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Weigh in Day 3: slow and steady

I usually try to have my treat/cheat meal on Friday or Saturday, AFTER weigh in day, but this week it happened to take place Thursday evening. Thursday also being the only day that I’ve felt hungry none stop in the past 3 weeks.  I ate a bit more than planned, but all healthy choices-except for my chicken brie and fig sandwich (minus skin) and yam fries (healthier right??? lol) it was so worth it for my cheat meal.   I still felt good about how I ate for the day.

but I was a little nervous that the meal, plus a few extra calories from extra snacks would completely ruin my weigh in.  Hopped on the scale this morning.

Last week: 159.8

This week: 157.4

That means I’m down 1.4 pounds this week, slow and steady the weight is disappearing, which is super especially after eating a cheat meal the 12 hours before.   This also means Steph has to put $50 extra on her credit card-  I have yet to hear her confirmation of completing this, but I’ll make sure that gets done!  Next week I will weigh in and do measurements. I didn’t post them, but I did take them at my starting weight.

I am feeling confident that I can keep this up until I’m back at my ideal weight.  I am hoping to get back to this weight by January 22 as that’s when I have a week off and head to the Bahamas for a friends wedding.  Thinking about wearing bathing suites for a week is motivation to get my butt moving almost every day.

I’m also looking forward to December to have more time to focus on fitness.  I picked up an extra 60 hours at my casual job this past month.  Often I work these extra shifts after my normal job which means I have a 14-16 hour day, or I’ll sometimes pick up an extra 12 hour shift on a Sunday- like I have coming up this Sunday.  This doesn’t leave a lot of time for workouts, so those days I really focus on my meals and sticking to what I’ve planned and packed to eat.   I think I have 1 extra shift in December so I will have more time to dedicate to my half marathon training and working out in general.

The plan for this week:

Friday: Workout with Laura (Laura being my roommate/trainer)

Saturday: Workout with Laura and short 3-4km run with Koda.

Sunday: I work 11-11, but have made plans with my old running buddy Jill to meet at 9am to attempt our old 6.whatever Km run. Then I’ll head to work.

Monday- I took a day off of work to book a bunch of doctors appointments, so once I’m done those for the day the plan is 8km run with Koda in the afternoon.

Tuesday- Work 15 hours, just get in the normal morning walk with Koda.

Wednesday- pack in a short run right after work before Volunteering at the Food Bank

Thursday- Haven’t decided yet, I have a basketball game, but I may be driving home a day early for the weekend.  I’m going see how I feel later in the week, might be a good day for another rest day.

Here’s to another busy and great weekend ahead.


Getting back to feeling FIT

I feel fat or a few other words that describe how I feel in my skin right now:  flabby,  beefy,  big, I feel like a butterball, chunky,  dumpy, grosshefty, husky, inflated, jelly-belly, lardass, meaty,  paunchy, plump, plumpish,   potbellied, pudgy, roly-poly,   swollen, thickset, weighty, whalelike.  you know just to name a few.

I told Ryan  this the other day and he called me Fing crazy, so I had to explain what I meant.

I’ve been focusing on running.  Training for half marathons to be exact. I have not been putting in the time at the gym to weight train.  I have noticed in the last few months that I am not as tight and fit as I was when I was doing weights even just twice a week.  I don’t fit into some of the clothes I fit when I weight 154lbs and I now weight 149lbs (last time I checked).  How could this be? I think we all know by now that muscle weighs more fat and that it  takes up way less space than fat too, so even though I was heavier I was leaner and fit into clothes easier.  Ryan informed me (good guy, he is) that I look amazing, but obviously having one of those days I pointed out my love handles that were sticking out over my jeans.  I think that’s when he just rolled his eyes and walked away, which again meant that I’m Fing crazy.

I think it’s really that I feel very unfit at the moment, not so much fat.  Maybe flabby but not fat.   I know I can go out and run a half marathon, BUT I don’t know if I can go out and do 10 push ups, non modified (you know the “girly” push ups) and I HATE that feeling with a passion.

