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i’m back at it!

Woah I’ve been gone for a while

Sorry ya’ll I just ran out of time to post there for a bit, super busy with life and work and then I went to Nova Scotia for a friend’s Wedding.  Time for a little update today and then I’ll share the fun of my half marathon from this past Saturday in my next post, cause I know everyone is just dying to hear about it, so I tell myself.

Ok so September has been a very weird month. I have not been motivated to do anything.  I’ve been feeling down in the dumps and just plain sad, often.  I know exercise helps me when I’m like this, but it’s so hard to convince myself to do it.  I did not train for the half marathon as much as I needed to, but I knew this time I also trained more so I wasn’t too worried.

I said I went to Nova Scotia for a friend’s wedding as well, which put a damper on training for a week, which was totally worth it, and I’ll show you why.


Hubby to be at Peggy’s Cove. It was so beautiful!

We went site seeing, got car sick driving the crazy windy lanes around Peggy’s Cove.


awkward stances. We really are only good at one type of photo… to come later

Ryan and I were “practicing” for our wedding… no not in this shot at Peggy’s Cove.

The “Ovens Caves” because a cave is like an oven?

We also went to the “Ovens Caves” where you walk for about 45 minutes and check out 4 different caves where the water comes crashing in, it was very cool.  One cave was even called “Thunder Cave”, can you believe it? yep, I can because I heard that cave and it sounded just like Thunder.  Those folks got it right when they named it.

I was shakin’ at the knees
Could I come again please?
Yeah the ladies were too kind
You’ve been – thunderstruck, thunderstruck
Yeah yeah yeah, thunderstruck

Se the feet in the part of the cave where you actually go in and look at the waves crashing? that was Jill, Jen and Travis.  moments after I took this photo a MASSIVE wave came up over the rock they were standing on and splashed the hell out of Travis… it was awesome to hear them scream.

Oh does that sound morbid and weird? yeah a little but for real Ryan and I had a good laugh about them screaming.  Ok this keeps sounding weirder and weirder so, new topic.

Classic gaze into the distance shot

So we were busy site seeing, helping set up for the wedding and obviously having to many cocktails for me to train for my half marathon… next time I wont book a holiday a week before a big race! unless it’s like for a wedding or to somewhere cool like mexico, hawaii, or well maybe anywhere but here 🙂

Classic Jump shot, this is when we were practicing for the wedding, while at a wedding. the grass was so wet you can see the mud on my heals. I got some decent hit still while jumping in heals and out of the mud.

I have never experienced humidity until going to Nova Scotia.  We do get humid days in Alberta, but NOTHING like the day of the wedding.  You can’t tell that my hair had been in tight ringlets just 2 hours before this picture.  I’m just glad that the rain stopped for our friend’s wedding so they could hold it outside as planned!

so then this happened

That aint no garter

then this happened

Obviously I knew Ryan would catch those.  He has caught the garter at least half the weddings we have gone to so I knew he’d be all in for the ginch.

We had a great time in Nova Scotia, if you’ve thought about going there, just do it. now I’m home, settled and ready to get back to working out and blogging, check back tomorrow for my half marathon post!






Follow through

I finally finished updating my post 30 days active June. I was not 100% successful at being active 30 days but I did work out 19 of them which is 5 days a week minus weekends and one day.  I think I might try 31  days active august in hopes to set that goal and actually reach it.

I say this because I haven’t been following through on many of the goals I set lately.

Here’s the list of excuses I’ve come up with that have been stopping me:

Laziness, fear of failure and success, not wanting to do it alone, more laziness, over eating, some pain, extreme heat

ALL are excuses

I’m ok when I don’t succeed and meeting a goal cause sometimes I can’t do everything I’ve planned or worked hard at, but it’s the fact that I haven’t been trying that gets me right pissed at myself.

How do you convince yourself to follow through?

I found I had more follow through when I set a weekly goal or 2 that assisted me in working towards a final goal.  I said I was coming up with a new plan to work towards, so here it is.

1)Reach my goal weight of 140 pounds by October 20, 2012- I had this as my goal weight last year and was off by 10 pounds.  I feel good at my 150lb weight but know that I’d feel ever better with those last 10lbs off.

2) Run a 5km, 10km, and Half Marathon Race by October 20, 2012- the easy part is the Half Marathon I am already signed up for.  Now to find a 5 and 10, hoping to find a 10km in Nova Scotia the week of Sept 19-25 so if you know of one let me in on it!

3)Mondays-weigh in, take weigh in photo (to see results that will be posted in October) and come up with a new week-long challenge/goal.  such as going to a new class, running so many kms cooking something new whatever idea I come up with or steal from others 🙂

I will weigh in on monday and post my measurements.

Here’s a list of some things I’m going to do to get past my excuses and work towards these goals, cause really I have my own wedding to attend in April and look top-notch for, so it’s time to stop being a slacky slackerson.

  • I will see if any of my running buddies can run, I made a list of them all (Aline, Jill, Jen, Emma, Stacy, Jocelyn,Ryan and Margaret.  Anyone else want to be added to that list? you let me know)

    This is Margaret. Cute, huh?
    She’s not mine but when I dog sit, she runs 10ks with me. run your weight in distance… nah I’ll run Margaret’s weight in distance though
  • Ryan has offered to run (starting out) 10km a week with me, so two 5kms a week! that’s a huge commitment from him! BUT he also suggested (I know right, he suggested!) that we pick out a Looneyspoons recipe and cook one each week! woo to healthy meals!
  • Keep track of my workouts on my handy-dandy Positive Reinforcement chart.
Positive Reinforcement-aka my calendar
I’m like a kid, what can I say. I put a sticker up when I work out.
  • I still use myfitnespal to count calories and track my workouts as well.  I have found the online support helpful as well.
  • I play ball hockey but we are in between seasons right now, I will be playing as soon as it starts up again in the fall AND I’ve decided to play basketball again! so this fall I’ll be joining my old team that I played with when I was overweight and seeing just how much better I play now that 30lbs is off my body!   Also going to start going to drop in ball hockey on Tuesday nights again, I just needed a break to try to clear up the last of my blisters

    gross I know but OUCH my feet were really bad there for a while. I found my orthodics (sound like an 80-year-old yet) and my feet have cleared up nicely. and Finally 2 toe nails fell off from my first Half Marathon What a treat!