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Being lazy doesn’t pay off

I guess I usually touch on the subject of my weekly goals that I set last week…

I did none of them.  I ended up taking the week off.  I was feeling exhausted, worn out, tired, lazy. It was different depending on the day.  So I figured a week off might do me some good.

I was wrong.

My body has been aching everywhere.  My knees are sore, my back is sore, on and on is sore… My body is craving the active lifestyle I’ve been leading and I haven’t been good to myself lately.  I probably gained 3 lbs this may long weekend as well. I ate until I was so full I wanted to sleep pretty much ever meal and drank a lot of beer on top of that.  I do like to drink a fair amount of bud light

Øl (bud light beer) og snaps
heart me some bud

in the summer but usually I make sure I work out enough to burn a lot of those calories off, this weekend I did not.  I’m actually scared to check on the scale, but my jeans were fitting a bit tight so I could tell I had really done a number to myself!

So back at it starting yesterday! I had some amazingly healthily meals.  Thai chicken pita pizza (homemade, so gooooood) and from the Looney Spoons Collections- Kinda Nutty Pistachio-Crusted Salmon, I made enough to have it for lunch today to!  I went to drop in ball hockey last night, 2 hours of play time, boy am I glad I went.  It was fun and just what I needed to help build some motivation up. I was super nervous when I first got there as I was the only girl (besides our goalie Shannon) and i often start to doubt myself, but once I got warmed up I was able to keep up with them.  I made some good plays, scored a few goals and felt good about the evening.

I’ve made a short list of motivational things:

I’m getting married in Mexico in less than a year





Woman's one-piece bathing suit, c.1920
I want to look good in whatever bathing suit I choose





Ball Hockey Tournament
I want to be in my best shape to continue to play well at Ball hockey








So my goals for the remainder of this week… Start training for my second Half Marathon! and fit in 2 days of weight training.  Off to the gym I go… Planning on doing a short 5k on the tread and then weights!

What are your fitness goals for the week? How do you stay motivated?