Races I want to do/am signed up for

5 KM runs

Zombie Evasion  Oct 19, 2013 -Signed up & ran it in 37mins due to zombie evasions and laughter- fun event.

Homeless Dreams Awareness – sign up opens April 4, 2013.  I work with kids who have been homeless so I’d really like to support this cause.

10 KM runs

MEC Race– Oct 26, 2013, talking my friends into signing up- Didn’t sign up! next year

Step up for Students with NSTEP– my friend works for NSTEP so I’d like to support her by participating

Run Wild-usually first Sunday in May, I’ve ran this one for the past 4 years, I’m waiting to see the date for 2016, but may miss it for the Tinker Bell half.

1/2 Marathons

Hypothermic Half  February 16, 2013–  Completed- PB time 2hr 18min

Sea Wheeze – LuluLemon sponsored.   Completed August 2014 did not train ran it 2hr30min

Tinker Bell Half Marathon– May 8, 2016


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