Deutsch: Liegestützender Mann in gelben Shorts...
I can’t do these push ups!

 That’s what I need to change.  That’s what I need my goals to focus more around then losing weight, because when I weight train the fat does come off.   It’s not that haven’t been motivated to lose weight, it’s just been.. umm boring I think.  I already had a huge weight loss goal and I achieved most of it.  Now I want to work on my strength, speed, and overall fitness level.  I don’t think I’m going to be even close to my goal weight by October 22, and I don’t know if I’m going to reach the other goals I set for myself.  Doesn’t mean I’m going to give up and not work out or try to reach those goals though,  I just need to find something else to push me…

and I might have found just the thing but I’m going to blog more about it coming up soon so check back to hear more.

Follow through

I finally finished updating my post 30 days active June. I was not 100% successful at being active 30 days but I did work out 19 of them which is 5 days a week minus weekends and one day.  I think I might try 31  days active august in hopes to set that goal and actually reach it.

I say this because I haven’t been following through on many of the goals I set lately.

Here’s the list of excuses I’ve come up with that have been stopping me:

Laziness, fear of failure and success, not wanting to do it alone, more laziness, over eating, some pain, extreme heat

ALL are excuses

I’m ok when I don’t succeed and meeting a goal cause sometimes I can’t do everything I’ve planned or worked hard at, but it’s the fact that I haven’t been trying that gets me right pissed at myself.

How do you convince yourself to follow through?

I found I had more follow through when I set a weekly goal or 2 that assisted me in working towards a final goal.  I said I was coming up with a new plan to work towards, so here it is.

1)Reach my goal weight of 140 pounds by October 20, 2012- I had this as my goal weight last year and was off by 10 pounds.  I feel good at my 150lb weight but know that I’d feel ever better with those last 10lbs off.

2) Run a 5km, 10km, and Half Marathon Race by October 20, 2012- the easy part is the Half Marathon I am already signed up for.  Now to find a 5 and 10, hoping to find a 10km in Nova Scotia the week of Sept 19-25 so if you know of one let me in on it!

3)Mondays-weigh in, take weigh in photo (to see results that will be posted in October) and come up with a new week-long challenge/goal.  such as going to a new class, running so many kms cooking something new whatever idea I come up with or steal from others 🙂

I will weigh in on monday and post my measurements.

Here’s a list of some things I’m going to do to get past my excuses and work towards these goals, cause really I have my own wedding to attend in April and look top-notch for, so it’s time to stop being a slacky slackerson.

  • I will see if any of my running buddies can run, I made a list of them all (Aline, Jill, Jen, Emma, Stacy, Jocelyn,Ryan and Margaret.  Anyone else want to be added to that list? you let me know)

    This is Margaret. Cute, huh?
    She’s not mine but when I dog sit, she runs 10ks with me. run your weight in distance… nah I’ll run Margaret’s weight in distance though
  • Ryan has offered to run (starting out) 10km a week with me, so two 5kms a week! that’s a huge commitment from him! BUT he also suggested (I know right, he suggested!) that we pick out a Looneyspoons recipe and cook one each week! woo to healthy meals!
  • Keep track of my workouts on my handy-dandy Positive Reinforcement chart.
Positive Reinforcement-aka my calendar
I’m like a kid, what can I say. I put a sticker up when I work out.
  • I still use myfitnespal to count calories and track my workouts as well.  I have found the online support helpful as well.
  • I play ball hockey but we are in between seasons right now, I will be playing as soon as it starts up again in the fall AND I’ve decided to play basketball again! so this fall I’ll be joining my old team that I played with when I was overweight and seeing just how much better I play now that 30lbs is off my body!   Also going to start going to drop in ball hockey on Tuesday nights again, I just needed a break to try to clear up the last of my blisters

    gross I know but OUCH my feet were really bad there for a while. I found my orthodics (sound like an 80-year-old yet) and my feet have cleared up nicely. and Finally 2 toe nails fell off from my first Half Marathon What a treat!