relaxed –  I haven’t felt a complete sense of relaxation since I last took a true holiday and that was May 2009 to Hawaii.  Where you lay on the beach and your biggest worry of the day is to put sun screen on.   

For me to feel more calm and relaxed I am going to have to plan out my 3 jobs appropriately.  I will only work double days so that I actually get time off and I am not going to pick up a ton of shifts just a few extra a month. (I’ve got a wedding to save for peeps, plus I want to pay off my SUV in less than another 4 years or something crazy).  If I start to feel overwhelmed I will choose one of my 2 part-time/relief jobs to quit.

I am going to start a 10 minute relaxation routine before bed.  I never sleep well and it affects my workouts, my work, my entire state of mind and life.   I am going to dim the lights, light a few candles and do some stretching.  I can’t read before bed it wakes me up as I get to into books but I can read light fluffy crap like status updates on Facebook or Twitter or crap about the “Stars” who I truly don’t care about so if I cant’ fall asleep I’ll do that.